Play time.

21 01 2011

This is late… I originally wrote it on 12/29… But I apparently left it in draft status until a friend of mine said he wondered where I was since I hadn’t posted in a while… and that the blog needs more Little C….

Who am I to disappoint… We all need more Little C in our lives. True. Story. Except I have no pics I can share… So deal with it…

So back to 12/29…

So last Monday, I flew to Ft. Lauderdale to spend nearly a week with Lili, NE and of course, Little C. And a few days with The Nana and The GrandPa…

And it was the best time ever. I love my little lady. And her recognizing me, running to me, and giving me hugs, snuggles, and even a toddler reprimand here and there were awesome.

My favorite thing she said to me was, “How do you do, Claire?” (How do do Car!) over, and over, and over again. My goodness, it was so awesome. So. Awesome.

There were also some “No, Car” and “Stop, Car” at random times. We’re still not sure what it was that I did to merit a No or Stop, but whatever. Toddlers know the rules. We do not, obviously.

I was gifted with many meals of fake eggs, sausage and “bead stew,” also known as a small kiddo pot filled with the beads I got Little C at Ti Kanaval. Bead stew was a favorite for all this trip. As were potato chips, random fruits (cooked in the microwave “beep beep beep” and then given out freely.)

Little C loved her Santa gifts on Christmas morning. And when she was told there were more gifts to open, besides the ones unwrapped that Santa had left, she said, “No.” And it took us a while to get her to open gifts. She did help me open most of my gifts, which The Nana thankfully put in gift bags with tissue paper. She’s a good tissue grabber, that Little C.

My favorite gift was being there… And basically everything my parents got for me (new ice skates!, a new vacuum and ironing board) and the framed & unframed pictures from Lili, NE and Little C from the Thanksgiving photo shoot of the family.

The pictures are amazing. There are even shots from when Little C unintentionally threw sand in my face during one family shot. The photog got it in multiple frames. Hilarious!

I say that now. At the time, it wasn’t so pleasant, what with sand up my nose, in my eyes and such.

I love my Little C. And I can’t wait to see her again. Here’s hoping it’s soon!




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