Awesome vacation.

11 04 2011

This is well overdue… I went to Florida in March. I was yelled at by friends on Saturday who read this blog, about not posting much. So here you go…

In this post, “last week,” was March 9-15th.

My vacation last week was awesome. Not only because I saw my parents, Lili and NE, but also because I got some awesome one-on-one time with My Little C.

On Wednesday, I ended up being delayed two hours in Atlanta on my way down, so NE had to pick me up from the airport instead of Lili and Little C. When we got home and into the house, I barely had time to put my carry-on down before Little C told me to “come.” She showed me all kinds of fun toys in her play area. (This was great because I was a little afraid she would be shy or not remember me. Clearly I was wrong to worry, as she yelled my name when I walked in the door!)

On Thursday, we had a Little C and me day, as Little C had a bit of a cold still and stayed home from daycare with me. We went to the neighborhood playground, had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for lunch, and watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV.

Thursday night, Little C ended up hitting me in the face and had to go to time out. I fail at time out, people. Little C had to sit on the stairs while NE talked to her about what she did. All of a sudden, unprompted to do so, she looks up at me and says, “I sowwy Cawe. I sowwy.” I immediately started crying, because it was so sweet of her. NOT the right thing to do when imposing punishment, Aunt Claire. Sigh. I was kinda yelled at by Lili, and it was totally warranted. I’m just not used to this time out thing with kids.

On Friday, Lili and I dropped Little C off at “school” and I got to see her classroom and meet her favorite teacher. I also got a tour of the play area from Little C. She loves it there.

After school, I picked up Lili and we picked up Little C and headed to The Nana and GrandPa’s house. It was great to see my parents, and sort of surprise my mom (she had an idea I was planning a trip, and I called her on Thursday and had Little C tell her “Cawe here.”)

We had fun playing at Nana and GrandPa’s all weekend.  Little C and I showed Nana our “silly dance.” I wish I had gotten video of both of us or just her doing the silly dance… (I can’t tell you the whole thing, but it involves dancing and waving your arms, jumping, and ends with a few spins. We’re fancy with our silliness, Little C and I.) Nana gave Little C a “Big Like Me” Elmo floor puzzle that she loved using as a bed to lay on and as a desk to draw on. It was pretty cool, the big like me puzzle.

Little C, The Nana, The GrandPa and I went to a playground on Sunday morning. It was so much fun. Little C (all of 22 months) swung on the big girls’ swing, and held on tight, just like I asked her. She did such a great job! We went down some slides, rode on the tire swing – which was kinda scary, just C and I. The Nana had to stop us. I don’t like tire swings… And The GrandPa pushed her on so many swings. We loved it.

On Sunday, when we were leaving, I was helping to pack up the car when Little C and Lili came out to the garage. Little C apparently wanted to ask me something, and after a little prodding from Lili, I was asked if I would sit in the back seat with Little C on the drive home, rather than in the front seat. How cute is that? Of course, I said yes.

Little C and Me had a blast on the way home! Thanks, Lili.

On Monday, Lili started Spring Break, so we had all day for fun stuff.

We went to the playground with one of Lili’s mom friends in Florida. A mom I’ve always wanted to meet. She has a little girl around Little C’s age, and new little boy.

We had fun at the playground, save for Little C walking in front of her friend’s still swinging swing and falling down. (I felt like such a terrible Aunt…)

And I pushed the stroller for Lili’s friend on the way home. I’m pretty sure I made a new friend of her daughter, she smiled the whole way home while I talked to her. And the little boy? He’s a darling.

It was the best trip ever. Sorry it took me so long to post. I’m sure there are things I forgot, and I know there are things with Little C I won’t share, because she’s my girl.

I can’t wait for my next trip. Little C is my favorite shorty of all time.

(My fave part is my friends seeing Little C’s picture (she decided my suitcase was a great seat! She is clearly channeling the cat on that one. He loves my suitcase!) my home screen of my phone and telling me that she’s cute as pie or that “yep, she’s definitely related to you.”) Yes, she is… cute as pie and obviously related, but she’s the most pretty little lady ever.

(I may like her a little bit. Just a little.)

I felt terrible when I left though… I not only started to cry, but I confused Little C. She didn’t understand. She told me not to cry. We had taken pictures outside (she likes planes now…)

And then!


