22 02 2011

So updates on posts and random stuff.

My burn is better. The blister left, and left me with a beautiful leathery skin thing that quickly peeled itself off.  Part of my finger is now bright pink. Yay. I can’t wait to see the scar I end up with.

My soul is still happy from Chachiplays, and from my friends at work. I’m so lucky.

I got an email today about spring softball. I replied with “SIGN ME UP!” I can’t wait for softball. I just hope it isn’t Saturday mornings…

I talked to The Nana today. Good gravy, she is sick. So is The GrandPa (aka Papa). They have meds. I hope they get better soon, because they are supposed to watch Little C this coming weekend! (which reminds me again that I wish I lived near my sister.)

I discovered Pandora recently. I love my Mason Jennings station and everything that plays on that station. WOW. I’ll branch out a more soon. But for now, it makes me mellow and happy.

It snowed today. I saw 1-3″ predicted on Twitter earlier. Pretty sure we have more than 6″. I really wanted a Triangle Melt with ham from My Living Room. And maybe a tasty beverage. I settled for a 6″ sub from Get Go and a Woodchuck. (See also, fail.)

I want spring. Or Florida. Or summer and pool time. NOW.

I am going to see SkateRat’s band on Wednesday at Mr. Smalls. I have no idea where Mr. Smalls is, except that it’s in Millvale. IDK. I’m going with many people from My Living Room. It’s going to be awesome. Apparently a band named The Toasters is also playing. Again, IDK.

I am also going to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops again, thanks to a Twitter friend. I’m a little excited about it.

I’m attending a meeting on Thursday about the next PodCamp. I will be more involved for sure.

And the maybe best part? I am no longer The Organization’s go-to person for everything on the planet. Meaning, I have no responsibilities, no requirements, nothing. I no longer have to ask my family to change stuff, or ask work to not schedule me, because of said organization. I have no ties to them, whatsoever, except for never paying dues again. I did my time.

So besides my parents being sick, the snow and my eventual scar, I win at life this week.  And it’s only Monday.



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