6 04 2011

I hate myself right now. For being impatient. HATE!

I had issues with the netbook the other night… I talked to my go-to IT guy, Chachisays. He could help me Wednesday. But I had a meeting.

Or I could wait until Friday…

Cue my impatience. I wasn’t waiting. Via text, I ran some things past him and we agreed it’d be okay… I’d run a back up of my C drive, saved to my D drive, then run a complete restore. What would I lose? Some pictures of Little C. Heh. I have most still on my camera. And get the ones I probably lost from The Nana or Lili. All good.

After the backup to D drive said it was done, I ran a restore, full restore, on C drive…

When the netbook booted back up and was all new and shiny again, it seemed the back up to D seems to have not worked. IDK. I can’t find it.

What did I lose? That I can remember?

Videos of Little C. Especially the ones I didn’t post to You Tube.

My resume. And all incarnations of its recent form.

All my CCAC and going back to school info.

All my tax info from last year that I need for this year’s return.

Probably some rugby stuff someone will need eventually… thankfully most of that will be in my email.

All my interwebz bookmarks and such.

All of my passwords.

All of my screen settings etc.

iTunes. The whole damn library.

Oh hell. This is bad.

And who knows what else… I can’t remember…

I want to cry. Really I do.

But then I realize it’s all my fault. For being impatient. But we thought it would work & be fine!

I’m hoping Chachi might be able to find the back up. I don’t know where to look or what to do…

If he can’t, well, I’ll recreate passwords, bookmarks and screen settings. I’ll cry over the lost Little C videos. And some day, when I have $ to throw around, I’ll re-buy what is already on my iTunes (some which I just purchased and didn’t upload to my iPod. Sigh)

I’ve now lost all faith in my ability to fix anything computer like because of this. That’s very sad.

Here’s hoping Chachi, with his flying cape will help me find bits and pieces, if not all of it. (I have full faith in Chachi, but not in my backup.) Chachi is a super hero, if you didn’t know before.




One response

6 04 2011

Such a good lesson for all of us, but such a painful experience to go through. I hope Chachi is able to come to the rescue!

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