5 02 2011

So if you are new to the interwebz, and perhaps Twitter, you may not have heard about ChachiPlays

ChachiPlays is an amazing adventure my friend, Chachi, devised to play video games and raise money for Make Room for Kids.

If you don’t know, Make Room for Kids is an amazing fundraising venture from my other friend, Ginny.

But back to Chachi… His idea was for every $100 given, he’d play video games for one hour, up to 24 hours ($2400 for Make Room for Kids).

I gave $25. Good cause, good friends. I win.

Chachi will be playing video games with the likes of the previously mentioned Ginny, and some other awesome news and interwebz folks.

You can find us at Ninja Entertainment, 404 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. I have no idea where that is yet, but I’ll find out pretty soon. (You’ll see why in a sec.) The event begins at 7pm on February 11th, and ends on February 12th at 7pm.

Where do I come in? And why “Security?” Well, Chachi asked if I knew any ruggers who could be security for the event… Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of any of them who would volunteer their time to work for free for  random hours at a video game event. (Correct me if I’m wrong, ruggers… you just don’t seem the video game “type” and anyone I asked gave me a blank stare.)

So I, originally as a kinda joke, I said I’d do it….  I’ll help my friends in any way, shape or form that I can… But working security is sooooo “Old Me.” In my first adventure in My Living Room, I worked as the “door person” more than a few times…

I was ANGRY back then, thus this blog…. But now? At the bar? I’m so happy and pleasant (after 5 mo or so) I STILL surprise myself being happy when I work… (happened today! surprise! happy!)

After a few weeks of trying to find “security”, it turns out that only myself and @SilentNinja are available and willing…

Thanks to my schedule at work, I’ll be helping with security at ChachiPlays. I can’t wait. Nothing better for me or my soul than helping out a friend do good for KIDS!!!!

I will be a happy security person. HAPPY. I can’t help it. Hoping for no issues, and I foresee no issues…

But what I do love about this, is that I can wear my “fun” shirts I used to wear at My Living Room… yay for random variety of uniform….

Loving this. Love Chach. Happy. Imagine that. Excited for this job. TRUE STORY.

Social Media AND Yinz Team? WIN.

This reminds me that I’m probably the luckiest girl in the world to have my Yinz Team friends, plus ruggs friends and social media friends….

Now to move my family NORTH. Heh. (Fail.)




2 responses

7 02 2011

What does this security detail involve? I might be available…

7 02 2011

PghRugbyRef – Just sit by the door and handle anyone who gets out of line (ie, drunks that may show up). The other guy who was going to do it as well may be there the whole time now. I’m waiting on more info. I’ll email you with what I find out.

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