22 02 2011

So updates on posts and random stuff.

My burn is better. The blister left, and left me with a beautiful leathery skin thing that quickly peeled itself off.  Part of my finger is now bright pink. Yay. I can’t wait to see the scar I end up with.

My soul is still happy from Chachiplays, and from my friends at work. I’m so lucky.

I got an email today about spring softball. I replied with “SIGN ME UP!” I can’t wait for softball. I just hope it isn’t Saturday mornings…

I talked to The Nana today. Good gravy, she is sick. So is The GrandPa (aka Papa). They have meds. I hope they get better soon, because they are supposed to watch Little C this coming weekend! (which reminds me again that I wish I lived near my sister.)

I discovered Pandora recently. I love my Mason Jennings station and everything that plays on that station. WOW. I’ll branch out a more soon. But for now, it makes me mellow and happy.

It snowed today. I saw 1-3″ predicted on Twitter earlier. Pretty sure we have more than 6″. I really wanted a Triangle Melt with ham from My Living Room. And maybe a tasty beverage. I settled for a 6″ sub from Get Go and a Woodchuck. (See also, fail.)

I want spring. Or Florida. Or summer and pool time. NOW.

I am going to see SkateRat’s band on Wednesday at Mr. Smalls. I have no idea where Mr. Smalls is, except that it’s in Millvale. IDK. I’m going with many people from My Living Room. It’s going to be awesome. Apparently a band named The Toasters is also playing. Again, IDK.

I am also going to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops again, thanks to a Twitter friend. I’m a little excited about it.

I’m attending a meeting on Thursday about the next PodCamp. I will be more involved for sure.

And the maybe best part? I am no longer The Organization’s go-to person for everything on the planet. Meaning, I have no responsibilities, no requirements, nothing. I no longer have to ask my family to change stuff, or ask work to not schedule me, because of said organization. I have no ties to them, whatsoever, except for never paying dues again. I did my time.

So besides my parents being sick, the snow and my eventual scar, I win at life this week.  And it’s only Monday.

I can’t wait to…

19 02 2011

Oh… Wait.

Hold on… I can’t tell you what I can’t wait to do.

It’s because it’s a secret. And a surprise. And so much bigger than just little old me.

So, a big deal. Sigh.

I’m pretty sure this secret may kill me before the day the event actually happens. I can’t tell anyone. No one.

I now have secrets and stories I can’t even tell Lili or The Nana! Espionage and all that… You get it, right?

I’d like the next month or two or three  so to pass quickly, if that’s possible. Can that be possible?

I hate surprises, and secrets. (Seriously, I hate surprises. Don’t do that to me…) Yet I have one of both going on right now. I LOVE it, but I might die before the day of reveal. True story. I’m not good at this.

I’m good at tending  bar and loving Little C. Very good at those… That is it right now. The rest? Spiraling out of control.

I may lose myself before this secret becomes real…

But really, I can’t wait, and I will use all of my secrecy to hide it from everyone…

The Nana is reading this right now and totally freaked out that I’m doing something stupid. I’m not. Don’t worry. I don’t do stupid things anymore. I spend my time raising money for kids and going to dinner with friends. (Psst. I’m a grown up now, it seems.)

No worries. Secret will be revealed soon enough.

Not tagging/categorizing this one. Deal with it.

This secret might make me silly before it happens…. SILLY!

More “Car”

17 02 2011

My Little C calls me “Car.” To the point that GrandPa (soon to be renamed “Papa” – will get to that in a sec.) actually called me Car on the phone the other day while he was with Little C.

Hilarious. Love it.

Anyway, my poor Little C is sick with yet another sinus infection.

My response was that Little C needs more “Car” in her life. That would seriously cure all that ails her. (Totally kidding, but it’s a great idea, right? To have more “Car” in Little C’s life? RIGHT?) I wish I could make that happen. Like, soon.

See also, fail. I need more Little C in my life, just like I *think* she needs more Car.

Lili is going to take my best girl to an ENT doc and an allergist. We’re all praying that my little lady isn’t allergic to Dewey the dog and Clyde the cat. So pray with us, because we, as an extended family,  couldn’t bear to lose either one of them. It would make us not “us” as a family. Seriously.

Back to the GrandPa/Papa ordeal. We all agreed that my dad would be The GrandPa and my Mom would be The Nana. All went well when Little C started talking. Dad was GrandPa… or as best she could say it… My Mom IS The Nana. That girl? She LOOOOOOOVES her NANA. More than even I remember loving my Nana. (I loved that lady a bucket-load of love.)

But all of a sudden, Little C decided that GrandPa was Papa. And she refuses our suggestions of GrandPa. The Nana was out with Little C the other day, and mentioned The GrandPa. The Nana was corrected, by Little C, “No! PAPA!”

