Music is My Muse.

25 03 2011

Just watch. It’s all I’ve got at this point… I’m a mess… A friend is moving and I can’t quite come up with words to explain it…


and mebbe…

I’m done. I’ll perhaps be back on Monday, once I recover from his moving away. It’s gonna be rough, peeps. ROUGH.

Bad Aunt?

8 03 2011

I don’t know how, or why, but the fact that Lent is coming up, starting tomorrow, escaped my attention. It did as well, last year, but Little C was only 9 months old or so at the time. Now she is OLDER and OMG observant and we maybe can’t hide anything from her (god help us next Christmas! She is SMART)

Then, today, I realized that not only is Little C processing more and more info, and not only am I Little C’s AUNT, I’m her GODMOTHER.

Uh-Oh. Aunt C better be thinking up some plans for something to give up, being a Catholic Godmother and all, and eat meat-free food (I don’t eat fish, or seafood, EVER!) for Fridays. (what am I going to eat????) I’ve GOT to be a good role model for this little one. At least where I can be. And the voice of reason when she tries to attempt bad things. (Whatever they may be. I’m walking the straight & narrow with C.)

What can I give up? There is nothing I’m “addicted” to right now. I used to eat pizza, quite often, and Coke ALL. DAY. LONG. Back when I had a day job.

Now that I have been unemployed for a while, I haven’t been downing much but water and Gatorade… And then got the job back at My Living Room, I still don’t drink many soft drinks. I usually take a giant bottle of Gatorade with me to work, or I drink water. Or, on bad days, I pour a small Mountain Dew when my energy is failing me late at night. And I only eat pizza randomly.

But what I do take to work, a lot, besides Gatorade (which I refuse to give up, because I water it down with ice at home and at work.), is sugary snacks. Spree, Nerds, cupcakes & danish from a local bakery… Anything with sugar.

So anti-sugary snack, I am. For 40 days. (some of my co-workers are going to HATE this. They love the random snacky things I bring in…)

I wonder, does gum count? Because I bought my first pack of mint gum in over a year or more the other day…

I hope it doesn’t, but I’d be okay if it does. Someone told me it smelled like a drug the other day.

I’m not down with that. I just wanted gum. And it was right by the register. I was sucked in…

I’m not a bad Aunt, just slow on the uptake to realize what I need to do for her as she gets older and OMG smarter.

Gotta be a good God Mother, no matter what I have to do. Little C is the most important thing in my life. True story. 🙂

Ear worm.

7 03 2011

It happens every once in a while. The ear worm…  I hear a song on the radio, or especially at My Living Room, or the symphony, where I can’t stop listening to it. It almost always, HAS to mean something to me… Not always, but 99% of the time.

Back in July, on the radio, on the way to watch Little C, it was Highway 20 Ride, by The Zac Brown Band – who I will be seeing, hopefully, in July. And whose song I still love.


In My Living Room, a few weeks ago, it was January Wedding, by the Avett Brothers.

Played by a friend of mine who is soon leaving Pgh for Portland.

I’m entirely unhappy with this friend leaving town. And I will never tell this blog why. I’ll deal with it but it’s still sad to me. But as long as that song makes me happy? I’d rather be happy lately, than dwell on the bad things. Even if I shed tears in secret over it. And Little C. Good plan, all around.

Enjoy the music ear-worm.

I’ll be happy about it soon enough.

No Cornbread…

6 03 2011

This evening, I went to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops for the second time, along with two lady friends I met through Twitter. UncleCrappy and MrsCrappy couldn’t make this one.

We met for dinner at Buffalo Blues, and then went for a drink at Kelly’s (my FIRST time there! and I had an AWFUL Mint Julep) before the show at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater in East Liberty.

We walked in to find an first-come, first-seated arrangement. And I spotted three seats together, on the aisle, about four rows back from the stage. We grabbed them. (Grand seats, considering UncleCrappy and I watched from the absolute back of the venue last time and could hardly see the stage!)

The show was part of an event the Strayhorn puts on called the Sunstar Music Festival. A four-day event that showcases woman music-makers, thus why the ticket was $25. The musicians and performers before the Drops were also awesome.

Back to THE show…

I noticed four chairs set up. Last time there were three. Hmmm… And when the Drops walked out, I noticed not one new person, but two. Turns out Justin started grad school and left the band. (Good for you Justin!) Now they have a new guy named Hubby, who also plays a mandolin! And then I saw a random white dude in the 4th chair… His name, I believe, is Adam. Who, after holding a tambourine,  seemed to be playing an imaginary stand up bass. I was so confused.

But, Holy Cow. If I wasn’t working Sunday night, I’d so be going to see Adam’s solo show at Garfield Art Works. But I am working. So anyway, his ability to beat-box, and to mimic (is that the right word? I have no clue!) a slide trombone and trumpet are amazing. I was seriously impressed. He even mimicked the sound of brushes on a drum and cymbals during one song. No, really.  I hope they keep him around. I have no idea what he does in his solo show, as my attempt to load the Garfield Art Works website failed… And I don’t know his last name.

Dom was crazy and dancing through part of the show, even tossing around his guitar at one point. He’s a showman, that one. I love it.

The show was awesome, as I expected. They played some things I haven’t heard before, and couldn’t find on You Tube. Sad. But, they played some faves, including some of mine, like Snowden’s Jig and Hit ‘Em Up Style… But they didn’t play some things I adored last time and that are on regular rotation on my iTunes. Namely, Cornbread and Butterbeans. That song is one I tell newbies to check out! I wasn’t surprised, when I saw Hubby, that they didn’t play it… That was Justin’s song, so when Rhiannon explained why they weren’t playing it, I totally understood. They also didn’t play Salty Dog, which I also like.

I watched Dom play the harmonica for an entire song (including with his nose! I know!) and he flipped it back and forth on his mouth, and never missed a beat. ZOMG.

But overall? It was totally worth the $25 and I’ll definitely see them next time they are in town. Absolutely.

I hope that my ladies that were with me tonight will be there, same with UncleCrappy and MrsCrappy… Oh, And you TOO AndreaDisaster! We missed you all!