30 11 2010

Before I went to Florida, UncleCrappy tagged me in this iPod shuffle thing.

You put your iPod on shuffle and record 25 songs that come up.

I’ve been tagged on Facebook for this many times, but I figured I’d comply this time since I had time when I was traveling. So here you go.

Song – Artist – Album.

It started out okay, and then, just like me, went a little wonky.

  1. WYSIWYG – Clutch – Blast Tyrant
  2. Single Ladies – Beyonce – I am… Sasha Fierce
  3. Drifting Along – Jamiroquai – Traveling Without Moving
  4. Mudshovel – Staind – iTunes Originals
  5. Jesse’s Girl – Rick Springfield – Sounds of the Eighties
  6. All I’ve Got – The Hellacopters – By The Grace of God
  7. Where It’s Got You – Atomic Drops – The Atomic Drops
  8. You Know What – Craig David – Born To Do It
  9. Down – Static X – Where the Hell Are We And What Day Is It
  10. Cemeteries of London – Coldplay – Viva La Vida
  11. Beer in Mexico – Kenny Chesney – The Road and The Radio
  12. I Love This Bar – Toby Keith – Shock’n Y’all
  13. Don’t Act – Rhonda Vincent – All American Bluegrass Girl
  14. Spend A Lifetime – Jamiroquai – Traveling Without Moving
  15. No Sugar Tonight/Mother Nature – The Guess Who – The Best of The Guess Who
  16. Scarlet Fever – Kenny Rogers – 42 Ultimate Hits
  17. Living of Love – The Avett Brothers – Emotionalism
  18. It Had To Be You – Frank Sinatra – Greatest Hits
  19. Tiny Broken Heart – Alison Krauss & Union Station – Live Volume 1
  20. Don’t Think I Don’t – Darius Rucker – Learn To Live
  21. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz – We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.
  22. Roxanne – The Police – The Police
  23. Redneck Yacht Club – Craig Morgan – My Kind of Livin’
  24. Talkin’ 2 Myself (feat. Kobe) – Eminem – Recovery
  25. Endless Love (Glee cast version) – Glee – Glee The Music Vol. 2

So there you go. I guess that’s a good representation of me. All over the map.

I can’t lie. I’m super happy Clutch showed up in there. I blame Peaches.

I’m surprised two Jamiroquai songs appeared, I haven’t listened to them in years.

I’m not surprised so much country showed up.

I’m sad my iPod wouldn’t update when I tried to sync it, because I just downloaded more country and Mason Jennings new album also.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

Super Bowl

7 02 2010

Ok, so this is where I’m going to tell you something that will be bad. Prepare yo’ selves.

I don’t think I’ve watched an entire Super Bowl in a kagillion years. Every Steelers Super Bowl appearance as of late, I worked at My Living Room and left early so I could make it to work the next day.

I don’t remember the commercials from any year what-so-ever.

This year is different. I don’t have cable, so I am watching the game. And the ads.

And I don’t think it’s ever happened before, but my favorite song EVER made it into a Super Bowl ad… Boys & Girls, I give you Ravel’s Bolero and Coca-Cola. Two of my most fave things ever:

I swear God opened heaven and the sun shined (shone? I dunno) down on me while I watched that ad…

And then I returned to Twitter. And to two new Tweeps telling me about this:

I know I’m snowed in, and nearly killed someone with my shoulder earlier today, but that’s just in the past few days, so how in the name of all-things-under-the-sun, and my super love of Bolero did I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?! Blast!? Doing Bolero? My inner band-geek self’s dream? Who do I blame about this? Taking suggestions now on who to blame, BTW.

and these? My inner band dork is going to hurt someone….

Also, I’d like to point out that while @Chachisays was NOT behind this ad, I might have been the first to question his involvement. Everyone I know on Twitter suspects his anti-pants obsession is behind it.

As of this post, there have been no fewer than FOUR, yes 4, anti-pants ads on TV. I swear that the ad peeps are secretly watching @Chachisays and his tweets.

Something I have to see…

2 12 2009

Michael Buble is going on tour for his new album.To the ‘Burgh. And many other places.

And I really want to see this show. I have no idea what makes me want to see it more than any other show, but I HAVE TO SEE THIS ONE.

God help my sister, because he’s supposed to go somewhere near or in Ft. Lauderdale… No exact location yet… But if he’s going to be anywhere near here, and I can combine that with a trip to see and/or babysit My Little C? Well, welcome to Christmas for Aunt AA. That’s all I’ll ask to have for Christmas. Me seeing Michael Buble live and to drag Lili and the Nana to see him.

