Fainting season.

21 06 2011

It’s not a real season, but it’s real to me.

We’re officially in, holy humidity and hot, I may faint at any moment season.

And my apartment is, um, a little warm. I’d give you a temp update, but my thermometer that The Nana and The GrandPa bought me years ago, exploded. Yes, it ‘sploded…. Must have been a hot day last summer that I didn’t check it.

To remind you of my hot issues, I give you these posts… Health Issues.* and Annoyed Angel + Heat = disaster.

My life is totally awesome, really. You’re jealous right now, aren’t you???

Thankfully, after working a bunch lately, especially in the HOT AS HECK kitchen, and spending today in the HOT basement putting away our food/dry good/frozen stuff order, I have been okay.

But I know the first episode of hearing/sight going is coming soon… I don’t know HOW I know, besides that it’s hot, but it’s going to happen. Really soon. I can just feel it…

I feel like I should buy a small cooler to carry around at all times, loaded with ice so I can put it on my wrists/neck…

Here’s hoping I don’t fall over one night at work… and if I do? Co-workers? Just throw a ton of ice on me. That’s all…. NO EMS. No Ambulance. I’ll be fine. Really.

* side note… the other health issue? Heartburn/lemonade? NOT AN ISSUE anymore it seems. As long as I don’t chug a gallon of lemonade, just gotta  knock it down a notch with ice and/or the frozen ice lemonade at the Dirty Bird store…  And I’m pretty sure that the heartburn has been gone for nearly 2 years because I don’t have the day job I had back then. Helps that you love your job. True story.

It also helps to have phone calls from your favorite baby lady… AKA Little C…  Just saying.

Love and Luck to My Angels…

7 11 2010

I found out this evening that more ruggers than I thought read this here blog. Hi. I’m shocked that this one person reads this here blog. So, Hi! Thank you.  You know who you are. Thank you.

And thank you to every other rugger who reads that I don’t know about… (You should probably tell me so I don’t tell your dirty secrets here. Just sayin.)

You all know I love rugby, and the PRFC. And I assume you know it kills me that I could not play this season. I’m not a great player, yet I like to think I contributed in the past. But it kills me that I can’t go to Nationals, even as a spectator….

With that in mind, I appreciate what my ruggers and my Twitter friends did for me last year. More than I can ever explain in words. You paved my way to Nationals. And I love all of you for that. So much.

So this year, I’m going to donate part of my tips from My Living Room to help someone in need. Or to offset the hotels. Whatever. Just to get my whole team to the field. I don’t care. I was incredibly blessed last year, and I need to pay it forward. (I hope someone does the same next year.)

I’m so nervous for my Angels… SO. NERVOUS. I know my team. I know they can do this. And I’ll be here, in the ‘Burgh, with one of my friend’s girlfriends hanging out. Freaking the heck out, waiting for scores and the outcome.

But, Angels, I have the nerves on lock-down. Don’t be nervous. I have all the nerves you want to have concentrated on ME!!! You CAN DO THIS. And YOU WILL DO THIS. For me, for My Living Room (who loves you, BTW) and every one else who loves you. Beat the pants off of Raleigh, or any other opponent.

Please, please bring me home a National Championship. Please.

And to help you, I have these same videos (I looked for new ones, but these ones still make me want to throw caution to the wind and play again!)


That’s apparently Steven Berkoff in that video. I had no idea. Thanks to the comments. Yay!

And, more! Make me happy, ladies!!!

Adidas Ad: ‘The Pitch’. Of This Earth.

And more!

Rugby on Your Mind

All Blacks Sky Promo 2008

O2 rugby ad

Amazing video of All Blacks captains through the years.

If you don’t know about or love the Haka, we’re not friends. Yeah.

Seriously, these videos are rugby AMAZING!!!

God help me, it’s nearly impossible to find women’s rugby videos for my level or higher on YouTube.  So we’ll settle for these collegiate level ones:

The Female Rugby Athlete – from USA Rugby’s Women’s Rugby Initiative Channel


Why Do I Play Rugby? – from Yale Women’s Rugby

Bring it home Angels. I know you can. I KNOW YOU CAN. AND WILL BRING IT HOME TO ME at My Living Room.

