25 05 2012


See that itty, bitty, tiny gecko on the window? At the bottom. He’s really tiny…

That little dude welcomed himself into my parents home the other day when they went out to get their morning newspaper. He just ran right in. As if he lived there.

I don’t even assume I live there as much as this little dude did.

(Knowing NONE of what I just said….) My mom randomly said, ‘Oh, if you see a gecko, let us know. We think one wandered in.’ Gee, thanks mom. Can’t wait to go to sleep…

The next day, papa and I are hanging out, and I happen to look to the window, and there he is…

I said, “Dad, you may want to see this…” And Papa jumped up, told me to go get the broom… So I did, (I always do what Papa tells me. It’s the best decision. Ever.)

I won’t tell you what papa did to get him. I’ll just tell you I used Clorox wipes to clean up…My dad did NOT make a mess… I just felt the need to clean…  You can blame that on what papa did, or the fact that I use Clorox wipes every other minute at clinical… Your choice…

Whatever your choice and decision, the little gecko is gone. If my Echo was still alive and in the house, she would have trapped it, and presented it to Papa, as a gift. NOT. EVEN. KIDDING. It’s only right that Papa trapped and dealt with it in the same room that Echo still lives on……….. Nana and Papa know what I mean with that statement…

Good lord, I miss my Echo…



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