The last I heard, the Nana isn’t to keen on him. She gave me his last CD she bought. IMHO, she’s nuts. But I don’t think she gave him enough time.

And I have no clue what Lili thinks.

But I’ve got to see him. Especially after this new album. I love it. And I’m sure I can convince them. Yes. Indeed. Right?

If the Lili & the Nana plan fails, I’ve got to see him here, in Pittsburgh, with some friends at the Pete. But I only know of 2-3 people who might actually tolerate him. Who’s going to join me????

Old school.

10 11 2009

(This should have posted for 11/8. Apparently I didn’t correctly set the auto-publish since I wrote it the night before. Oops.)

So, I think we’ll all agree that I’m old, and that I might actually go a little more “old school” than the rest of you in terms of music. Before a game, I might listen to my guys from Shiver, but I also might pull some Ravel Bolero, or Eduoard Lalo. Or country. Or crazy Static X, Metallica, 80’s, dance, whatever…

I’m okay with it. Music IS My Muse. I wasn’t kidding when I started those posts. (They’ll return this month, starting with this one.)

I was given a copy of the new Michael Buble CD – Crazy Love.

And it’s what I listened to before the games on Saturday.

I give you Michael Buble’s “Just Haven’t Met You Yet” from his new CD “Crazy Love”

Hi, I’m a band dork that is a hard core rugby player. Do you have a problem with that?

Music is My Guest’s Muse

12 10 2009

Today’s guest is my good friend, the PghRugbyRef. This guy and I, we go way back. Well, like 7-8 years or so… I first met him when I joined the club and helped out at Coopers Lake. Shortly after that he became a dad. Some background story:

One day, in My Living Room, I offered to hold his son, The Nugget, in his carrier so that PghRugbyRef could eat and socialize.

It was terrifying. I think The Nugget was maybe 6 months old. First baby I’d held in years. But me & The Nugget? We became super friends. For the next year or so, I tried to help PghRugbyRef out when he had to ref, and I showed up to random matches to entertain The Nugget.

I somehow came to own this huge yellow inflated ball that had a big smiley face on two sides of it. It was the perfect small kid toy. The Nugget and I have spent countless hours at Boyce Park kicking, pushing and throwing that ball around.

I hadn’t seen My Nugget in a while until a year or two ago, and when PghRugbyRef pointed me out? I was immediately taken my the hand and asked to play trains. *love* *melt*

Since then, PghRugbyRef has become a father a second time, to the adorable Q. He’s a charmer, that one. I showed up recently to a rugby match with Chick-Fil-A leftovers… Q immediately spotted it, and PghRugbyRef told him to ask if he could have something. I offered him all of my fries. He was very thankful, and only took one waffle fry each time (granted once or twice they were way too big for his little mouth!)

Q and I aren’t as good of buddies as The Nugget and I are, but I haven’t been around, and I hope to fix that. Because these boys are sweethearts. Good mannered, adorable, kind. PghRugbyRef has done a great job raising these little men!!



I know you gave me a deadline of last Monday morning and I apologize for not meeting it.

Things as a single father can be hectic, I’m never caught up. I think I need to take a vacation day to get my house in order (but if I do, I probably just sit on the couch and play video games; I’d better take a vacation week).

When you first asked me to write something for you, I had planned on “A Week in the Life” story. I even started it on Saturday. It is in no way ready for publication.

I tried to appease you with Q’s “Spoonful of Mustard” but I understand the limitations. Don’t worry about uploading the movies, I will. This whole thing has made me create two new email addresses* to go along with the five I already have.

Ed Note: I wanted to post the “Spoonful of Mustard,” believe me. But I can’t figure out how to on WordPress w/o using YouTube! It’s seriously adorable!!

*I don’t have a YouTube account, so I made a new hotmail account for that purpose. When I tried to make the YouTube account, I saw it was tied in with Google, so I whipped up a new Gmail email address instead. I hope I can remember all these passwords (and no, they’re not all the same).

I got your reminder text tonight on the way home from The Nugget’s soccer practice; in fact, we were in the drive thru line. The rest of the way home I was thinking of what I could do on short notice (not your fault, mine entirely; I had plenty of time to create the post for you, but I’m a procrastinator).

I give to you Music is My Muse.

We get home, finished dinner and I started searching YouTube. I got so wrapped up, the boys were each an hour late getting to bed, and since I’m still writing, I’ll probably be three hours late myself.

