Phone fail.

30 04 2010

Once again, my lovely phone and AT&T has failed me.

Apparently I somehow “missed” three, no again, THREE phone calls from The GrandPa.

I saw that he called early on Thursday, but no voice mail notice popped up. So I figured he’d call back, right? Fast forward to today, late today, while babysitting Mr. Blue Eyes (he’s up on the Cast O’Characters. Whoo!) when my phone suddenly showed 3 – no THREE – voice mails. WHAT??? I saw no missed phone calls! Most are family. And I answer… But how did this happen?

While Mr. Blue Eyes was in his “I’m OMG so tired but I’m not going to bed and I’ll cry when you show me my bed” state, he just sat there and stared at me, so  I returned the call to Grand Pa.

So I left a detailed message, about what I was doing, what happened and what Mr. Blue Eyes and I were about to do (sleep for Mr. Blue Eyes.)

However, what The Nana and Grand Pa heard was basically “Hi, it’s me… I’m babysitting here with Mr. Blue Eyes and….” and then my phone or their voice mail died. I’m blaming my phone. NO chance it was their voice mail. My phone has been there. Done that. And now again.

What the heck AT&T? I love you. Been a customer through all of your issues and changes for YEARS. Years, I tell you. And I still dream of the day I might one day own an iPhone. But if you keep crapping out on me like this, I can’t continue. My parents are trying to help me right now and my not getting their calls OR voice mails are seriously starting to put the nail in your coffin.

Side note: Cast of Characters has been updated to reflect Mr. Blue Eyes AND NO. Thank you, and you’re welcome.  I think….



23 04 2010

Who on the planet does not enjoy blowing soap bubbles?

After the past month I’ve had with two lovely 3-4 year old ladies and soap bubbles, I plainly state that you cannot NOT enjoy blowing soap bubbles!!

My first experience was with the former  New Orleans resident’s kid (aka NO in the Cast Of Characers, NO is not on there yet, but I’ll get to that soon…) and OMG was it FUN. FUN. If I could make that last fun bigger and in bold, it may encompass what I felt..

My little lady friend and I blew bubbles for HOURS. HOURS I tell you!! And she wanted to smush every one. But once in a while, they caught the wind, and we watched them go up and up and up…

And then yesterday, me and my friend E, we tried to use a new bubble thing, but I did not have the appropriate four-point screwdriver (I opened my trunk and my screwdriver set to try!!) to make it happen.   But no dice…

But then, after dinner, I discovered a new brand of fun. More bubbles, courtesy of Target.

We played with that for hours. Hours, I tell you. It WAS FUN. So many bubbles!!!

I’ll be honest. I love soap bubbles. I love them. And I love when my small kiddos love them too, even when they throw the bubble potion all over me in an attempt to blow bubbles. Pretty sure my jeans, if wet, could generate some bubbles….

Who the heck does not love bubbles??

This is now on the list of things to take with me for the special weekend with Little C I have coming up. So excited. She will LOVE bubbles!

Side note: must research hotel to make sure there is a big enough green space for us to DO bubbles. I don’t want my little lady running into cars or other things… Lili, plz to send me hotel address? Thankyouverymuch!

Also, BUBBLES!!!

What I learned today.

20 04 2010

While reading a Boston Red Sox Fenway Park A-Z book, the book pointed out that #42 is a retired number throughout all baseball teams.

I had no idea. Nor did my little friend. (Though it seems he should know, per his mom!)

But #42 is retired all-around the league. For Jackie Robinson.

Good thing to know. For next time baby-sitting duty, or you know, when I appear on Jeopardy. (Yes, you are to laugh at that last one!)


9 03 2010

Recently, I checked my You Tube subscriptions to find that Lili had uploaded yet another Little C video. It was hysterical. She is so darn cute.

While watching the video the other day for the millionth time, I noticed something. Little C has teeths. I cofirmed this with Lili.

Little C has two tiny baby bottom teeths.

And Lili thinks our lovely little nature lover is kinda saying the word “bird.” (Birds are her favorite thing to look at when they take the doggy for a walk.)

Who the hell told Little C she was allowed to grow up into a toddler nearly overnight? It’s only been two and a half months since I saw her last! And I know I told her to stop growing up when I left.

So now, interwebz, we must figure out how to stop this. She must stop growing up.

I sent a cease & desist order to Lili. I’m pretty sure I used too many big words for Little C to understand. So that certainly isn’t going to work.

Next thing you know she’s going to say real words in real sentences and run around like the sprinter I think she will be. Great. Just great.

