Bad Aunt?

8 03 2011

I don’t know how, or why, but the fact that Lent is coming up, starting tomorrow, escaped my attention. It did as well, last year, but Little C was only 9 months old or so at the time. Now she is OLDER and OMG observant and we maybe can’t hide anything from her (god help us next Christmas! She is SMART)

Then, today, I realized that not only is Little C processing more and more info, and not only am I Little C’s AUNT, I’m her GODMOTHER.

Uh-Oh. Aunt C better be thinking up some plans for something to give up, being a Catholic Godmother and all, and eat meat-free food (I don’t eat fish, or seafood, EVER!) for Fridays. (what am I going to eat????) I’ve GOT to be a good role model for this little one. At least where I can be. And the voice of reason when she tries to attempt bad things. (Whatever they may be. I’m walking the straight & narrow with C.)

What can I give up? There is nothing I’m “addicted” to right now. I used to eat pizza, quite often, and Coke ALL. DAY. LONG. Back when I had a day job.

Now that I have been unemployed for a while, I haven’t been downing much but water and Gatorade… And then got the job back at My Living Room, I still don’t drink many soft drinks. I usually take a giant bottle of Gatorade with me to work, or I drink water. Or, on bad days, I pour a small Mountain Dew when my energy is failing me late at night. And I only eat pizza randomly.

But what I do take to work, a lot, besides Gatorade (which I refuse to give up, because I water it down with ice at home and at work.), is sugary snacks. Spree, Nerds, cupcakes & danish from a local bakery… Anything with sugar.

So anti-sugary snack, I am. For 40 days. (some of my co-workers are going to HATE this. They love the random snacky things I bring in…)

I wonder, does gum count? Because I bought my first pack of mint gum in over a year or more the other day…

I hope it doesn’t, but I’d be okay if it does. Someone told me it smelled like a drug the other day.

I’m not down with that. I just wanted gum. And it was right by the register. I was sucked in…

I’m not a bad Aunt, just slow on the uptake to realize what I need to do for her as she gets older and OMG smarter.

Gotta be a good God Mother, no matter what I have to do. Little C is the most important thing in my life. True story. 🙂




One response

9 03 2011

I have a Catholic friend who doesn’t give up anything for lent. Instead, she devotes the 40 days to DOING something instead – volunteering, etc. I think it’s a great idea and does a lot more good than simply giving up chocolate.

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