I can’t wait to…

19 02 2011

Oh… Wait.

Hold on… I can’t tell you what I can’t wait to do.

It’s because it’s a secret. And a surprise. And so much bigger than just little old me.

So, a big deal. Sigh.

I’m pretty sure this secret may kill me before the day the event actually happens. I can’t tell anyone. No one.

I now have secrets and stories I can’t even tell Lili or The Nana! Espionage and all that… You get it, right?

I’d like the next month or two or three  so to pass quickly, if that’s possible. Can that be possible?

I hate surprises, and secrets. (Seriously, I hate surprises. Don’t do that to me…) Yet I have one of both going on right now. I LOVE it, but I might die before the day of reveal. True story. I’m not good at this.

I’m good at tending  bar and loving Little C. Very good at those… That is it right now. The rest? Spiraling out of control.

I may lose myself before this secret becomes real…

But really, I can’t wait, and I will use all of my secrecy to hide it from everyone…

The Nana is reading this right now and totally freaked out that I’m doing something stupid. I’m not. Don’t worry. I don’t do stupid things anymore. I spend my time raising money for kids and going to dinner with friends. (Psst. I’m a grown up now, it seems.)

No worries. Secret will be revealed soon enough.

Not tagging/categorizing this one. Deal with it.

This secret might make me silly before it happens…. SILLY!




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