When I was in the security line, I swear on my life, the same security guy I saw the first time I cried my eyes out upon leaving Little C… When she could still be a baby burrito!!! The man who asked if I was okay, I told him no, and why, and he said I could always come visit… Over a year and a half ago… After my very first visit, when I swear she stole my heart… He was there! He greeted me, asked again if I was okay, offered me a tissue! And pleaded with me to not cry, as he would do so as well. That man? He deserves an award of some sort. If I see him again, I will stop crying and tell him what his kindness has meant to me. Really.

The folks in Ft. Lauderdale airport at security are pretty awesome.

(And yes, I cried as I wrote this… BIG SURPRISE.)

I love my sister, her husband, Little C, and even the new baby. And my mom and dad. I hate that they live so far away. I wish I could just drive up and see my parents or sister & family whenever I want.


6 04 2011

I hate myself right now. For being impatient. HATE!

I had issues with the netbook the other night… I talked to my go-to IT guy, Chachisays. He could help me Wednesday. But I had a meeting.

Or I could wait until Friday…

Cue my impatience. I wasn’t waiting. Via text, I ran some things past him and we agreed it’d be okay… I’d run a back up of my C drive, saved to my D drive, then run a complete restore. What would I lose? Some pictures of Little C. Heh. I have most still on my camera. And get the ones I probably lost from The Nana or Lili. All good.

After the backup to D drive said it was done, I ran a restore, full restore, on C drive…

When the netbook booted back up and was all new and shiny again, it seemed the back up to D seems to have not worked. IDK. I can’t find it.

What did I lose? That I can remember?

Videos of Little C. Especially the ones I didn’t post to You Tube.

My resume. And all incarnations of its recent form.

All my CCAC and going back to school info.

All my tax info from last year that I need for this year’s return.

Probably some rugby stuff someone will need eventually… thankfully most of that will be in my email.

All my interwebz bookmarks and such.

All of my passwords.

All of my screen settings etc.

iTunes. The whole damn library.

Oh hell. This is bad.

And who knows what else… I can’t remember…

I want to cry. Really I do.

But then I realize it’s all my fault. For being impatient. But we thought it would work & be fine!

I’m hoping Chachi might be able to find the back up. I don’t know where to look or what to do…

If he can’t, well, I’ll recreate passwords, bookmarks and screen settings. I’ll cry over the lost Little C videos. And some day, when I have $ to throw around, I’ll re-buy what is already on my iTunes (some which I just purchased and didn’t upload to my iPod. Sigh)

I’ve now lost all faith in my ability to fix anything computer like because of this. That’s very sad.

Here’s hoping Chachi, with his flying cape will help me find bits and pieces, if not all of it. (I have full faith in Chachi, but not in my backup.) Chachi is a super hero, if you didn’t know before.

I want to, but I can’t.

1 04 2011

I want to give you a meaningful, full blog post. But right now, for a number of reasons, I haven’t been able to.

I have sooooo many potential blog posts sitting in “draft” status. I don’t know what to do with myself… I just can’t complete them.

I haven’t been able to trap down the exact reason for it. I’m pretty sure I have five or six minor ones. All reasons I will not, or can’t blog about. And people I can and cannot blog about. And then it gets difficult… And, really, I’m okay with all of the reasons. I need to work on them. I know.

I’m more upset that I can’t seem to blog more than once a month, or twice, if I’m lucky. But it goes back to that reason – peeps I can or will not blog about, or situations I cannot blog about… I’m in a big mud puddle of the middle and I am trapped…

But if I post, I do something like I’m about to… I post a Music Is My Muse thing. Yes, I loooove me music. And part of me is okay with is. but…. the rest of the world? oh well.

Seems appropriate, since I just bought tickets to see this band, and Kenny Chesney and IDK who else for a friend I gained from my sister…

I’m only going to see Zac Brown Band. I’m seriously in love. In. LOVE.

I will share with you the other songs I love from any bands I see this summer, soon. I can’t wait.

I’m sorry, very about the purchase process and result (only one person knows what I am saying, and I hope they get it) I didn’t realize. I was blind in my wanting. I admit it.

Currently not tagging or categorizing this thing. I don’t care.