11 10 2010

Heh. Yesterday marked 2 years of this here little blog. And I was too busy to remember.

But I’m okay with that! I have rugby stuff going on, and I have a nice little part time job at My Living Room.

When I checked the other day, I wasn’t on the schedule for the coming weekend. I was okay with that.

But when I showed up yesterday, Viking told me the schedule was wrong. I should be on it, and he wants me working there. That was so cool to hear. So. Cool.

So now I’m working 3 – close next Saturday. Yes, I start at 3pm. Chances are I’ll be let go earlier than close though. (Whew.)

I worked last night, this time with Asshat and a new guy, with a little bit of Peaches thrown in for fun. It’s different working with Asshat, but it was still fun.

(Thanks to Mrs. Crappy and Uncle Crappy for stopping by!)

All of the ruggers, and a few old regulars were in last night. So many people told me they were happy or excited to see me behind the bar again. I can’t tell you how happy that made me.

There was a little altercation, and being a totally new me behind the bar, I saw it starting and I called over the new door guy, who we’ll call Kickboxer, to keep an eye on it. I wasn’t getting involved. I want to keep this job, and such a situation is his job. Unfortunately, he had to get involved and someone was forced to leave the bar.

After the little melee, one of the rugby girls looks at me and says, “I am so proud of you. You didn’t even get angry when that happened! Or do anything. You just stood there, calmly, and watched. I am so proud of you.” Well, thanks, friend. I’m proud of myself for that one too.  New me, for the win!

I work tonight with Peaches. 6-close. And there’s live bands starting at 9pm. Oy.

Thanks to all of you who read this, comment, and care what I have to say. I’m pretty sure it’s part of why I’m a much happier, pleasant person every day.

I did it! A second time.

1 12 2009

For a second year, I somehow managed to complete NaBloPoMo. Some of my posts didn’t exactly appear on the right days, since I had some issues with scheduling posts while I was in Houston. I know some people would consider my scheduling posts as cheating, but I didn’t have regular internet access while I was there, so it was the best I could do at the time.

So there you go. I can’t believe it’s December already. Guess I should get moving on some of the fun sewing projects that are for Little C’s 1st Christmas, huh?

Oh, and we also have the always fun annual meeting of the club coming up. Oh goody.

Friday night.

30 10 2009

It’s Friday night. It’s the first Friday since August that there is no rugby for me to deal with tomorrow. No spectating, participating or running touch.

The men are in Toledo for their Conference Championships. If they win, they will be the #1 seed for the Midwests in the Spring. I really, really, really hope they win. I’m so proud of them.

With tonight off, I should be doing something, right? Out somewhere? Instead? I’m sitting here writing this. At home.

I’m finishing up that sewing project. It’s awesome, if I do say so myself. I’ll post pics in a few days.

I started working on the Brewfest judging tonight… And now I’m looking to add 2 judges. I want the judges to have fun, not end up in a beer induced coma. There’s just too many beers. Seriously.

Since I’ll be away next weekend, I should be making a list of all the stuff I need to take to Houston. I should also be kind of panicing about Brewfest. But I’m not.

I’m so “on the job” when in a stressful planning/event situation. But we’re not there yet. I have 6 days till I leave for Houston (on a flight that leaves at 6:11am. OMG. That’s going to be ROUGH.) I have until Tuesday night before I enter that stress time.

And Brewfest? Well, that freak out will start on Tuesday after we return from Nationals. It’s just too early to start.

So until those times are upon me, I’m in find-a-freaking-job mode and in la-la land.


Je me souviens…

9 10 2009

Je me souviens… It means “I remember” in French.

Today is my one year blogversary. And I thought I’d share some of my memories from the past year. Good and bad. Most of which would never have happened had I not started this adventure.

This site has allowed me to let more of the “real” me out there, and it’s been wonderful. I’m so glad I did this!

My post! (I still adore these pictures!)

under the awning

My pre-Brewfest thanks, and the one after Brewfest



Giving things up.

Madonna (the overall most viewed post! It even beat out Bar Etiquette 101!)

Yinz Team Flackle Football!


Christmas Crazy

One of the best things I’ve ever done.

My thank you to Lili and NE

Ice skating… um, issues

Booted car & help

The Covered in Blood thing (sorry, Big Guy. I love ya but I gotta link to it.)

THE Baby Shower

The Twitter report of Britney Spears from myself & @Calipanthergrl

The infamousRugby Game Part 1

The Asshat Tweetup and a better recap of it…

The March for Babies prep and day of

The Kentucky Derby

MY LITTLE C finally being born!!

A rugby wedding

My first “vacation” with Little C

Bucco Tweet Up

4th of July

Being asked to be Little C’s Godmother.

Scottish Wedding. FTW.

Uncaged in the wild…

nicole and i

What social media means to me

Posting here.

The Come To Jesus Meetin’

The bestest hat I’ve ever made. (Which I hope to see this coming weekend!)


Gifts with a meaning for Little C

My Little Bit O’ Happy.


