More “Car”

17 02 2011

My Little C calls me “Car.” To the point that GrandPa (soon to be renamed “Papa” – will get to that in a sec.) actually called me Car on the phone the other day while he was with Little C.

Hilarious. Love it.

Anyway, my poor Little C is sick with yet another sinus infection.

My response was that Little C needs more “Car” in her life. That would seriously cure all that ails her. (Totally kidding, but it’s a great idea, right? To have more “Car” in Little C’s life? RIGHT?) I wish I could make that happen. Like, soon.

See also, fail. I need more Little C in my life, just like I *think* she needs more Car.

Lili is going to take my best girl to an ENT doc and an allergist. We’re all praying that my little lady isn’t allergic to Dewey the dog and Clyde the cat. So pray with us, because we, as an extended family,  couldn’t bear to lose either one of them. It would make us not “us” as a family. Seriously.

Back to the GrandPa/Papa ordeal. We all agreed that my dad would be The GrandPa and my Mom would be The Nana. All went well when Little C started talking. Dad was GrandPa… or as best she could say it… My Mom IS The Nana. That girl? She LOOOOOOOVES her NANA. More than even I remember loving my Nana. (I loved that lady a bucket-load of love.)

But all of a sudden, Little C decided that GrandPa was Papa. And she refuses our suggestions of GrandPa. The Nana was out with Little C the other day, and mentioned The GrandPa. The Nana was corrected, by Little C, “No! PAPA!”

Ok then. You win small adorable person. GrandPa is now referred to as Papa.

I kind of love it, as long as I remain “Car.” I love being “Car.” I’m the best vehicle ever. And I have a personality and, apparently, a good laugh. And? My baby lady loves me.

Swoon over this one:

Little C and Car. Watching the water. SWOOOOOON.

I win at being an Aunt. I do. Look at those pigtails!




2 responses

20 02 2011

i totally related to this post! miles is “supposed” to call my dad grampy. what comes out? lumpy. and yes. that is a total swoon-fest photo!

21 02 2011

Thanks, Katy. We’re okay with “papa” but he totally should be Grand Pa. Whatever. Little C rules. And thanks on the picture. It is one of my favorites. We love us some birds in this family now. (Not hawks that eat their prey in our backyard though… I still think of that stupid hawk…) Hope you rid the yard of feathers and such soon.

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