Ok then. You win small adorable person. GrandPa is now referred to as Papa.

I kind of love it, as long as I remain “Car.” I love being “Car.” I’m the best vehicle ever. And I have a personality and, apparently, a good laugh. And? My baby lady loves me.

Swoon over this one:

Little C and Car. Watching the water. SWOOOOOON.

I win at being an Aunt. I do. Look at those pigtails!

Happy soul.

16 02 2011

Realizing that your soul is happy because of something you did? It’s an amazing feeling.

I felt it Saturday night. After we finished up and packed away Chachiplays. I realized, instead of what I did years ago – meeting friends at a bar, having a few drinks and chatting – my friends and I spent all of, or the better part of, 24 hours helping my friend play video games, and raising money for Make Room For Kids. My soul and my person were made whole and so happy. Really.

Granted, we went to a bar/restaurant after the event and most of us ate like we had never had food before (okay, just me and my French Onion Soup and amazing chevre salad.)

But really… when I got home? I felt so fulfilled. And I keep telling people about Chachiplays. Some are mad I didn’t tell them earlier. (Sorry!)

And others watched my hour of rugby with Chachi and then donated $50. Also, they texted me to ask  about the “dirty bunny” and I corrected them and explained it was the ScareHouse Bunny, whom I hope I am now friends with? Maybe?

And then I heard about how my laugh is apparently contagious and people love it… (I’ve heard that a lot lately. My laugh. Contagious.)  I’m so confused by that, but, I love that my co-worker donated…  she’s an awesome presence at My Living Room. And that her boyfriend heard my loud laughter rooms away from where she was? And knew it was me, and it made him laugh? Makes me smile like crazy. Apparently more contagious laughter. IDK.

I loved helping Chachi. LOVED. And I can’t wait till next year… I already volunteered.

But what makes this even more worth my soul being happy?

Chachi is going to be recognized by the city for his event. WOWZA.

See this link to learn more.

I cannot be more proud of my friend, Chachi. He did a great thing. I will be there on March 1st at 10am. To see my amazing friend accept this amazing honor.

This makes me and my soul so happy. SO HAPPY.

I love that Chachi is one of my best friends. As are the peeps that helped him. Missy, Mike and Matt. I love you guys. I am honestly honored to have been a part of this. Thanks. You are all amazing. I’m blessed.


11 02 2011

I just got home from the beginning of Chachiplays. Things were going great when I left, and Chachi was well into hour three of his 24 hours playing video games.

I originally gave $25 towards the cause, but then I found out if you gave $50, you could play a game with Chachi for an hour. So I gave an extra $25.

But what game would we play? I’m not a big gamer! So I thought about games I played in the past, that I don’t own and the few that I do… I originally wanted something fun, so Pikmin it was.

And then I started thinking of other games. Especially for one where I might have an advantage… And I came up with one… EA Sports RUGBY!

Chachi has been a great friend, and has come to watch a rugby match or two since I’ve known him. However, he still doesn’t understand the play of the game and the rules. And, well, rugby has been my life for nearly 10 years, so I got that all taken care of.

But there was a problem… Rugby isn’t exactly a popular video game, let alone common sport. It’s not like I can wander into a used game store and expect to find a used copy… So I sent a message out on Facebook and to the rugby folks. And I found someone with the game! And they are willing to let me stop by in the morning and pick it up!

I have no idea what buttons to push to make things happen, but we have an hour, so I’ll figure it out eventually. I should also point out that the last time I played this game? Probably 1996. Yeah. Maybe it’s not so much of an advantage for me.

But it sure will be fun. My time slot is 11am. You can watch me play live at http://www.chachiplays.com.

Learn from experience…

9 02 2011

So today, I picked up the day shift at My Living Room.

No big deal, the sweet lady who was supposed to work caught me via text right before I was going to bed last night, around 10:30pm. (Lame, I know, but I’m seriously on a “seeing Little C schedule” right now, even though I don’t see her till May…)


I woke up, bought some cake for Peaches and I and went to work. (we enjoyed part of the cake… I still have some. But it was delicious.)

Okay day, I served some food… A regular ordered our soup… We have some amazing soup every week (no really… WE HAVE AWESOME SOUP. You should come try some.) So I went to pick up the soup to serve it. Peaches says, “Be careful, and tell so-and-so, that soup bowl is HOT!”

I say, “okay, will do!” and deliver the plate, warn the patron, etc, etc.

Fast forward one more soup order later.  In between talking to Birthday Girl (whom I also served said soup to beforehand) about rugby stuff…

I walk back to the kitchen…. I see the bowl, and I also see a spill mark on the outside of the bowl. We can’t serve that! So I go and grab the bowl, intending to clean it off in the side sink, wipe it dry and return.