I’ll miss you all while you are gone. You have no idea. I love you.

From the one All Blacks video:

The road we’ve traveled,
Becomes the passion that drives us
To become who we were born to be.

Do THIS, Ladies. Bring me home a National Championship. Fight for me who is now happy. Take my old anger (you know who you are!) and adopt it. Make it your own. Please!  Make this happen!!

Love you and wish you the best of luck.

And I’ll be updating the PRFC site as needed.



9 09 2010

I’m not really a shoe person. I don’t like shoes. I like flip flops. And I hate socks.

But in Florida, I stumbled upon some killer shoes. On sale. And I have to share them. Especially since my favorite ones were approved by Shadow. For those of you not in the know, Shadow is a super duper shoe selector. I hope he approves of the other ones I now own…

These next ones are a little big, but they have a squared toe, which I prefer.

This next pair is kind of funny to me. I saw them, and tried on the one display shoe since they were Jessica Simpson, and they reminded me of shoes Calipanthergrl wears… I even sent CPG a pic of them on Twitter because I found it so funny. I never intended to get them until The Nana said they looked nice… So I now own these as well.

I’m seriously still laughing at myself for owning those shoes. So not me. Nor is the next pair. I also tried these ones on just for fun. But when I had them on and looked in the mirror, I fell in love. These shoes are SO not me!! Stiletto heel? Heels at all. Good grief. These pictures do not do them justice… And I CANNOT wait to wear them…

OMG. I love these shoes. LOVE. LOOK at that heel!! I’m going to break a leg wearing them. Seriously. The Nana is nervous about them. Can’t say I blame her, but all the shoes I now own were super comfy. Really.

To be true to myself, and help my cranky feet, I did also get a cute pair of dark brown Keds slip ons (which I did not take pictures of. oops.) and two new pair of Crocs. And you Crocs haters? They’re not the regular ones. They are:

Crocs Captiva

And the Prepair Slide.

My feets are happy. 🙂

More Fantasy Football.

8 09 2010

So, before I left for Florida, I completed my Twitter Ladies of Pittsburgh draft. You can see my post about my team here.

I’m also in the Plurk Junkies league again this year. I was in this league last year, my first attempt ever at Fantasy Football. Our draft was this past Sunday. I was in Florida and I didn’t really pay attention to my picks much, except that half the players I wanted, Uncle Crappy grabbed. Oh well.

Anyway, my Plurk Junkies team:

  • QB: Eli Manning, NYG
  • RB: Frank Gore, PHI
  • RB: Rashard Mendenhall, PIT
  • WR: DeSean Jackson, , PHI
  • WR: Percy Harvin, MIN
  • WR: Wes Welker, NE
  • TE: Kellen Winslow, TB
  • D/ST: New York Giants
  • K: Jeff Reed, PIT
  • BE: Marion Barber, RB, DAL
  • BE: Chad Henne, QB, MIA
  • BE: Heath Miller, TE, PIT
  • BE: Santonio Holmes, WR, NYJ
  • BE: Ricky Williams, RB, MIA
  • BE: Minnesota, D/ST

And, since I seem to enjoy this clueless football torture, I joined my friend Bobby’s Yahoo Pro Football Pick ‘Em League. I know less about this than picking players each week. Ah, new adventures.

My picks, in bold:

  • Minnesota vs New Orleans
  • Miami vs Buffalo
  • Detroit vs Chicago
  • Oakland vs. Tennessee
  • Cincinnati vs New England
  • Carolina vs New York Giants
  • Atlanta vs Pittsburgh
  • Cleveland vs Tampa Bay
  • Denver vs Jacksonville
  • Indianapolis vs Houston
  • Arizona vs St. Louis
  • Green Bay vs Philadelphia
  • San Francisco vs Seattle
  • Dallas vs Washington
  • Baltimore vs New York Jets
  • San Diego vs Kansas City

So yeah. This football season should be fun, er, stressful. Mostly fun. Who am I kidding.

Fantasy Football. Again

23 08 2010

Oh yeah, after last year’s major failure at FF, I’m not only participating in ONE team this year. I’m in at least TWO leagues.