I guess I’ll just have to settle for making the new picture of Little C showing her teeth my new desktop background, and hope that if Little C does come to Pittsburgh over the summer, I can take her to the Aviary to look at birds together and Phipps to look at the pretty flowers. (OMG, she will LOVE the Aviary & Phipps.)

For my little dudes…

26 02 2010

I ventured to Facebook today and saw something that made me shake so badly I couldn’t use my phone or type for a few minutes. And it left me so befuddled. And heartbroken.

Two of my favorite little dudes on the planet (The Nugget and his little bro Q) lost their mom yesterday…

File this under things little people should never have to know about or deal with… EVER.  And things my good friends, specifically in this instance, PghRugbyRef, should never have to convey to their totally cool little dudes. EVER.

If you read this blog, and the comments, you would have seen a comment from PghRugbyRef on the Training… post… And honestly, I should have addressed this truth earlier:

PghRugbyRef: Didn’t The Nugget help you conquer some fear of breaking an infant?

And my response:

PghRugbyAngel: OMG. The Nugget is the ONLY reason holding an infant doesn’t scare the living daylights out of me. TRUTH.

The Nugget IS the ONLY reason holding a baby doesn’t freak me the heck out anymore. He and I spent awesome quality time watching TV while he was strapped to me in a little carrier thingy.  I totally fell in love with him that day…

Toddlers also do not terrify me anymore, because The Nugget and I spent countless hours playing with a big yellow ball (I wish I had pictures of it! It had a smiley face!) at Boyce Park while PghRugbyRef did his ref thing. That was so much fun!!! Really… My love for The Nugget continued…

The Nugget and I, and his daddy also spent a really cold but funny day up at my rugby tournament getting things ready. Pretty sure I spent more time chasing that kiddo around than I did doing actual work for my tournament, but I’d have it no other way.

The Nugget now has a little brother, Q… And their daddy, PghRugbyRef, is a super awesome dad, and when he says he’s bringing the boys somewhere, well, I show up too… They are both awesome little dudes, I love them both! And they can distract me from rugby & make me give away my Chick-Fil-A fries (to Q,) get me to kick a rugby ball (The Nugget) with bare feet. (Turns out it’s pretty painful. Who knew… ) and make me play and run around whenever I see them. I love these little dudes…

My heart is literally breaking for these little guys. And for PghRugbyRef.  I can’t imagine what my little trio of guys is going through…

I know PghRugbyRef. I know he’s handling telling my little buddies the right stuff, in the right way. And I know he’ll be there for them through thick & thin. He’s a super daddy. Really.

To PghRugbyRef:  I want you to know that I’m here, you know I love your boys and you, and feel free to call me out to babysit whenever, where ever, for whatever reason. Also, I’d be quite happy to hang with them (weather permitting – we don’t want them out there in a blizzard n’at) at Coopers if you still are able to come out – both for prep stuff and for ref stuff. (For ref stuff, w/ ok weather, they can hang w/ me in my big ol’ monster tent… It’s sad but true, I’m better w/ humans under 10 years old as opposed to those over 20…) Or if you have a sitter and want to grab a beer & lunch or dinner? I’m here for that too. Whatever you need. Pretty sure same goes for the BirthdayGirl…

We’re here for you and the little dudes, buster. We love you guys.

When you should listen.

2 02 2010

I try to not tell people what to do here. (Unless you are a stupid rugby player, bar patron, or stupid college rugby player.)

Because I don’t often (ok, ever) do what people tell ME to do…

Also, I am a moron. true story. (Purty sure Lili and everyone else I know who reads this will agree with me on that one…)

So when @BurghBaby told me to add things to my Etsy site – MONTHS AGO.She’ll tell you…  I didn’t listen. Totally didn’t listen, and then I did have other projects, such as Little C’s presents and such…

And then last Saturday I went to A’s birthday party. With a Sack O’ Lunch and chalkboard/placemat set in tow…

My girl, A, wasn’t immediately taken with my gift – if I were four and got High School Musical Dolls and Hungry Hungry Hippos and a doctor’s set (cannot find a link for it, but OMG it was great! way to go @tehamy!!!) for my birthday? I wouldn’t care either…

Today I learned that my little buddy apparently did have a great birthday party (so glad, since I tried to convince her to come out of hiding for her cake and presents. She didn’t hide from me, for once. I’m over the moon happy, yo. also, she sat on my lap to watch TV. I love my little friends…) and she has been LOVING all of her birthday gifts? So, so happy. For myself and others. I like to think we all love to make kids happy…

When @BurghBaby told me on Saturday to go home & immediately put my Sack O’ Lunch up for sale? I didn’t listen. And then the mommies at the party (I was the only singleton there… no biggie) remarked on how neat that thing looked. And someone said they couldn’t believe I made it… But I did.