The first song you get I stumbled upon again a couple of days ago, from a guy called The Parody Rapper ( It’s one of those “Literal Videos”, hilarious…

I could spend hours YouTubeing literal videos, well, not hours, at least a good half hour. {Never mind, I just got sucked in again, hours…}

Next, a band that I have been a huge fan of since my youth, They Might Be Giants ( Their music is upbeat (like me), happy (also like me) and sometimes a little silly (coincidence I like them?). If you remember the show Malcolm in the Middle, the theme song “Life is Unfair” is one of theirs, as well as the theme for Higgleytown Heros (you’ve got to have kids a certain age to remember that one, I don’t even know if it’s still on the air).

Over the past half decade, they have created some children’s albums, including Here Comes the ABCs, Here Come the 123s and most recently Here Comes Science. All of the sets come with interactive DVDs. Amazing stuff. What I give you next is The Nugget’s favorite, “E Eats Everything”.

The nature of the last song, and the fruit on the counter, got my next search underway. A song that brings back memories of The Hobo that lived on my couch after college. (He really did live on our couch at at least two different apartments; we gave him the closet to keep his stuff and I don’t remember him ever paying rent…) {I hear he has an apartment down the street from ~Your~ Living Room and now frequents the place.}

There are lots of songs that I could have played from Folk Hero Harry Chapin. Lots. This one is a favorite (see above) but also because it’s one where you get your money’s worth in a jukebox. From his Story of a Life album it runs a whopping eleven minutes. I also like to play “In-A-Godda-Da-Vida” (a seventeen minute number) when I feel cheap at the jukebox.

The next one I wanted to find wasn’t on YouTube, but I do have an MP3 of it. More happy upbeat music, this time from Bred’n Buddha

They claim to be “A delicious combination of down-and-dirty funk rhythms and bluesy guitar stylings, with enough in-the pocket grooves for anyone to get their boogie on.” I agree. I love jamming out to their album (yeah, it’s only one) on camping trips, around the fire, long drives, well, anytime. My favorite song (and The Nugget’s) is Sid’s Soliloquy. It’s there for your listening pleasure on their MySpace page and it’s seven minutes long (not to shabby for those juke box penny pinchers, although I have yet to find it on any jukebox {including the internet type}).

The next song I found will have to wait (I have saved them as “Favorites” and I have over a dozen of them for you). It’s only two hours past my bedtime [after final editing, it’s now three hours past], but I’m done, the alarm goes off at six a.m.

I hope that these make you (and your readers) happy {or at least kill a half hour of their time}.

I know how much work I had to do for The Organization to run the first few BrewFests and what you have done is amazing. The way that it has grown is all because of you. Thank You AA! Thank You and Good Night!


P.S.  Perhaps beer is my muse. I’ve had a few while I was writing this…

Tuesday, I was taking the boys to the grocery store and saw a sign at the beer distributor for Schlitz “The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous”; I had to grab a case. Not because I’m particularly fond of it, but because it reminds me of a poem I read in a book that my maternal grandparents had, a book called “Graffiti of the Big 10”. The authors of the book visited various schools of higher learning and recorded the words they found on the bathroom walls, things like “There’s no need to stand on the seat, OSU crabs can jump three feet”. There was one particular poem that I remember. One that I have edited to make as The Great Guinness Toast, but tonight I give to you the original version…

I think that I shall never hear,
A poem lovely as a beer.
That good old brew tastes best on tap,
With its golden base and snowy cap.
That lovely stuff I drink all day,
Until my memory melts away.
Poems are writ by fools I fear,
But only Schlitz can make a beer.

Good Night!


Everything I do…

10 03 2009

…lately is for my sister’s baby shower or the baby. And you know what, as much as I have a deadline for it, I really enjoy it. No, I’ve loved it. Personally crafting things for this baby and my sister… Re-discovering my sewing abilities. Testing myself at those abilities. I’m proud of most of the things I’ve made. I’ve also realized I’m done sewing for now (I hope) and it’s time to prepare to ship things to my sister. (Hi, Lili…. I’ll be shipping a package to myself, c/o you next week, and if you open it… I will take D & C from you. Not kidding. Well, maybe kidding. I don’t want to deal with your psycho dog crying over missing you, but still… I might take C… he is totally calm… kidding. But don’t you dare open it if it arrives before me. Cause you’ll ruin all my fun!)

I kinda wish I knew if it was going to be a boy or girl, because it’s hard to refer to this kid without doing the boy/girl and niece/nephew thingy. It’d be much easier if I knew. However… I think part of my recent overwhelming excitement about the baby has to do with the fact that we don’t know. And I’m entirely depressed that I’m not closer and can’t be there to see the baby the second it arrives. Or even an hour later. Or a day. We haven’t even figured out when I’m going to visit after the baby is born.

