Fainting season.

21 06 2011

It’s not a real season, but it’s real to me.

We’re officially in, holy humidity and hot, I may faint at any moment season.

And my apartment is, um, a little warm. I’d give you a temp update, but my thermometer that The Nana and The GrandPa bought me years ago, exploded. Yes, it ‘sploded…. Must have been a hot day last summer that I didn’t check it.

To remind you of my hot issues, I give you these posts… Health Issues.* and Annoyed Angel + Heat = disaster.

My life is totally awesome, really. You’re jealous right now, aren’t you???

Thankfully, after working a bunch lately, especially in the HOT AS HECK kitchen, and spending today in the HOT basement putting away our food/dry good/frozen stuff order, I have been okay.

But I know the first episode of hearing/sight going is coming soon… I don’t know HOW I know, besides that it’s hot, but it’s going to happen. Really soon. I can just feel it…

I feel like I should buy a small cooler to carry around at all times, loaded with ice so I can put it on my wrists/neck…

Here’s hoping I don’t fall over one night at work… and if I do? Co-workers? Just throw a ton of ice on me. That’s all…. NO EMS. No Ambulance. I’ll be fine. Really.

* side note… the other health issue? Heartburn/lemonade? NOT AN ISSUE anymore it seems. As long as I don’t chug a gallon of lemonade, just gotta  knock it down a notch with ice and/or the frozen ice lemonade at the Dirty Bird store…  And I’m pretty sure that the heartburn has been gone for nearly 2 years because I don’t have the day job I had back then. Helps that you love your job. True story.

It also helps to have phone calls from your favorite baby lady… AKA Little C…  Just saying.

Health Issues.

22 07 2010

I truly do not have many health issues. Just two. One that is recurring all year long and one that sneaks up on me in the summer, especially this summer.

First of all, I have heartburn. And a very cranky stomach. Sometimes there’s no way to tell it’s coming. I go to bed, and 5 minutes later my chest is on fire. Often leading to me getting sick. Yes, physically sick. Other times, I know what to avoid- basically half of the foods I like.

I was on medication for heartburn for a quite a while. But I refused to do that for the rest of my life. So I watch what I eat. Or at least I try to.

But right now I’m down & out because I couldn’t stay away from lemonade. I had the perfect plan. Huge glass, FILLED with ice, then filled 2/3 of the way with spring water. And then topped with lemonade. And my stupid stomach said, “No way, Jose. We’re battling you on this one!” And I’m losing the battle.

The second issue doesn’t have a diagnosis. It’s just that if I somehow get too hot, I’ll faint. Sometimes it happens in the sun, other times it happens (no idea how) even if I’m in air conditioning. Unless I cool myself down (ice on the back of the neck &/or inside of the wrists), I will start losing my hearing, then my sight, and if I haven’t done anything about it by then? I fall over. Down. And. Out.

I’ve gone to the doctor for this many times. Some summers are worse than others. I don’t know why this one is especially bad – I’ve been hydrating more this summer than I ever have in my entire life. Every doctor I’ve seen has told me that I seem to have a blood pressure that is on the low end of normal. So that when I get too hot, it drops below normal and thus the issues.

Personally, I don’t believe this and feel there MUST be a real medical explanation. But we haven’t found it yet.

So instead, I have to leave the post office while waiting in line, I nearly faint at my friend’s house, in A/C. Or I run for shade after rugby games & practices in the late spring, all summer and early fall for fear I’ll drop over on my teammates…

I’m so sick of both of these issues. Especially this summer. Barf.


21 08 2009

I’m sitting here trying to wrap my head around the results of my doctor appointment yesterday. The doctor came in, looked at the MRI on the light board and asked if I wanted the good or bad news first. I said either. His reply was that it didn’t matter because they were the same. He doesn’t see anything wrong with my knee.

Allow me to repeat that: HE DOESN’T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH MY KNEE!!!! WTH?

My ACL, PCL, MCL, meniscus? All intact and looking fine. The doctor is totally confused because I have all the pain symptoms of a meniscus tear. He was SURE the MRI was going to come back showing a tear.

So now what? A few weeks of PT in the hopes that whatever the PT makes me do will help us understand what’s wrong & why I’m having consistent pain – for 4+ months now. Thankyouverymuch.