I also learned that the Sack O’ Lunch is in play rotation… And I got another demand from @BurghBaby to update Etsy…

And I’m sorry, but I’m a lot of a perfectionist when it comes to my sewing things… I’m still a bit nervous over my sewing ability. According to my inspection at Christmas of the things I gave to Lili at her baby shower, everything looked ok, save for one Ring Toy of Death ring that only I thought needed help…Mom and Lili thought I saw things they didn’t…. I just don’t want My Little C, or any of my little friends munching on polyfiberfill.

But, through all my precautions for Mollie, the doll I gave to Little C for Christmas, Little C somehow managed to get some of her yarn hair into her mouth and crawl away with it…  Leaving Lili to wonder “How do you have Mollie’s hair in you mouth when Mollie is clear across the play floor?”

So tonight, I updated my Etsy. And I added what @BurghBaby told me to add. And I love @BurghBaby, because she tweeted the dang thing. And now Ive had nearly 120 views to that single item…

No sales yet, but my karma belief tells me that if I keep doing what I’m doing, eventually multiple folk will see what I’m doing, and that I do it RIGHT, and dang near perfect, and they’ll buy from me.

I promise to fix any sewing errors that come up in my products. At my cost. I’ll pay for you to return anything you can’t fix yourself, and I’ll fix it and send it back. I want my buyers to get GOOD, WELL MADE THINGS. ALWAYS.

The moral of this story is: 1) listen to @BurghBaby when she tells you to do something. and 2) don’t worry about being such a perfectionist. Your work will speak for you where you can’t.

That is all….


30 01 2010

A long time ago, before Little C was born, I told my Burgh Mom friends that by hanging out with their kids I was training to be an Aunt. A super awesome Aunt. I even told my mom & Lili…

So my training, not in order, no big deal:

  • I’ve talked rocks with @ClumberKim’s daughter, E, when she came to watch rugby… (and I have a play date scheduled for Sunday with E. We’re gonna have SO. MUCH. FUN.)
  • I’ve made my little man, Teaspoon, a quilt… A quilt with little Teaspoons with feet and faces. So cute! (reminder to myself: need to play with Teaspoon soon.) Based on recent pics from Spoon, Teaspoon is still adorable and as hilarious as his daddy. I wish all the best to Teaspoon’s mommy based on that last sentence…
  • I’ve babysat for @RedPenMama’s girls. And they were ANGELS. (until I left the house, apparently.)
  • I recently, today, had a fun convo with @ScottSweep’s daughter, J,  about what she gave A for her birthday…
  • My baby-boyfriend, TehJack, was at today’s birthday party. TehJack somehow remembered me (um, how do little people do that!!!????), even though our little relationship was only been through Yinz Team softball last summer (who doesn’t love a TGI Friday’s menu? You? You are no longer welcome here…) and one quick visit at Stuff-A-Bus this winter…but that smile I received when I showed up? Award winning. I thank Amy for letting me tag along and hang out with my baby-boyfriend. He’s so big now!! (In other news, I’m glad Shireman didn’t ruin his and Amy’s wall while hanging their new TV.) Also- Shireman, buy that little man a check-out stand of some sort. It will MAKE YOUR DAY.
  • And, as always, I luuurve to hang out with A, @BurghBaby’s little lady. We watched some Phineas & Ferb (no clue, really) on TV. And my girl A even planted herself on my lap. I’m so happy that she finally remembers me and doesn’t hide behind @BurghBaby anymore. Whew. She even planted herself on my lap at one point… And I had to threaten to open her presents for her – that got her moving. So. Much. Fun.
  • I also saw a few new and old friends (adults) and their adorable little people. Good lordy do Pgh peeps have cute kiddos… I am NOT LYING. They are ADORABLE. All of them.

And truth be told, at the time, when I said it was training, I was totally kidding… But what’s funny now? Is that it’s totally true. I thank all of you parents for letting me hang with your kids. They are fun, unique and OMG wonderful.

I’ve met some wonderful people, including the women I spoke to today. I thank you for your comments and especially the compliments on my sewing. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. THANK YOU. 🙂

These kids do, occasionally, make me miss My Little C like a crazy lady, but having these little ones around to talk to – and OMG are they honest and true and real? -, or try to talk to (that part even more hilarious, IMHO) makes it all worth it.

And BurghMoms and Dads, Super Auntie Big C thanks you soooo much for these experiences.

When Little C is 3 or 4, I’m going to be the coolest thing ever… No kidding. Lili, this was  your warning.