Music is My Muse

29 01 2011

Remember when I did these posts? Music is My Muse? Yeah, me neither. It’s been a while. But here we go again…

Today, I woke up, and seeing as how I never leave home except to go to work lately, I decided I wanted – no NEEDED – to do something this evening. Cue Chachi and Gwenix having the perfect combo of suggestion and offering.

Gwen was offering a ticket to see Jonathan Coulton at the Rex. Chachi said he was going and that I should try to get the ticket. He said I’d like it… I did as I was told, got said ticket, and met Gwenix, her hubby Shadow and their friends for dinner at Piper’s Pub….

Dinner was awesome, (thank you Dave America and Piper’s!!!!) and I saw some of my regulars from My Living Room who work at Piper’s, but often hang out at my place of semi-employment.

When we got to the show, I chose to sit with Chachi, Sorgatron and TheSilentNinja. Gwen chose to sit at the bar. Shadow was up front. No complaints, all around.

The only complaint I have? Is that when I showed up, the announced the no-chair policy, and we had to put the chairs the nice men had saved for us away… They pulled chairs off of the hangers, set them out for us, in a great spot (off to the right side of the stage, by the wall) but then they announced it was a “floor” show. Chairs had to go back. Booo!!!!!!

However, I was determined to see at least most/part of the show from these musicians. I love me some music. And Twitter people have never let me down on live music (see @UncleCrappy and my post on the Carolina Chocolate Drops.) LOVE!

And this performance, Paul and Storm AND Jonathan Coulton, did NOT disappoint.

For your review… Paul and Storm

And then, Jonathan Coulton… (can’t find a good video on you tube to share… sorry)

Gotta be honest… At first, I felt like I was looking at a lighter-haired version of a friend of mine. I got over it pretty quick, and I dig it…. I WILL see Jonathan Coulton (and Paul and Storm) when they are in Pgh again….

The show he played this eve, he said we had to deal with 2 and 2…. Two old known songs, and then two new songs. I LOVED ALL OF THEM. Granted, I was not a fan earlier, and apparently he was acoustic earlier in his reign, but ZOMG, tonight’s show? AMAZING. I loved it. I will see this man play live again. And, from me, that is saying a LOT.

I am a music nerd, and a live music FREAK. There are musicians I prefer live, and then those I prefer otherwise… No rules… But just my preference…

Really, I’m done if it doesn’t grab me… And I’ll be honest, tonight’s show? Both bands? THEY GRABBED ME!!!!!!

Thank you, Gwen, Shadow, Chachi, Sorg, and TheSilentNinja.

I had a WONDERFUL night seeing musicians I never even imagined.

I love you for it.


(I’m already downloading both on iTunes…)

See also #luckytohaveamazingfriends

Pretty sure I win today for that.

Thanks, friends. 🙂



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