Star Wars Holiday Special.

9 12 2010

Oh, yeah… Circa 1978. My friend invited me over to watch it.

Before I begin, I should mention that both of these show things we watched were the RiffTrax versions of the shows. (RiffTrax is amazing. Truly.)

The first thing that we watched Nestor the Long Eared Donkey. I saw some posts on Facebook by people saying the LOVED this thing.

I have no idea why. It was painfully boring. Painful. I’d rather repeat many bad nights at My Living Room than ever see Nestor again. Even with the RiffTrax.

I apologize if you love Nestor. He’s just not my thing.

Anyway, we wanted to switch to the Star Wars Holiday thing, but my friend’s PS3 hates me when I’m there and refuses to cooperate with him. (I’m not kidding, I’m there, whatever we want to watch, won’t work. Two days later? Fine & fancy. I claim the PS3 is a hater because I have a PS2.)

Anywho, my friend sets me up with a recent Glee episode that I have not seen, so I sit and watch. He goes to re-download the Star Wars thingies.

He comes downstairs, during Glee (never a good idea in his house, I’ve warned him) and he nearly has a heart attack over his dislike of Glee. I laugh. He deals with it. We both laugh about it and agree on his points. (No really, they are all over the top if you watch with someone who isn’t all Glee-loving.) They are OVER. THE. TOP.

So we get Star Wars Holiday Special going. He has warned me. That I may hate it and him afterward. About 3 minutes in I start to send out Tweets. And here you have it… I will post most of mine. Probably not all of his.

  • I may need rescued from this.
  • I don’t know how anyone watched this with out RiffTrax.

Next was a picture…

Um, yeah…


  • It was so bad I asked for a Mad Elf…

Then we had some technical difficulties. Imagine that, since I was there… And then we returned to the show…

  • I was quoted as saying “This is beyond atrocious.” (True story. It was two hours long. ZOMG)
  • Excuse me, I have to get my hair bunninized.
  • Wow. Int’l ladies garment industry union ad.

I have one last picture… Lumpy, the Wookie, I believe…. Peering down at the picture you see above…

And that was when I left. I had to. Stuff to do tomorrow. Same for my friend.

I’m so sad because I did not share my friends Tweets. Out of respect for him, and mad at myself for leaving!! But I’m sure he’ll make or allow me to watch the rest soon enough.

In case you want to watch this, on You Tube, save for the Riff Trax (which you should find, buy and do!!) Here is the linx.

You need the Riff Trax to get through it. True Story.




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