The only salvation I have there is that when I visit in a week or so, I’m getting a web cam. I know a lot of people who chat via webcam. I see no need to participate in that, really. Sorry. I also can’t see my sister having the time to take pics/video and post them. I only want one for the sole chance of my sister booting up her laptop and letting me see the baby as much as possible. Sleeping, even!!! Since I am so far away, I hope to start to develop a relationship with the baby/toddler via the interwebz. I’m really hoping that once it’s able to, it can say hi to me via the webcam. I’m also doing this so that my few and far between visits won’t result in the child freaking out because they have no idea who I am…For now, I hope that this method of contact will help the baby recognize me when I am able to visit…

I really have so much to do before next Wednesday. What does one wear to a baby shower? I’ve never been to one… It’s in Florida, so I’m going with Capris. Except all my capris are black, brown, denim & khaki… Hmmm… I some how think I should be more festive… I will be in Miami, after all. And heck, what clothes that I own actually fit me right now??? No idea!!!! I’m facing a big fail chance right now… the only positive going forward is that I can wear flip flops. I might have to wear jeans. I don’t know. I might have to take 20minutes on Friday before the shower to BUY something to wear!!

I also still have to pack up all those fun gifty things. At least I think I found a box at work today that will fit everything…

I’m totally stressing right now, but I’m not. Because something about my sister and this baby makes me feel totally at ease… I can’t wait till next Thursday night when I see my sister!!!!!

(I hope you remember this song, Lili… And NOT for the name of the song…)

Oh, St. Patrick’s Day…

8 03 2009

st-patricks-day-thumb1912992… how I hate you. Mostly based on my mother’s reaction to it. I just remember her saying that I was more Irish than the people who think the are “Irish” were. And for the most part, she’s 99% correct. See, my mother’s family is Irish. Not a family who arrived here oh, so long ago, and raised their family here like most “Irish” people on St. Patrick’s Day. But really Irish. As in my Nana and Granda were born there. As were my two uncles and my aunt. Shortly before my mother was born, the family picked up and moved to Glasgow, Scotland. So in reality, I am a first generation Scotch-Irish (more on the Irish) and French-Canadian (more on the Canadian) American.

And everyone who thinks they are Irish because some family member came here oh-so-many years ago, I am more Irish than you are. Believe me. How do I know? Because I despise the way people react to this one day a year.Saying you are Irish, does not mean you should or can drink as much as you weigh.

For the past 7 years, this coming Saturday will be the 8th straight, I have worked the daylight shift at My Living Room on St. Patrick’s Day Saturday. The day of the parade. We’re not busy for a while. But all of a sudden, the you-know-what hits the fan. It gets so bad that my shift, the 11am – ? shift, which usually ends around 6 or 7 pm, ends at oh, somewhere between 8 & 10pm. And we’re so busy that we can’t even reconcile a cash register drawer. We’re lucky to get out with our tips in hand and hope our drawer ends up straight.

I can’t tell you how many people come in and ask, “Are you Irish?” No, I’m not. Those green eyes and super-duper pale skin are just for FUN. And the sunburns in the summer? Also for fun. I may not be a redhead, but good lord, did I get all the Irish my mom had to pass along. My sister? Not so much.She got more of my dad when it comes to it. (However, I’m sure if the two of us were ever seen on St. Patrick’s Day by a bunch of drunkards, they’d think they stumbled into Irish heaven. Just sayin’)

Knowing my job, and how to make money at it when I need or have to… or on days like this, when it rolls in… I dress the part. So I’ll probably get a haircut Friday night, to tame my curls a bit. (And cause Florida does NOTHING for my hair. Ever.) And I’ll wear green. And if you can’t see those Irish Eyes at that point, well, you’re too drunk to wait on.

Good luck next Saturday y’all. I hope we all make it through in one piece. And of course, all of my friends are welcome to stop in and say hi. Just be sober enough to not make the nice Claire angry. Cause after this weekend, there’s no way I’m showing up at My Living Room NOT angry.

Again, Good Luck, y’all.

I only added that song for those of us who missed the show last week. And for “my” Danny, with whom I intend to share this blog with tonight. Yes, my rugby friends, I’m sharing it with him. After I saw his response to my email today about my blood issues, I think I gained a new-found respect for him supporting the bar. Love it. Thank you, Danny.