Midterms & clinical.

13 10 2011

Midterms are over. Whew… Side note: How am I halfway through this semester already? Didn’t I just start last week?

I got a C on my A&P lab practical midterm. Not as well as I thought I’d do, especially since I studied for it way more than Radiology.

Also, I forgot about a quiz that happened after the midterm. Oops. Got a D.

I’m not happy with this, and that just means more studying in my future. And maybe changing how I study for A&P. And maybe I’ll ask my sister for more help, since she is the A&P master in my life… We’ll see. (Side note: I should have asked Lili for help on the muscles and nerves. I asked for help on the skull, and missed nothing on those questions. I missed mostly muscle/nerve stuff. Should have asked…)

Pretty sure I have a B overall in the class so far though.

As for Radiology, I got a 91%, which you’d think would be an A, but it’s not. It’s a B. And I’m happy with that. I missed only 9 questions, and to be honest, I thought I missed ten!

I have a B for sure in that class.

I have been doing pretty great on the lecture quizzes. Mostly B’s, even an A in there! Two C’s and finally a B on the last lab positioning quiz! (Total shocker. I though I bombed the quiz.)

So I’ll carry on as normal with Rad. Maybe study a bit more to up my grade.  I know what to do in the labs. How to position the patient, etc. But the quizzes confuse me, but I did 10% better on the last quiz, which I thought I did awful on! Overall, I’m very happy with how I’m doing in the class.

Onto clinical observation.

I love it. I totally picked the right medical field to enter. I knew this each time I called my family and felt myself smiling when I tell them about my day. And tonight when my friends at work asked me about school, and I found myself smiling and telling them how much I love clinical… Yep, love it.

The people at my clinical site are nice, funny, and kind. All of them that I’ve met. I’m trying to combat my inability to remember names, and have been quite successful so far!

I cannot, and will not share much about clinical. Now or later. Right now, I basically follow a 2nd year or a radiology tech around and watch what they do. You see a LOT of stuff, and I still love it. I’m pretty sure I’d rather work in a hospital environment when I’m employed rather than a private office. I enjoy the randomness of it.

And I love it. I really do. I’m so happy I made this choice. Even if it’s hard work to be studying 24/7 (or so it seems) and have no social life in any way.

Best choice ever. And the best part ever? My parents are proud of me. As is Lili. And NE.

Some day, I will have to explain this to Little C. Right now? I observe at a doctor’s office and will help to take pictures of people’s insides. Uh. Yeah. Lili and I have to talk about this, since Little C will eventually have to talk about this.

All in all, I’m seriously happy I made this choice. I’m loving every minute of it. (Well, except for the fact I crash on school nights by 10pm at the latest, and wake at 6am 3 days/week… But I’m getting used to it!)

Funny thing is, I’ll probably work nights when I get a job as a Rad Tech. Some people hate that. And have said so. Me? I’m like OMG PLEASE TO GIVE ME THAT JOB!

We’ll see.

Loving it so much and so hard right now. Best choice ever. I’m ridiculously happy even though all I do is study and work. Super happy.

Motivation, and thanks.

5 10 2011

Most of my motivation to go back to school has to do with myself and my family.

I want a job that I will love*, that I will be proud to do, and I want my family to be proud of me.

So I started school again, and we’re just about half-way through the semester. (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I FEEL LIKE I JUST STARTED YESTERDAY!)

The support of my family has been awesome. (Thank you, so much.)

Some other friends who have had A&P in the past have been awesome, willing to help and offering to help me in any way they can! (Thanks, all of you!)

And my sister, a former A&P HS teacher, has been invaluable with her tips & tricks & ideas to help me. (Love you for that, Lili!)

But I now have more motivation.

When I show up for work, usually someone I work with, or a regular, will ask me how school is going. My reply is usually, “It’s very tough, but I’m working really hard!” Their questioning how it’s going? Means the world to me. Really.

And when something kind of important (to me) happens, I usually post it to my personal Facebook or Twitter account… And sometimes I get a “like” or comment here or there, but lately I’ve been getting more “likes” and comments. Even comments from my mom. Even “likes” from NE (who is SUPER BUSY at his job right now, so that counts x10).

And I have to tell you, these questions, comments and “likes” from my friends – and Family – really are motivating me so much more than when I started.

I want to be able to tell them I did well…  My parents, Lili and NE, and my friends.

So, thank you, friends, co-workers and family. For making me want this so much more than I did 5 weeks ago. Your support and encouragement mean more to me than I could ever tell you.

