Teh Sick.

31 01 2011

I haz it…

I woke up today, after a GREAT night at My Living Room, feeling like the sole of a shoe. No, really. I felt like death walking.

I had to be at work tonight at 6pm. And rather than my normal, shower and head out the door BEFORE 5PM, I took a nap and slept until 4:30. I considered calling off, but it was too late (in my mind) to do that. And then I had to force myself to get ready for work. People? This NEVER happens. I’m usually so ready for work that it’s silly. I even arrive outrageously early all the time!

I was at work for a little over 2 hours when even more body aches & pains consumed me and Peaches let me go home. I appreciate that so much…

I stopped at the store on the way home to buy meds, and now I’m at home, feeling like death, and planning to down a ton of said meds to sleep as long as possible and hoping said sleep beats the crap out of whatever is seemingly trying to kill me.

Here’s hoping, since I don’t have insurance, and don’t want to spend all of my money on a trip to any medical facility and/or prescription meds.




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