Ah, overall an awesome year, right? I can’t wait for the next one and then some!!

To sort of commemorate this blogversary, I gave a number of people the opportunity to contribute here in the next few days. And some fine people accepted. I will be posting their input over the next few days. All of them are people whom I respect and am glad are in my life. So please come back and see what they have to say!

Thanks, Yinz, for a wonderful year.


Come to Jesus Meetin’

2 09 2009

So I mentioned last week that some things were going on that were weighing on my mind, things that could change the way things were. Originally I wasn’t ready to talk about it here, but I am now. Sort of.

After my posts, the shit hit the fan, leading to my Sad Panda post. The Vice President resigned. A bunch of the rest of the Executive Committee (EC) nearly resigned and I nearly quit my jobs as well. I have not been on the EC since last November, but I still retain some pretty significant jobs and I’m pretty much in daily contact with certain EC members.

Guys of the PRFC, this one is for you, specifically, so sit down & listen to me.

(btw, ten points if you were actually school-aged and/or remember when that song came out!)

And before I begin, three things:

1. I would appreciate if you, the PRFC member, would comment on this post. Not on the cause of this situation, but the results of, or potential results. You can give yourself whatever name you want, real name/pseudonym/made up name. It’s up to you. Email addresses, however required, will be removed before the comment is posted. So it will be as anonymous as you make it. I don’t care who you are, this isn’t going to be shared w/ anyone, so you can use your real email, ok? In a few days, I won’t have any idea who says what. It’s part of what I want for this blog. I like to be private a bit n’at. But it’s about time some of you shared your opinions on this topic in a non-drunk, non-Ruggers Pub, really equal time for all parties environment.

2. I have a disclaimer: In the Fall of 2007 at the AGM, I was presented with a Lifetime Membership to the PRFC. What this means is that someone (my coach) nominated me to the current EC, they discussed and agreed. In the long run, it means, per the constitution:  “Entitled to regularly participate in practice, match play, or social functions without payment of dues. In order to be considered for lifetime membership, a person must be nominated by another club member and accepted as a lifetime member by the Executive Committee. Lifetime membership is intended for those who make significant contributions to the PRFC.” While I love that I was recognized as such, I still love this club and work my ass off to make it better.

3. I want to remind all of you PRFC folk who read this, especially the men, about what I wrote about your team on this blog. I may have been more excited to see how you do this season that I was my own team! I’ve been around for nearly 8 years. You have no idea how much your success makes me happy. If you read this blog and you don’t get me yet, then you need to go back and start at the beginning, my friend. And if you ever doubt my support and love of your team, you have a serious problem.

All of this EC & team drama has not only been distracting, depressing and stressful, it’s made me question whether the club members understand the why & what of the Board of Directors. There are things that happen, appear, are provided etc. and I’m not sure everyone gets it.

So here’s what I’m trying to tell you:

Everything  for practice: location, balls, cones, rucking pads, tackle dummies, scrum sleds….
Everything you need at a game:
location, field liners, paint, padding, flags, jerseys, balls…
Everything that helps you keep up to date: Yahoo groups, website, newsletter, contact lists, etc…
Everything you need to get those other things: fundraising, sponsorship, marketing, Brewfest, Coopers Lake, the Steel City 7s tourney…
And everything you need to celebrate a win/forget a loss: socials, the Pub etc….

Those are all overseen by a board member. It doesn’t just appear out of thin air. If they did? We’d all be happier, believe me.

Those of us involved – especially those of us you have lost/may lose – spend a minimum of an hour on PRFC work DAILY. Yes, daily.

So with your VP resigning, do you know what you’ve lost? I’ll tell you – from my memory a very brief list…

  • the MAJOR men’s recruiter (think about it? where did you find us? did you talk to him before your first practice? i bet half of you did.) AND women’s recruiter. It’s why you’re stuck with me for the rest of eternity.
  • the coordination of practice & match fields, including directions sent out prior to any event and/or change in event location
  • set up of the Coopers Lake & Steel City 7s brackets & schedule. I’ll kill someone over this. I swear to god.
  • Coordination of the men, women, Pitt men, Pitt women in terms of Boyce Park
  • the guy who takes time out of his day to visit the oh-so-friendly City Parks office & Boyce Park to secure our practice & match fields
  • Assistance with refs for games, Coopers, Steel City 7s

And besides that list, you lost one of the biggest, most vocal supporter of the PRFC in general.

And unfortunately, there could be more losses. If those whom I know of resign, you also stand to lose, just based on random memory:

  • The other person who helps coordinate fields, equipment and oversees everything else
  • The person who fixes or provides most of the raw materials we need (ie. the 2x4s you use to set up the uprights)
  • Someone who keeps track of, or tries to, the equipment the club owns/uses, including jerseys, scrum sleds, uprights, flags, liners, materials for lining a field, misc Coopers Lake & Brewfest stuff, misc club stuff I won’t even list right now and don’t even know why we own it…
  • Three of maybe 7 people who actually know how to correctly or make-it-work line a field
  • Your Brewfest brewer, judge, set up, ticket, etc coordinator
  • Your Coopers Lake Director
  • The Yahoo group owner & moderator of all three groups
  • Your den mother 🙂
  • Your website updater/fixer upper
  • The person who currently knows how to run the simple hoagie sales
  • Keeper of the club logo, bar logo, jpg files and every file we’ve ever needed over the past 7 years
  • Someone who somehow always know what is going on at all times
  • This is such a minor list and doesn’t even involve every EC member’s jobs!!!

