Cast Of Characters

Here’s My Gang O’ Folks… At least the ones I won’t name out loud… More, many more, to come…

The Boys:

  • The GrandPa – My dad. And now the GrandPa. He’s named ‘GrandPa’ because his father used to sign his cards to my sister and I “Love GrandPa.” I may have forced The Nana to call him this…. It was important, come on…
  • Dilbert – good friend… more to say but I can’t figure it out yet…
  • Asshat – general bane of my existence all around asshat
  • Hamstring – super helper & all around great dude. Has a bit of an issue with his hamstring.
  • New England (NE) – brother-in-law. Patriots & Red Sox fan.
  • Hat Fetish (HF) – regular at My Living Room… has a hat & shoe addiction.
  • Ship – yet another regular… in a band whose name reminds me of a ship.
  • Viking – the dude who runs nights at the Living Room.
  • Peaches – former co-worker in the Living Room… great friend, great co-worker.
  • D – another co-worker.
  • Lion – yet another co-worker… He is short and cute and apparently likes lions…
  • Drummer – once again, another co-worker… likes drums.
  • Mechanical Engineer (ME) – fantastic friend since day one in the Living Room…one of the most kindest, loyal human beings I’ve ever met.
  • Camp Director (CD) – a friend who lives a few hours from here… functions as the group’s camp director in the summer… seriously…
  • Brawler – a younger guy who has had anger issues in games… I feel his pain. Boyfriend of Go Getter (GG).
  • Giggles – honestly one of the better men I’ve met in my life. On par with my Dad and NE. Boyfriend of BirthdayGirl (BG).
  • Dennis (a la the Menace) – A good friend and a good 2nd generation member of the club.
  • Cousin – I’ve known this guy and his family for ever now. I might as well be a part of the family.
  • MG – a former teammate who moved away & is now happily married to Sunshine… he built the new bar in My Living Room and used to do all the “fix up” work that I now do
  • SkateRat – a co-worker… is kind of deer-in-headlights looking… just sayin’
  • Fashion Forward (FF) – let’s just say he’s got an interesting, although acceptable, take on fashion. Like Adidas wind pants with random animal skin shoes. Yeah.
  • Buckeye – yet another Ohio State fan I’ve met recently
  • Skoal – a new friend who came up with a million-dollar idea involving Skoal and my sewing ability. Sweet.
  • Field Mouse (FM) – Named so because he put one in my tent while camping a while back. Aspires to be called “Rockstar.” We’ll see about that… ( side note, new: he’s getting close to being called the Rockstar.)
  • Angry Scottish Man (ASM) – a fellow rugger and blogger. One of my favorite ruggers who, due to his job, only shows up here & there. Check out the Blogs From The ‘Burgh for his blog!)
  • Big Guy – for lack of a better name. He’s the biggest guy on the team. Tall. Very. Someone at Brewfest saw him and immediately knew he was a rugby player, even though he was not wearing any PRFC gear.
  • Marine – former player who joined the Marines and is back for a time before departing for Japan.
  • PghRugbyRef – frequent commenter to this site, and obviously a local rugby ref. A good one, at that.
  • Dick’s – current rugby player who gifted me with bright pink socks from Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Dreads – can’t believe it’s taken so long for him to pop up on this site. He’s got dreads, duh.
  • Bus Driver – drives a bus for a living. A school bus.
  • Bleeder – named as such for the photo of him bleeding profusely from a head wound. Nice.
  • Big Dude – aka Kenny. Only time I’m giving you a kinda real name for a person. I’m at a loss for what other name to call him. But I’m allowing it b/c I hated him for, oh, a thousand years, and now I know him, and you know what, he’s not as awful as I thought. I’m actually a fan of Big Dude.Truth.
  • Hollywood – received this new nickname as a result of the “Three Rivers” taping
  • College Kid – this will be used to cover any random college kids who pop up from time to time. Pitt kids, kids home for the summer, kids at Coopers Lake etc. First instance is a UMass student.
  • NO – aka New Orleans. He used to live there with his lovely wife, and now they are happy residents of Pittsburgh, along with their lovely daughter. (She’s awesome btw!)
  • Mr. Blue Eyes – one of my baby boyfriends. His eyes are ridiculously gorgeous and he’s such a happy baby. And for some reason, he really, really likes me and smiles when he sees me! I loooove him!
  • UVA – named as such because he went to the University of Virginia and he seems to always have some UVA gear on or has some story from UVA to tell. Boyfriend of Pseudo-Twin.
  • JP – someone who was in my life a very, very long time ago
  • Burghseyeview – a new, via Twitter, friend whose house I frequent. Also, a Brewfest judge last year!
  • Whistleblower (WB) – I’ve wrestled with this for a while. WB is truly someone I consider a good friend. But even more, he knows his rugby. And I am super lucky he knows & likes me, for being me, and vice versa, and let me do what I needed to do to learn. And he seems to appreciate my input. At times. I ❤ that. Thanks, friend!

The Girls:

  • The Nana – my Mom. She is The Nana because her mom was The Nana to my sister and I. Makes sense, yes? She may be the best Nana ever. EVER, I tell you!!!!
  • CaliPantherGrl (CPG) – Rocks. More than most people I know. That is all.
  • Law School (LS) – rugby teammate & law school attendee.
  • KRL – rugby teammate, author and blogger; high quality individual.
  • Blondie – another teammate… lots of blonde hair.
  • Mercedes – teammate… used to drive a Mercedes…
  • BirthdayGirl (BG) – shares my birthday with me. We are as alike as we are different. And it rocks. Girlfriend of Giggles.
  • Jumping Bean (JB) – teammate. Had an amazing amount of energy at one point and reacted like a jumping bean…
  • Harrisburg (HB) – teammate who is from/moving to Harrisburg. The move is no good.
  • Pseudo-Twin (PT) – a teammate who is often confused as my twin, and vice versa.
  • Short Bus (SB) – she’s her own unique individual… great player, good friend… and she deserves to have her very own short bus, rugby style…
  • Responsible, Jr. (RJ) – teammate, but one of the more responsible, younger people I know.
  • Go Getter (GG) – on the up-and-up and trying to help. Always. Girlfriend of Brawler…
  • Sunshine – married to MG… is literally always happy and smiling… you cannot help but love her!
  • KellsBells (KB) – a wonderful teammate – she’s one of the handful of reasons I come back each season!!!
  • Cindy-Lou (CL) – a teammate I have relied upon for my sanity over the years. She & I work very well together and have taken care of many things over the years… another reason I come back each season!!!
  • Artsy – again, for lack of a better name, a very artsy rugger. She designed some kick-ass shirts for us at the end of last season. Always cheery and apparently likes to do push ups.
  • Burghseyewife – married to Burghseyeview. Mom to N. Good friend and pool-goer summer 2010.
  • Shellrenee – another pool friend. Mom to Ry. Also, hysterical.

2 responses

18 02 2009
Whistle Blower

Just checking in to see how your back is doing. Hope some time off and therapy provided a little relief. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

See you soon,
Whistle Blower

18 02 2009

Thank you for checking in. The lower back is doing well. We’re now trying to work on my upper back, which is always an issue. Remind me when I see you and I’ll tell you. Or see the “Doctor’s Orders” post from a week or two ago. 🙂 See you soon. not ready for it, but I’ll be there! Gonna send you an email as well.

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