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9 02 2011

So today, I picked up the day shift at My Living Room.

No big deal, the sweet lady who was supposed to work caught me via text right before I was going to bed last night, around 10:30pm. (Lame, I know, but I’m seriously on a “seeing Little C schedule” right now, even though I don’t see her till May…)


I woke up, bought some cake for Peaches and I and went to work. (we enjoyed part of the cake… I still have some. But it was delicious.)

Okay day, I served some food… A regular ordered our soup… We have some amazing soup every week (no really… WE HAVE AWESOME SOUP. You should come try some.) So I went to pick up the soup to serve it. Peaches says, “Be careful, and tell so-and-so, that soup bowl is HOT!”

I say, “okay, will do!” and deliver the plate, warn the patron, etc, etc.

Fast forward one more soup order later.  In between talking to Birthday Girl (whom I also served said soup to beforehand) about rugby stuff…

I walk back to the kitchen…. I see the bowl, and I also see a spill mark on the outside of the bowl. We can’t serve that! So I go and grab the bowl, intending to clean it off in the side sink, wipe it dry and return.

I grab it with my right hand… Thumb, index finger and part of my middle finger. Immediately, I realize that HOLY CRAP, that’s HOT! Peaches yells to me to drop it! I throw it into the side sink, and run for the ice behind the bar.


I’m quite happy the bowl didn’t shatter into a zillion pieces. However, my right hand hurt forever, till I took some Advil and held onto approximately 100 pieces of ice.

What I ended up with was two good size blisters on my right thumb, and a NICE 1″ by 1/4″ burn on my right middle finger.

I lose at today. I’ll win tomorrow though…. (Here’s hoping.)




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11 02 2011


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