National Champions.

13 11 2012

Six years after our first trip to Nationals (where we came in 3rd) and many other trips (where we came in 2nd, year after year) My Angels finally won the National Championship today.

The Pittsburgh Angels are the Women’s DII National Champions!

The final match was played at 11am on Sunday in Ft. Myers, Florida. (the one time it’s close to my family…. I know!)

I opened My Living Room an hour early so that anyone who wanted to, could come watch. And come watch, they did. The bar was packed with some of the guys team, and former Angels.

Our lovely tech wizards, like PghRugbyRef, Calipanthergrl, UVA and FashionForward hooked up a second TV to the interwebz so we could watch the match on two tv’s.

For over an hour and a half, we all stared at those tvs, screamed, jumped up and down, (ok, jumping up & down was me, mostly) clapped and yelled at the tv. Every play. Every kick. Every pass.  Every set play. Every second of that game!

The second half was mostly defense, to be honest. But they held out.

And they won.

My former teammates and the newer girls, they finally won a National Championship. 8-0 against Severn River, from Maryland.

I’m so proud that I don’t even know what to say. I’m incredibly excited and happy for the team.

I’m also sad that myself and so many other “retired” Angels watched the game at My Living Room instead of participating or watching from the sidelines. But a win is a win.

And, after 6 years, my ladies came home as NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. I’m so proud to call myself an Angel, albeit an old one, today.

And all of us former Angels can claim a stake in that championship. If it wasn’t for our work, over all those years, this may have not happened. Right?

As one of my newer teammates posted to Facebook early on Sunday morning:

“All I can think about are the Angels before me. Everything they have done before me and taught me up until this moment. Hit hard, hit low and leave everything on the field. This morning we are a regular rugby team. By the end of the day we will be CHAMPIONS!!!!”

Thank you, Web Developer, for that. Us old girls appreciated it very much.

I love you, Angels. Cannot wait to see that trophy on the top of the bar. I have the perfect spot picked out!

Previous posts about my trip to Nationals as a player are here, here and here. (Lots of awesome rugby related videos at that last link, folks!)

Pittsburgh is proud to welcome you home. Well, at least the club and bar are… I’ve been working on the rest… In the meantime, check out this awesome video from Uncle Crappy.


22 02 2011

So updates on posts and random stuff.

My burn is better. The blister left, and left me with a beautiful leathery skin thing that quickly peeled itself off.  Part of my finger is now bright pink. Yay. I can’t wait to see the scar I end up with.

My soul is still happy from Chachiplays, and from my friends at work. I’m so lucky.

I got an email today about spring softball. I replied with “SIGN ME UP!” I can’t wait for softball. I just hope it isn’t Saturday mornings…

I talked to The Nana today. Good gravy, she is sick. So is The GrandPa (aka Papa). They have meds. I hope they get better soon, because they are supposed to watch Little C this coming weekend! (which reminds me again that I wish I lived near my sister.)

I discovered Pandora recently. I love my Mason Jennings station and everything that plays on that station. WOW. I’ll branch out a more soon. But for now, it makes me mellow and happy.

It snowed today. I saw 1-3″ predicted on Twitter earlier. Pretty sure we have more than 6″. I really wanted a Triangle Melt with ham from My Living Room. And maybe a tasty beverage. I settled for a 6″ sub from Get Go and a Woodchuck. (See also, fail.)

I want spring. Or Florida. Or summer and pool time. NOW.

I am going to see SkateRat’s band on Wednesday at Mr. Smalls. I have no idea where Mr. Smalls is, except that it’s in Millvale. IDK. I’m going with many people from My Living Room. It’s going to be awesome. Apparently a band named The Toasters is also playing. Again, IDK.

I am also going to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops again, thanks to a Twitter friend. I’m a little excited about it.

I’m attending a meeting on Thursday about the next PodCamp. I will be more involved for sure.

And the maybe best part? I am no longer The Organization’s go-to person for everything on the planet. Meaning, I have no responsibilities, no requirements, nothing. I no longer have to ask my family to change stuff, or ask work to not schedule me, because of said organization. I have no ties to them, whatsoever, except for never paying dues again. I did my time.

So besides my parents being sick, the snow and my eventual scar, I win at life this week.  And it’s only Monday.

Alive & well!!

9 11 2010

I’m totally alive & well.

Worky-worky is messing with my blog posting.

I don’t care. I’m sooooooooooooooo happy to be at My Living Room working. I said before, I LOVE the people that work there right now.

I’m so, so happy.

So. Happy.

And now I don’t work till next Sunday.

But I have HO1KB to look forward to on Wednesday night. I can’t wait!!

And the Angels at Nationals. I’d be nervous, but I know this team, and they will do it. They will bring me home a National Championship thingamagig (trophy or plaque.) And I, yes I, will hang it on the wall of My Living Room (for no reason other than I couldn’t play or go) and be oh. so. proud.

And then I will go see my Little C and fam for Turkey Day and the family photo opp.

I haven’t talked about this here, but my Lili & NE hired this kick-ass casual photographer for the day after Turkey Day. To take multiple family photos.

The picture of The Nana, The GrandPa, Lili, NE, Little C and I, will be the most epic picture I’ve ever seen. I guarantee it. I cannot wait. Cannot. Wait.

I also had a dream, where I foresee a picture of me and my Little C being redonkulous. (New word, world, learn it. It’s me and my C. We’re allowed.)

And I will cherish that picture and every single one this photog takes like my life depends on it. (I’m sappy like that. Learn it. Deal with it.)

I can’t wait for family picture time. I cannot wait. Me, Lili and Little C? We’re gonna make this a party that everyone wishes they attended. True story.