Now, none of us – NONE – do this because we want you to thank us, or want you to love us or want anything but your participation and hard work. We’ve all done it because we were blessed/cursed with an ability to do these things effectively. But it takes time. A lot of time. And a LOT of work. More than most of you would realize, seriously.

In my case, personally? During Coopers & Brewfest season, which I’d say is January – March for Coopers and currently July/August – November for Brewfest. Most non-practice nights, I spend an increasing amount of time, 5pm-11pm on my laptop emailing, planning, creating docs, images, printable things for use at the events.  On practice nights, it’s about a half hour before practice and then 9:30 or so till after 11pm. It increases as the event draws near to the point that the entire time period is devoted to that event. It’s hard to concentrate at practice the later in the event season it gets. And I work on it on weekends.

Do I really love it? No. Yes. It depends on the day. But am I good at making those events happen for this club? You bet your ass I am! I am good at what I do for this club. And I take pride in it. I don’t want your thanks or anything but your hard work when you’re there. That is what I ask of everyone.

And if things get to the point where I do walk away from this club, would I be upset? No. I’d be completely heartbroken. Crushed. To walk away from an organization that I have given so much of my time & effort (and my family’s time & effort for that matter), an organization that I truly love? It would break me.

So now we’re at a point where you’ve lost one EC member, could lose another or more and myself. I asked you to comment: What do you, the club member think? What do you want to happen? Did you know what you had going for you with the board? Do you want to step up and take over something? What will you do to take over if these board members resign? Do you understand why some of us might resign? What questions do you have?

(For those of you totally confused by the title? Click here.)


31 08 2009

(If you missed my original “Pissed Off” post earlier today, sorry.)

The post that has me pissed off has been updated with a rather unclassy link to my actual post, in ALL CAPS at the end of the post.

However I just noticed that this individual hasn’t even copied my post in its entirety. It seems they’ve removed some things…

Over there on the right side of my site, there is a little blurb that is under the header “MINE.” This blog is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommerical-No Derivitave Works 3.0 Unported license.

What does this mean? It means you can share whatever I write here. BUT you have to attribute the work to me, you cannot use it for commercial purposes AND you cannot alter, transform or build upon this work. These things can be waived if you have my permission. Which means you contact me and ask.

This individual did not contact me. They didn’t post my comment requesting that they attribute my work. They did not write to apologize for their mistake. Instead they added a link to my site and to the site where they originally found the info, at the bottom of their post. (Side note: the site where this individual found the post does attribute the work to me and posted the entire thing.)

After I posted the “Three Rivers” stuff, it appeared on a number of forums for the actors and the show. I was a little freaked out, since this is my little corner of the world, but it didn’t seem too bad. But when I found the post last night, the fact that it wasn’t linked to me pissed me off. And now realizing they’ve changed it? I’m irate.

So my friends, seeing as how I’m not in the best mood today and may be blowing this out of proportion, here’s my question. Do I ask this individual to take their post down given all of this? I’m leaning towards yes.

What do you think? Clickity click below.

Fantasty Football – Team AnnoyedAngel

31 08 2009

Our draft took approximately 35 minutes. 14 teams. 35 minutes. Amazing.

Here is what I ended up with.

  • QB: Donovan McNabb

QB - mcnabb

  • WR – Larry Fitzgerald

WR - fitzgerald

  • WR – Bernard Barrian

wr - berrian

  • WR – Kevin Walter

wr - walter

  • RB – Thomas Jones

rb - jones

  • RB – Kevin Smith

rb - smith

  • TE – Tony Gonzales

TE - gonzales

  • K – Kris Brown

k - brown

  • Team Defense – Tennessee Titans

d titans

And my bench players:

  • QB – Chad Pennington – MIA
  • TE – Dustin Keller – NYJ
  • RB – Sammy Morris – NE
  • WR – Justin Gage – TEN
  • K – Rian Lindell – BUF
  • Team D – New England

Am I okay with my team? Yes, right now. I am going to ask for the my super duper brother-in-law NE to help me with the Pats choices. Please send good vibes to my players! He’s gotta love me forever for picking his team’s D right now, right? (Well, taking into account we agreed Little C could like either or both teams, I’m kind of happy my team ended up this way… ) And considering they live in the southern Florida area, I’m asking Lili & NE for their help with my random Dolphin choices….

I have no idea what I’ve done or what I’m doing going forward. CPG said something today about “waivers.” What? Wait. I have to pay attention to this each week? I can’t even update the rugby website each week regularly, and I KNOW I have to do that…. crap.