And I have no idea what I’m doing.

League Twitter Ladies of Pittsburgh just completed the draft. On ESPN.com, which was new to me… And here’s my team:

  • QB: Philip Rivers, SD
  • RB: Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC
  • RB: Pierre Thomas, NO
  • RB/WR: Jahvid Best, DET
  • WR: Larry Fitzgerald, ARZ
  • WR: Percy Harvin, MIN
  • TE: Jermichael Finley, GB
  • D/ST: Eagles D/ST, PHI
  • K: Garrett Hartley, NO
  • BE: Steve Slaton, RB, HOU
  • BE: Kevin Kolb, QB, PHI
  • BE: Jeremy Shockey, TE, NO
  • BE: Montario Hardesty, RB, CLE
  • BE: Bernard Berrian, WR, MIN
  • BE: Matt Cassel, QB, KC
  • BE: Chargers, D/ST, SD

Yes, I just realized I have TWO QBs on my bench. Obviously I was too busy painting my toenails for Florida to realize this and grab myself a backup kicker.

This means I will be spending some quality time with NE, hopefully, while I visit, so he can tell me he terrible my draft went. And maybe he can help me find a kicker to try to pick up. Oy vey.

Two hours.

6 08 2010

So just two hours until my BIG birthday. Barf.

I’m not entirely excited about this, but I AM excited about seeing my friends tomorrow night. Very.

I spent this afternoon with my friend, Law School. We were going to go to the pool, but it started raining, so we hit up Starbucks and then saw Despicable Me.

In 3D, no less. It was cute. A nice way to spend the day with a good friend.  Also, I want a minion of my own. Someone make that happen, ok?

After movie time, I went over to Calipanthergrl’s house for a little while and gave me an early birthday present. A bottle of Early Times Mint Julep that she and Fashion Forward picked up for me on their last trip to Louisville. I told you CPG was pretty cool. 🙂

I also got a birthday card from my parents today. Yays. I’d have preferred a hug from The Nana in person, but I’ll settle for the card.

I’m going to go have a Mint Julep now and update the schedule on the rugby website… What? Isn’t that what everyone does the night before their birthday? No? Well, my life is just THAT exciting. Also, barf.

Health Issues.

22 07 2010

I truly do not have many health issues. Just two. One that is recurring all year long and one that sneaks up on me in the summer, especially this summer.

First of all, I have heartburn. And a very cranky stomach. Sometimes there’s no way to tell it’s coming. I go to bed, and 5 minutes later my chest is on fire. Often leading to me getting sick. Yes, physically sick. Other times, I know what to avoid- basically half of the foods I like.

I was on medication for heartburn for a quite a while. But I refused to do that for the rest of my life. So I watch what I eat. Or at least I try to.

But right now I’m down & out because I couldn’t stay away from lemonade. I had the perfect plan. Huge glass, FILLED with ice, then filled 2/3 of the way with spring water. And then topped with lemonade. And my stupid stomach said, “No way, Jose. We’re battling you on this one!” And I’m losing the battle.

The second issue doesn’t have a diagnosis. It’s just that if I somehow get too hot, I’ll faint. Sometimes it happens in the sun, other times it happens (no idea how) even if I’m in air conditioning. Unless I cool myself down (ice on the back of the neck &/or inside of the wrists), I will start losing my hearing, then my sight, and if I haven’t done anything about it by then? I fall over. Down. And. Out.

I’ve gone to the doctor for this many times. Some summers are worse than others. I don’t know why this one is especially bad – I’ve been hydrating more this summer than I ever have in my entire life. Every doctor I’ve seen has told me that I seem to have a blood pressure that is on the low end of normal. So that when I get too hot, it drops below normal and thus the issues.

Personally, I don’t believe this and feel there MUST be a real medical explanation. But we haven’t found it yet.

So instead, I have to leave the post office while waiting in line, I nearly faint at my friend’s house, in A/C. Or I run for shade after rugby games & practices in the late spring, all summer and early fall for fear I’ll drop over on my teammates…

I’m so sick of both of these issues. Especially this summer. Barf.