2 05 2011

I’m still here, people. I just have had a lot of stuff going on in my life that I either can’t, or am not sure if I can, post about. And I’ve just been too busy to figure out or ask.

I worked a ton last weekend. A ton. Like a half marathon in bartending hours at My Living Room. In one day. Seriously. I wonder if I can put one of those little half marathon “13.1” stickers on my car since I spent more than that time on my feet.

If the sticker doesn’t work, it’s okay… I’ve already claimed the Viking’s new baby boy as my nephew.  New baby, you guys! And he’s so cute.

And I’ve been busy with school paperwork, which I can post about, but have been running around like crazy trying to get it done on time.

So that’s all. I’m not even tagging or categorizing this post. I’m too lazy. I’m going back to watching tv and trying not to think very much.

I’ll be back soon to our regularly randomly scheduled postings.




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