Steelers vs. Pats

3 11 2010

Who wouldn’t want to go to that game, right? Steelers vs. the New England Patriots, here at Heinz Field.

Well, guess what? You can WIN tickets to that game by contributing $25 or more to the Angels trip to Nationals…

Want more info? Click here. Give my lovely, wonderful ladies some $, win the tickets, have fun, then learn that the Angels won Nationals.

What’s bad about that? Absolutely NOTHING. Do it. Do it now. NOW, I said!!!


14 10 2010

So I was watching TV the other night, The Mentalist, FYI. And this guy popped up on my TV.

And I KNEW I knew him from somewhere.

He’s from this rugby video!! Please, please someone help me figure out who he is… Because when I originally posted this video? I was asked who the guy was, over & over again.  (In the original post, I said I’d post who he is the second I found out…)

What I don’t get in this video? Inches? We don’t do inches in Rugby.  Isn’t that American football?

But we fight. We fight so much. And so you know, it can be a man or woman, who will go that far for you. If you are their teammate….

We work for our team. We’ll come close to dying for our team.  My teammates and club-mates are amazing…

You play as a team. Men or women…. That’s rugby, my friends. He’s sooooo right.

My PRFC is doing that now… playing as a team. Angels, and the boys…

I hate not playing, but I swear on everything I love, that I love my ruggers…

My Angels are still my team… The girls are back on the Nationals hunt. It kills me that I can’t play… Kills me.

And based on what I saw last weekend? My boys? They’re going to improve. Thrive!!! They’re going to make me so happy that I will not know what to do with myself!

Last weekend was the best rugby I’ve seen my men play in a long time. Fantastic hits. FANTASTIC. AMAZING, even. And they won. No, they didn’t just win, they were freaking amazing. I must see the video of the game… First game I’ve ever said that about, and I’ll contact the people involved to get me a copy… but…


I watched longer than I planned. I had to go to work. But I HAD to stay. They were winning. And my boys were playing amazing…

But the plays, the hits, the kicks…. I was amazed. They were great!!!!

I want to see that the next time I come out, guys. Please. I love you all, and I want both teams, DII and DIII to succeed. You have no idea.

Those of you who read this, know I love the rugby guys… Please keep this up. Please!!!!

I need to see, before I leave you all, for my men to do great things. You have the potential. You just have to DO IT.  I know you can. (especially after last weekend!!!)

Please bring it, boys, please.

Ready. Sort of.

1 10 2010

I’m ready for my busy day tomorrow.

Knowing that I’m old and stuff, I am at home tonight, getting ready for a good night’s sleep. Because working from 6pm till close is something I gave up over a year and a half ago.

It’s gonna be rough. But I’m ready to show up with a smile, and wear whatever the heck I can manage to fit the dress code. I know I own approximately 30,000 PRFC and Living Room shirts. Can I find one? NO! Are there any smalls in the PRFC goodie bags? No. Guess I’m buying a new t-shirt tomorrow.

(Which I will mod in my own time before the next shift.)

I swear on everything I love, I WILL be pleasant tomorrow night. I will be a new-to-you bartender.

But, first, I’m getting up and going to tailgate with the master of tailgating, Uncle Crappy, before we watch Burghseyeview‘s son play football against CMU.

Said son is also a rugger, so I gotta be there. Yes, I’m skipping a home Angels game to attend this. But I’ll see my ladies later.

I’ll peace out and head to work… Yes, I just said that. I am going to work…. At My Living Room.

You have no idea how much this freaks me out.

I’m going to work. I have, if only for one night, a job. Good grief.

I am a bartender again.

God, I hope I remember how to do this.

By the way, friends who are planning to be there to support me? You have no idea how much I appreciate you. I hope to be able to hug or talk to every single one of you, if I can’t, please understand I’ve gotta do this job, but I love that you guys are going to be there for me. Even more than I appreciated your showing up when I left My Living Room.

Luckiest girl on the planet to have the friends I have. True Story.

I have to be at work (that is SO STRANGE TO SAY) by 6pm. I want dinner before I work. So I’ll be there earlier.

Things have changed there. I hope I’m quick enough to get it.

Pretty sure I will get it, and I will be better for it.

Can’t wait to see everyone at My Living Room tomorrow.

Ah, My Living Room. This is going to be EPIC.


26 09 2010

A lot of things are going on right now.

First of all, is to wish my parents a Happy Anniversary. We all know I love my parents, and today was their anniversary. I had all kinds of plans to call them, but my schedule interfered, and when I did call, they didn’t answer. Um. Okay. Well, my #AussieRelatives are visiting, so I just assume they are out with them.

Then, hours later, Lili sends me a text, “You know The Nana and The GrandPa are here, right?” Um, no. I had no idea. No wonder they didn’t answer & didn’t call me back!  So, I ended up calling my parents at Lili’s house. I know my parents are busy with the relatives, but geez did I miss talking to The Nana… (Side note, I didn’t hear her accent AT ALL while talking to her. This is strange.)

I had a fun day running touch yesterday for PghRugbyRef at my boys’ D3 game. The ref society has this new thing where you have headsets to listen to the ref’s calls. Wow, was that confusing. You can also talk to the ref. Let’s just say me and that talk button did not get along… And unfortunately, my boys lost. And two of them got hurt.

However the two who were hurt where pretty hilarious later that night.

And last in this bizarro world of things is a thing I’d never ever think I’d be announcing here…

I’m working at My Living Room again. Not any regular days, just when I’m needed here or there, I think. My first night is this coming Saturday from 6-close.

I have promised to be pleasant. And I will be.