*side note: I started my clinical observation (40 hrs of observation this semester) today and I TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I spent 90% of the day in the ER x-ray room, with a 2nd year student and a tech. I cannot wait till I can do what the 2nd year students do! (Thank you to the tech, and the 2nd yr student I was with. I learned a TON! Thanks, guys!) I appreciate it!

I’m still trying to figure out how to explain what I’m going to school for to Little C, when she saw her Papa and Grandpa Bob in the hospital, Lili said they were at the doctor’s. Hopefully she’ll be older when I have to explain this… As long as I say “I love you” and she blows me kisses via phone, I’m good with it. (I totally caught those kisses on my face, btw.)

Thankfully, when G-man is old enough for me to explain my job, it will probably be easier! (Here’s to hoping that neither of them have x-rays between now & then.)

School stuff.

22 08 2011

Holy cats. I start school tomorrow. TOMORROW! At 8am!

I have to wake up at 6am to get there in time. OMG. 6am does not exist in my life right now.

But it does tomorrow. Surprise to ME!

My classes are as follows:

Tuesday: Anatomy, 8 – 9:15am and Lab 9:30am – noon. Radiology 3:40 – 5:20pm.

Thursday: Anatomy, 8 – 9:15am and Radiology 2 – 3:35pm.

I’m going uber early on Tuesday because I have NO IDEA where the classrooms are. I also want to stop at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a Wake Up wrap. (The wraps are very yummy!)

But, nice studying built in time in there… On purpose. So that I can STUDY! And continue to work at My Living Room and make some money.

But OMG I start school tomorrow.

My scrubs are washed and hanging waiting for me to step into them tomorrow morning.Same for shoes, socks and the under wearings, n’at.

And since I have to be at work after school, my work clothing is waiting for me as well.

I spent nearly $50 on paper, a few binders, folders, pens and a two highlighters yesterday. FIFTY dollars! For binders and paper! And pens! So much money for a few things. dumb.

Good grief, I can’t wait to get started. But OMG I’m scared. So nervous.

But I I KNOW I CAN DO IT. I know I will pass these classes. I know I will.

Please send me any anti-ADD vibes you have, because I can’t deal with that right now… I need to focus. FOCUS, you guys. For a huge ADD girl!

I’m ready for this. I really am. I need something new…

I’m kind of excited to sit in a library and study again. I loved it last year when I took my biology class. So here’s hoping that carries over to two classes this fall.

Good luck to me.

Why am I doing this school thing?

I’m doing this for me. To have a better life.

To make my family proud. My parents, specifically. And also my Lili, Little C, NE and G-man, Semester by semester.

To see Little C and G-Man every time I want to see them.

And, I want a a house. In Pittsburgh. (at least until Lili and NE move elsewhere)

A house where I can modify or hang anything I want. To plant things outside. To use a lawnmower again. Yes, I want to do that!

A house that has at least two guest rooms. Specifically designated to Little C and G-Man.  And one or two couches that pull out to beds. Or room for an inflatable matress for me when they visit. Room for Lili, NE, The Nana and Papa.

I figure I can make this happen. In two years. School. Here we go. I’m ready. I’m taking it head on. Bring it.


13 07 2010

Hi there. I am alive. I can’t even remember the last time I posted on here. Geez.

My absence has been because I blew through my 5GB of wireless for the current month in approximately 3 days or something and haven’t had regular internet access at my apartment.

So what’s new:

  • I’m currently scoping out new wireless internet service for my netbook. One without a 5GB limit. So far the winner is Cricket, with unlimited data and it’s $20 cheaper than AT&T.
  • I am still looking for a job.
  • I played 7s last weekend and had a great time doing so. And I apparently played pretty darn well also.
  • I had a wonderful drive home from Cleveland with Calipanthergrl & Pseudo-Twin.
  • I got a B in my biology class.
  • I found out today that I didn’t get into the radiology program for this coming fall. I’m accepted for Fall 2011. So that’s good. But it sucks.
  • I have to attend a meeting for the Fall 2011 program in September. I have to bring copies of my college transcripts to the meeting. I’ve already given CCAC two copies of said transcripts!
  • I also already sat through an advising session where they gave me credit for some of my prior classes…. Yet it looks like that is exactly what we’ll be doing at this meeting.
  • I attended the annual Fourth of July party at the BEV Lounge again this year. The fireworks, as usual, were amazing…  However, the most awesome part was this:


28 06 2010

Not so patiently, I may add, to find out my grade in my Bio class. It should be up sometime this week. I think. I have no idea, to be honest.

