One week!

13 12 2010

Woo! I go to Florida one week from tomorrow morning.

To Little C, Lili and NE’s house.

Oh, wait! And to Dewey and Clyde’s house! I can’t wait to see my dog and cat again! I loooooove them!!!

But, based on Little C’s nearly ear-piercing  “YEAH!!!!!!!” and giggling when I asked, “Are you excited to see Aunt Claire next week?” this evening on the phone with Lili and My Little C, I think she’s excited. She knows Nana is going to be there. Er, I assume, because after I said I was visiting, she said Nana over & over again.

That lovely little lady? She LOVES her Nana. I support this, because the Nana? She’s awesome. I told Little C this, she said “Yeah.”

That girl knows her family is awesome. I love her.

So anyway, I talked to Lili and Little C. Got NE’s gift approved by Lili. Little C had no offerings when I asked what to buy daddy. I expected her to tell me “baby” or “colors” (aka crayons) but I was met with dead silence.

Gift approved. Gift to be bought in Florida.

I bought The Nana’s gift from me tonight. It was surprisingly easier than I anticipated. We’re talking 35 seconds. It was the best gift experience at a major mall. Ever. Also, The Nana, I’ll be watching you!!! You’ll get it when you get your gift.

I also bought The GrandPa another gifty. It involves birds. Woo! Birds! (The GrandPa loves birds. I win!)

All that is left is for me to buy some warm clothing (sweaters and long-sleeve shirts) for my Little C, and I really hope I don’t go crazy and buy her every warm thing I see….  I mean, she does live in Florida.

(Don’t worry, Lili, I will not buy her a Parka and snowsuit.)

And, in order to pack my enormous suitcase, (which I may have not unpacked entirely from my Thanksgiving trip… what? I may pack some Pooh & Friends things I intend to hand-down to Little C. You know, to fill the spaces in my big suitcase to hold whatever I pick up for Christmas down there in the sunny state…)

I love my family. And the biggest bonus? I get to see the CD of the family photo extravaganza we had the day after Turkey Day. According to The Nana, there are many pictures of Little C and I that will make me happy. I see make me happy as “Make Claire melt into a puddle.”

So I can’t wait. And we’ll be taking that CD to a photo-producing store ASAP.

And I will spend a ton (approx. under $20) on photos of my family.

And I will come home feeling like I am a millionaire and the most blessed person on the planet because of these photos. And that’s entirely before any Christmas presents from anyone.

I win Christmas. Totally.

Happy pictures of my family, and me and Little C? WIN.



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