I grab it with my right hand… Thumb, index finger and part of my middle finger. Immediately, I realize that HOLY CRAP, that’s HOT! Peaches yells to me to drop it! I throw it into the side sink, and run for the ice behind the bar.


I’m quite happy the bowl didn’t shatter into a zillion pieces. However, my right hand hurt forever, till I took some Advil and held onto approximately 100 pieces of ice.

What I ended up with was two good size blisters on my right thumb, and a NICE 1″ by 1/4″ burn on my right middle finger.

I lose at today. I’ll win tomorrow though…. (Here’s hoping.)


5 02 2011

So if you are new to the interwebz, and perhaps Twitter, you may not have heard about ChachiPlays

ChachiPlays is an amazing adventure my friend, Chachi, devised to play video games and raise money for Make Room for Kids.

If you don’t know, Make Room for Kids is an amazing fundraising venture from my other friend, Ginny.

But back to Chachi… His idea was for every $100 given, he’d play video games for one hour, up to 24 hours ($2400 for Make Room for Kids).

I gave $25. Good cause, good friends. I win.

Chachi will be playing video games with the likes of the previously mentioned Ginny, and some other awesome news and interwebz folks.

You can find us at Ninja Entertainment, 404 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. I have no idea where that is yet, but I’ll find out pretty soon. (You’ll see why in a sec.) The event begins at 7pm on February 11th, and ends on February 12th at 7pm.

Where do I come in? And why “Security?” Well, Chachi asked if I knew any ruggers who could be security for the event… Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of any of them who would volunteer their time to work for free for  random hours at a video game event. (Correct me if I’m wrong, ruggers… you just don’t seem the video game “type” and anyone I asked gave me a blank stare.)

So I, originally as a kinda joke, I said I’d do it….  I’ll help my friends in any way, shape or form that I can… But working security is sooooo “Old Me.” In my first adventure in My Living Room, I worked as the “door person” more than a few times…

I was ANGRY back then, thus this blog…. But now? At the bar? I’m so happy and pleasant (after 5 mo or so) I STILL surprise myself being happy when I work… (happened today! surprise! happy!)

After a few weeks of trying to find “security”, it turns out that only myself and @SilentNinja are available and willing…

Thanks to my schedule at work, I’ll be helping with security at ChachiPlays. I can’t wait. Nothing better for me or my soul than helping out a friend do good for KIDS!!!!

I will be a happy security person. HAPPY. I can’t help it. Hoping for no issues, and I foresee no issues…

But what I do love about this, is that I can wear my “fun” shirts I used to wear at My Living Room… yay for random variety of uniform….

Loving this. Love Chach. Happy. Imagine that. Excited for this job. TRUE STORY.

Social Media AND Yinz Team? WIN.

This reminds me that I’m probably the luckiest girl in the world to have my Yinz Team friends, plus ruggs friends and social media friends….

Now to move my family NORTH. Heh. (Fail.)


4 02 2011

Things are so different for me now…. A year and a half after I lost my FT job, I’m just realizing it.

I used to be so regimented. I did rugby work, at work (sorry) and then did it at home. I WAS ON TOP OF THINGS!!!! Even though I gave up most of my social life to do rugby work….

Now that I don’t have a day job and just work at My Living Room here & there? Rugby work is really last minute. At the end of my rope kind of thing… And I forget a lot of stuff I said I’d do… (Which, for big events, is when I do my best work. Truly.)

Not only do I have most days free, work some nights, and not have a big event… I fail….

It’s not just the job. It is the winter. And the recent sick… I’m always a running into a major fail in the winter. I hate winter. I need sun. The happiest I can remember being in the past ten years? This past summer, when I spent so much time in the sun.

Everything I’ve done since the middle of January for rugby has failed. FAIL.

Add that to lack of sun, missing my family and whatever else I encounter? I’m miserable, but lucky I’m strong of heart and soul and can make it to My Living Room and put on a smile.

Sometimes I show up, at My Living Room, not wanting to smile, not even knowing if I can. But, you know what? I always do. I ALWAYS DO. Someone always comes in and makes me smile like a crazy lady. I love it.

Something is different this time around, and I love My Living Room, especially the regulars – day and night – much more. They make me smile so much. And enjoy my time there.

The rugby players who don’t “get” the regulars? They’d never understand this. This makes me sad… There are good people at My Living Room, day in and day out…. And they make our world go ’round…

This weekend will be my first time working a Super Bowl Sunday NIGHT shift… I’m interested to see what happens, since I’ve always worked the day shift for the Super Bowl and gone home at half time….

Here’s hoping for happy.

Ruggers, please just accept the people who inhabit your ‘clubhouse’ the rest of the time, while they watch the game…

And Regulars, please just accept the rugby players. They aren’t there often.

Both, just be peaceful. Watch the game, cheer, and give HIGH FIVES!!

I love me many HIGH FIVES!!!!

Thank you, and goodnight.