Lucky Aunt.

19 06 2011

I woke up early Saturday morning, around 8am. I got a text from Lili that said I had a Sprint voice message. Huh?

So I texted Lili and asked what was going on… She wasn’t sure I’d be awake yet. (She’s smart, Lili)

So I listened to the message.

Lili: “Tell her what you’re doing.”

Little C: “I’m cawling you.”

Lili: “I love you.”

Little C: “I luv you.”

Lili: “Talk to you soon!”

Little C: “Talk to you shoon!”

Lili: “Bye!”

Little C: “Bye”

And then…

Little C: “Whewe did Aunt Clawe go?”

After I first heard the message, I didn’t hear that last part. I immediately hung up and called Lili and NE, so I could talk to my little morning bird, Little C.  It was awesome.

For the record, I’m sorry, NE, if I made Little C a little crazy about the cookie at Publix for your shopping. I said it out loud, and instantly knew that could become a problem.  Yikes!

And after listening to the message approximately 18 times now, I just realized she asks where I went at the end.

Oh, my heart. And the tears.

I’m the luckiest Aunt ever because Little C asks to call me.  Thanks, Lili and NE, for not letting her forget me even though I’m so far away.

Pretty soon, there’s going to be a new niece or nephew, and I hope Little C will tell the baby about me and that the new baby will want to talk to me as well.

I’m also hoping my heart can handle phone calls from two of them by then. Yikes.

I probably have a year or so until I have to worry about that, but still, I better invest in some Kleenex or something soon.

And dear Sprint Voice Messaging thingy, no I will not delete that message! Are you kidding me? I want it on repeat, 24×7.




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