Ear worm.

7 03 2011

It happens every once in a while. The ear worm…  I hear a song on the radio, or especially at My Living Room, or the symphony, where I can’t stop listening to it. It almost always, HAS to mean something to me… Not always, but 99% of the time.

Back in July, on the radio, on the way to watch Little C, it was Highway 20 Ride, by The Zac Brown Band – who I will be seeing, hopefully, in July. And whose song I still love.


In My Living Room, a few weeks ago, it was January Wedding, by the Avett Brothers.

Played by a friend of mine who is soon leaving Pgh for Portland.

I’m entirely unhappy with this friend leaving town. And I will never tell this blog why. I’ll deal with it but it’s still sad to me. But as long as that song makes me happy? I’d rather be happy lately, than dwell on the bad things. Even if I shed tears in secret over it. And Little C. Good plan, all around.

Enjoy the music ear-worm.

I’ll be happy about it soon enough.



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