I’m cleared to play rugby as long as I can stand the pain, so I guess starting tomorrow I’m loading up on the Advil, hitting the pitch and perhaps destroy my knee to the point where we figure out what is wrong. Sounds fun, right?

This is so annoying.


22 days till I get to see Little C and my family again! Yay!

Please. Send. Painkillers.

10 07 2009
    • I just saw a second guy in two days wearing a Hawaiian shirt at work. Not college interns or whatever. Regular old adult men. Ha! I have nothing against Hawaiian shirts, I own one myself. But these are the LOUD, obnoxious ones that are really better suited for parties and not work.
    • A new company-wide rule says I can’t wear flip flops. I don’t own any summer shoes besides running shoes that are NOT flip flops. Yet these men wear Hawaiian shirts to work. Huh?
    • My knee has decided that our relationship is over. No longer do I have occasional pain on the inside of my knee. As of last night, I have full-on pain throughout my entire knee that mostly feels like someone has a knitting needle in there and is just moving it around for fun. And that’s when I’m sitting. Walking? Yeah, not a good idea. If my knee doesn’t give out of it’s on accord, the pain makes is really difficult to walk.  It even hurts when I drive my car and move my foot from the gas to the brake. WTH???
    • I actually considered wearing a SKIRT to work today so that I could wear my gross knee brace in the hopes of alleviating some of the pain. Then I realized how gross the knee brace was. And that I haven’t worn a skirt to work since my last knee injury in 1995.
    • My weekend has gone from crazy busy to almost empty in the last 5 minutes. No Yinz Team softball tonight. *tear*
    • A party I was to attend this weekend is now postponed due to some bad weather we’re supposed to get. We’re getting bad weather? Really? Worse than that ridiculous storm I spent an evening wading through in Monroeville? I swear I watch the news, but I had zero idea it was supposed to rain tomorrow.
    • This free time does allow me some time to figure out what the heck I’m wearing to a wedding celebration in two weeks where many of the men, perhaps my date included, will be wearing kilts.
    • Anyone else shocked that the men I know who are going to this wedding did not ask me to sew them a kilt? Yeah. Me too!
    • Instead, I’m considering sewing myself a dress. A very simple, very plain, very cheap dress. But a new dress regardless. If this surprises you, we need to talk.
    • And by now, you smart folk out there that I talk to on a daily basis or in my Twitterverse are thinking:


    • And being the nice girl that I am, I have answers for you:

    Yes, I am a moron. If you don’t know that yet, we have problems. And besides it’s super fun to hop around the office on your good leg. (1)

    Appointment made. July 30th. (2)

    • Now will someone please send painkillers before I start crying and make you all feel uncomfortable?


    2 07 2009

    Ok fine. I know I said that I wasn’t going to see anyone about my knee until after the 4th, and technically that’s still true since there’s no way I’d get an appointment today or tomorrow…

    But I’m calling the ortho today. I’ve had it. My knee is seriously in pain this morning and all I really hoped to do today was go to practice. But it hurts when I wear the brace and it hurts when I don’t… and I just don’t know what to do about it anymore.

    I can’t afford to go to the doctor or PT, so this should really be fun. Maybe I’ll get doctor’s & PT visits for my birthday instead of a new sewing machine.


    20 04 2009

    What does 80 minutes of rugby + hanging out at My Living Room + a Sunday baseball game equal? Me feeling like I was hit by a truck & in a complete state of exhaustion. Wow.

    I played a full 80 minutes on Saturday. Which I usually try to avoid. Like the plague. BUT this time I played 2nd row. 2nd row!! My “dream” positon! I guess I did okay, I’m not sure. I scored a try and made it through the game, so I will count this as a success.

    As we were leaving the field, I got a surprise visit from UncleCrappy & MrsCrappy, who were just returning from a trip to Athens, Ohio. I’m so very jealous… But they stopped by to drop off a gift they picked up for me. A gift that is so totally cool I can’t even explain it. You’ll see what it is in a bit, when Uncle Crappy makes a 2nd appearance in the weekend’s festivities…

    I spent the rest of the evening at My Living Room with my teammates. I should have spent the evening in bed sleeping, but whatever. I ended up picking up a sewing job – making curtains for a friend. Sweet!

