No Cornbread…

6 03 2011

This evening, I went to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops for the second time, along with two lady friends I met through Twitter. UncleCrappy and MrsCrappy couldn’t make this one.

We met for dinner at Buffalo Blues, and then went for a drink at Kelly’s (my FIRST time there! and I had an AWFUL Mint Julep) before the show at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater in East Liberty.

We walked in to find an first-come, first-seated arrangement. And I spotted three seats together, on the aisle, about four rows back from the stage. We grabbed them. (Grand seats, considering UncleCrappy and I watched from the absolute back of the venue last time and could hardly see the stage!)

The show was part of an event the Strayhorn puts on called the Sunstar Music Festival. A four-day event that showcases woman music-makers, thus why the ticket was $25. The musicians and performers before the Drops were also awesome.

Back to THE show…

I noticed four chairs set up. Last time there were three. Hmmm… And when the Drops walked out, I noticed not one new person, but two. Turns out Justin started grad school and left the band. (Good for you Justin!) Now they have a new guy named Hubby, who also plays a mandolin! And then I saw a random white dude in the 4th chair… His name, I believe, is Adam. Who, after holding a tambourine,  seemed to be playing an imaginary stand up bass. I was so confused.

But, Holy Cow. If I wasn’t working Sunday night, I’d so be going to see Adam’s solo show at Garfield Art Works. But I am working. So anyway, his ability to beat-box, and to mimic (is that the right word? I have no clue!) a slide trombone and trumpet are amazing. I was seriously impressed. He even mimicked the sound of brushes on a drum and cymbals during one song. No, really.  I hope they keep him around. I have no idea what he does in his solo show, as my attempt to load the Garfield Art Works website failed… And I don’t know his last name.

Dom was crazy and dancing through part of the show, even tossing around his guitar at one point. He’s a showman, that one. I love it.

The show was awesome, as I expected. They played some things I haven’t heard before, and couldn’t find on You Tube. Sad. But, they played some faves, including some of mine, like Snowden’s Jig and Hit ‘Em Up Style… But they didn’t play some things I adored last time and that are on regular rotation on my iTunes. Namely, Cornbread and Butterbeans. That song is one I tell newbies to check out! I wasn’t surprised, when I saw Hubby, that they didn’t play it… That was Justin’s song, so when Rhiannon explained why they weren’t playing it, I totally understood. They also didn’t play Salty Dog, which I also like.

I watched Dom play the harmonica for an entire song (including with his nose! I know!) and he flipped it back and forth on his mouth, and never missed a beat. ZOMG.

But overall? It was totally worth the $25 and I’ll definitely see them next time they are in town. Absolutely.

I hope that my ladies that were with me tonight will be there, same with UncleCrappy and MrsCrappy… Oh, And you TOO AndreaDisaster! We missed you all!

Happy soul.

16 02 2011

Realizing that your soul is happy because of something you did? It’s an amazing feeling.

I felt it Saturday night. After we finished up and packed away Chachiplays. I realized, instead of what I did years ago – meeting friends at a bar, having a few drinks and chatting – my friends and I spent all of, or the better part of, 24 hours helping my friend play video games, and raising money for Make Room For Kids. My soul and my person were made whole and so happy. Really.

Granted, we went to a bar/restaurant after the event and most of us ate like we had never had food before (okay, just me and my French Onion Soup and amazing chevre salad.)

But really… when I got home? I felt so fulfilled. And I keep telling people about Chachiplays. Some are mad I didn’t tell them earlier. (Sorry!)

And others watched my hour of rugby with Chachi and then donated $50. Also, they texted me to ask  about the “dirty bunny” and I corrected them and explained it was the ScareHouse Bunny, whom I hope I am now friends with? Maybe?

And then I heard about how my laugh is apparently contagious and people love it… (I’ve heard that a lot lately. My laugh. Contagious.)  I’m so confused by that, but, I love that my co-worker donated…  she’s an awesome presence at My Living Room. And that her boyfriend heard my loud laughter rooms away from where she was? And knew it was me, and it made him laugh? Makes me smile like crazy. Apparently more contagious laughter. IDK.

I loved helping Chachi. LOVED. And I can’t wait till next year… I already volunteered.

But what makes this even more worth my soul being happy?

Chachi is going to be recognized by the city for his event. WOWZA.

See this link to learn more.

I cannot be more proud of my friend, Chachi. He did a great thing. I will be there on March 1st at 10am. To see my amazing friend accept this amazing honor.

This makes me and my soul so happy. SO HAPPY.

I love that Chachi is one of my best friends. As are the peeps that helped him. Missy, Mike and Matt. I love you guys. I am honestly honored to have been a part of this. Thanks. You are all amazing. I’m blessed.


11 02 2011

I just got home from the beginning of Chachiplays. Things were going great when I left, and Chachi was well into hour three of his 24 hours playing video games.

I originally gave $25 towards the cause, but then I found out if you gave $50, you could play a game with Chachi for an hour. So I gave an extra $25.