In between my impatient waiting game, I have to do laundry, head to the library to return some books & get more, hopefully get to rugby practice, make appointments with some temp services, and run some other errands…

By the way, temp services seem to be run much differently than they were when I was originally using them 10 or so years ago. Nearly all of them have online applications, rather than visiting an office with your resume and taking a test of some sort.  I like the old way, I think.

At any rate, I need a job. Now.

Last day.

23 06 2010

Tomorrow is my last day of Biology class, and the final. The test is on the male & female reproductive systems, hormones involved and genetics. I’m totally great with the genetics part. I get it.

The reproductive part? Not so much. My brain just refuses to remember the hormones and what parts do what.

I’m still studying & made myself a “practice” test. So hopefully I’ll do well.

I finally emailed the Allied Health director and the director of the Radiology program at CCAC asking what was up with my application. Thankfully, the director of the Radiology program emailed me back almost immediately and said that my application is on file, and they will be reviewing all applications turned in after May 1st at the beginning of July.

Ok, well, it’d be great if someone had told me that over a month ago.  Or it had said it in the application guideline booklet. So I guess I find out early to mid-July.

*fingers crossed*

Now & tomorrow.

21 06 2010

Right now, I need more snuggles from Little C. More. And her kisses. An infinite number of them. Free, asked for and those given away when she deems you should have them (the first and especially the last are the best ones, to be honest.) I kid you not, they make you feel amazing.

Thankfully, Little C’s fever has gone down.  But she has a rash or something now. I hope she’s okay and can enjoy the rest of her vacation up north.

I’m still totally bummed about leaving Little C. Really. I thought the bazillion videos I took would alleviate my sadness, but not yet. 😦

Tomorrow starts the last week of my bio class. Our final is on Thursday. Eek!!

Also, I find out tomorrow if I can pick up my new car… Let’s hope that I can pick it up and then give you all pics and the whole story about the fun process.

*fingers crossed*

Exam #2

16 06 2010

Tomorrow is my 2nd exam. On the cell, its parts, cell membrane transport methods and mitosis & meiosis.

My grade has fallen a bit, and I attribute that to two things: 1) the material is getting harder and the professor is moving through it at light speed; and 2) the first quiz on this was the day of my car accident. Although the professor let me take the quiz even though I was late, my brain just wasn’t there. Nor was it during that class. Or last weekend whenever I tried to study.

And this week, dealing with the insurance company and the dealership has taken away from some study time.

But going over things tonight, I feel better about what I missed on the quiz – I took notes on the items I missed during the review after the quiz.

I’m still studying though.

Tomorrow I have to pack and clean up my place before leaving on Friday for Little C and Me weekend. So! Much to do!

Guess where I am…

9 06 2010

Yep, you guessed it. I’m at the Squirrel Hill library. It seems I’m always either here or at class lately. I’m even the mayor of this library location on Foursquare I’m here so much.

A quick update on my class… We took a quiz on Tuesday on the cell membrane and the methods of transport across said membrane. I got 87% on it… Not terrible, but I didn’t do as well as I could – I literally went blank when I got the quiz! With that quiz, I now have a 94.8% in the class.

There are just 6 more class days left – tomorrow, next week and Monday & Tuesday of the following week. Yikes!

Tomorrow we have a quiz on protein synthesis and DNA replication, which I think I understand pretty well.

Next Tuesday is a quiz on the parts of the cell, and next Thursday is the section exam which will cover the cell membrane, transport, parts of the cell  & cell reproduction, but NOT protein synthesis or DNA reproduction, which is totally confusing.

Ok, time to study.

Still fried.

8 06 2010

My brain is still fried apparently.

I couldn’t remember any of the answers to the extra credit questions on our quiz today. Answers that were from the very same topics that the exam covered. Seriously. I drew a complete blank.


Our next quiz is postponed until Thursday. Which is great because I still don’t understand Protein Synthesis enough, and we didn’t even cover DNA Replication today. Tomorrow should be fun. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

To top it all off, I’m going to rugby practice tonight. Two reasons: one is that the Angry Scottish Man is in town and will be there (he’s flying out tomorrow, so it’s either go or miss seeing a friend I haven’t seen in many months) and the second reason is that I’m actually playing 7s next weekend and I haven’t played rugby since April. Chances of my being able to walk a week from now are pretty slim.