    UncleCrappy came down to visit and hang out with FF and I… Always a fun time. But this time he managed to somehow get me to do something I’ve never done and swore I would never do. An Irish Car Bomb.


    And we have a photo to commemorate the occasion… That’s me choking down said car bomb. It wasn’t awful. Just not something I’ve ever done. And I’m pretty sure I was still feeling the effects of it during the day Sunday. Do you see that shirt I’m wearing??? THAT is what the Crappys brought back from Athens for me. I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for that shirt and how awesome it is.

    I managed to somehow drag my butt out of bed and get down to the baseball game on Sunday. I didn’t watch much of the game, but I did get to witness some ridiculous drama. Rough. And that’s all we’ll say about that.

    Thanks to my mom and the wonderful Calipanthergrl, I’ve met and EXCEEDED my goal for the March of Dimes. I know, $50 wasn’t much to hope for, but I appreciate their generosity. If you’re feeling generous, click on the image below and donate a few more bucks to the cause! Or join me!

    Doctor’s Orders

    3 02 2009

    I am physical proof that when you do not do the following: 1) rehab exercises at home and 2) schedule follow-up visits like a doctor or physical therapist tells you to, you will more than likely suffer extreme pain and lasting results of whatever injury took you to the doctor in the first place.

    As I have mentioned before, I have some trouble with my lower back. That issue is hereditary for the most part. However, I also have upper back issues, as a result of my not following doctor’s orders. And ohmigod do I hate myself for not listening now…

    In the summer of 1996, I was working as a temp at an office in Ingomar. One day at lunchtime, I found myself in a car accident. I can’t remember where I was going, but I was on Rt. 19 heading South and trying to turn left onto Reichold Road. Back then, only traffic coming North on Rt. 19 had the left turn light to turn onto Richard Road.

    So let’s imagine this. In my nifty picture below, I am the car framed in yellow… and I’m headed in the direction of the red arrow.intersection3Back when there was no delayed turn signal to turn on to Reichold, you kind of had to pick your battles. The day of my accident, there was a mini-van in the oncoming turn lane and about 10 vehicles behind it. I could see around the van enough that I saw a break in traffic. I went to turn, and while I was, someone behind the van swerved out and hit my passenger side.

    So, there I am (blue object) mid-turn, get hit on my passenger side (star) by the oncoming car (pink) and I re-focus and I’m headed directly into the front of the car coming UP Reichold(green)!!


    I immediately tried to correct my destination and pulled hard on my steering wheel towards the right lane. As a result I pulled everything in the left side of my back, waist up. I went to my chiropractor at the time, but I was just way too smart for that. I went a few times, but then it was time to go back to school, and I just never continued getting it fixed up.

    As a result, I guess I might have arthritis running around in my left shoulder… It hurts randomly, especially when it’s going to rain. Or if I sleep wrong… Oh man, is that freaking effing painful… I have tried ice, heat, all kinds of things… nothing helps. 😦

    Anytime my current chiro tries to adjust my upper back it doesn’t give an inch. Anytime one of my nice rugby guys tries to give my shoulders a rub after a game, all they feel is solid tension, a huge knot and it never gives way… Ever.

    I’ve been having serious upper back pain lately. I guess it’s because of the sewing on a stool rather than a chair. And the way I sleep. But it got bad last weekend and I finally asked the chiro to try to do something. He did moist heat stimulation on the area between my shoulder blades. Proof that the damn left shoulder is done? My right shoulder area immediately responded to the stim. It took about 6-8 minutes to even feel muscle movement in my left.  But when it did move, it felt wonderful, honestly.

    I then moved to another machine and another exercise to loosen my back. Normally, my back takes oh, 3 seconds to adjust…. but this time, my chiro took about 10minutes on my back. And he got maybe two tiny adjustments compared to the normal huge adjustment.

    I know some people might talk crap on chiropractors, but if you recall that lower back pain I had? It’s GONE. Totally. And the guy that is my chiro? He was my rugby coach a while back. Got me in the best shape of my life. That guy says do this exercise, I freaking DO IT…

    I just wish I had listened 12 1/2 years ago so that I didn’t have this incredible pain I live with almost every day. So please, do whatever that doctor tells you. And if it doesn’t work for you at some point, tell that doctor. He’ll find something else that will work. Because honestly, you don’t want the pain I’ve been living with for 12 years. Seriously.