But what game would we play? I’m not a big gamer! So I thought about games I played in the past, that I don’t own and the few that I do… I originally wanted something fun, so Pikmin it was.

And then I started thinking of other games. Especially for one where I might have an advantage… And I came up with one… EA Sports RUGBY!

Chachi has been a great friend, and has come to watch a rugby match or two since I’ve known him. However, he still doesn’t understand the play of the game and the rules. And, well, rugby has been my life for nearly 10 years, so I got that all taken care of.

But there was a problem… Rugby isn’t exactly a popular video game, let alone common sport. It’s not like I can wander into a used game store and expect to find a used copy… So I sent a message out on Facebook and to the rugby folks. And I found someone with the game! And they are willing to let me stop by in the morning and pick it up!

I have no idea what buttons to push to make things happen, but we have an hour, so I’ll figure it out eventually. I should also point out that the last time I played this game? Probably 1996. Yeah. Maybe it’s not so much of an advantage for me.

But it sure will be fun. My time slot is 11am. You can watch me play live at


5 02 2011

So if you are new to the interwebz, and perhaps Twitter, you may not have heard about ChachiPlays

ChachiPlays is an amazing adventure my friend, Chachi, devised to play video games and raise money for Make Room for Kids.

If you don’t know, Make Room for Kids is an amazing fundraising venture from my other friend, Ginny.

But back to Chachi… His idea was for every $100 given, he’d play video games for one hour, up to 24 hours ($2400 for Make Room for Kids).

I gave $25. Good cause, good friends. I win.

Chachi will be playing video games with the likes of the previously mentioned Ginny, and some other awesome news and interwebz folks.

You can find us at Ninja Entertainment, 404 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. I have no idea where that is yet, but I’ll find out pretty soon. (You’ll see why in a sec.) The event begins at 7pm on February 11th, and ends on February 12th at 7pm.

Where do I come in? And why “Security?” Well, Chachi asked if I knew any ruggers who could be security for the event… Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of any of them who would volunteer their time to work for free for  random hours at a video game event. (Correct me if I’m wrong, ruggers… you just don’t seem the video game “type” and anyone I asked gave me a blank stare.)

So I, originally as a kinda joke, I said I’d do it….  I’ll help my friends in any way, shape or form that I can… But working security is sooooo “Old Me.” In my first adventure in My Living Room, I worked as the “door person” more than a few times…

I was ANGRY back then, thus this blog…. But now? At the bar? I’m so happy and pleasant (after 5 mo or so) I STILL surprise myself being happy when I work… (happened today! surprise! happy!)

After a few weeks of trying to find “security”, it turns out that only myself and @SilentNinja are available and willing…

Thanks to my schedule at work, I’ll be helping with security at ChachiPlays. I can’t wait. Nothing better for me or my soul than helping out a friend do good for KIDS!!!!

I will be a happy security person. HAPPY. I can’t help it. Hoping for no issues, and I foresee no issues…

But what I do love about this, is that I can wear my “fun” shirts I used to wear at My Living Room… yay for random variety of uniform….

Loving this. Love Chach. Happy. Imagine that. Excited for this job. TRUE STORY.

Social Media AND Yinz Team? WIN.

This reminds me that I’m probably the luckiest girl in the world to have my Yinz Team friends, plus ruggs friends and social media friends….

Now to move my family NORTH. Heh. (Fail.)

Thanks for a great start.

1 01 2011

Just a quick note to thank my friends for making this morning a fun one. I opened My Living Room early for my friends who were attending the Polar Bear Plunge.

You can see some pictures from the actual plunge at BurghBaby‘s site or on her Flickr account. (Great pics, btw!)

It was a great morning, albeit slow food-wise since all 20+ of you ordered food at the exact same moment. But Rook and I appreciated your patience. And the fact that you love My Living Room and wanted to spend your morning there.

Thank you for a great start to 2011. Your support of me and My Living Room truly means a lot to me. 🙂 I have great friends.


30 12 2010

I’m totally in a conundrum here…

Do I want to go back and do the plunge this year? I was there in 2009. Missed 2010 because I’m a moron. (big surprise.)

I don’t miss that “Holy crap was that cold!” thing… but I do love the idea of it.

The Nana hates that I consider it, even now, but Lili thinks it’s awesome.

Anywho… The Yinz Polar Bear Plungers, are again returning to our original post-plunge home, My Living Room, this year.

This makes me so happy. Even if I don’t jump in the river. I’m happy that my friends love My Living Room as much as I do and know we have good food and good employees, and want to spend their time there.

I asked again, same as last time, for special permission to open early and I was given the okay. But that was for me to open and tend bar… I still needed someone to cook.

And my buddy Rook has agreed to show up hours early to cook while I bartend.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that my friends want to come to My Living Room that early on New Year’s Day. I cannot tell you how happy I am that Rook agreed to show up early and cook for my friends.

What I can tell you is that I can’t wait for New Year’s Day and the opportunity to see and tend bar for my good friends. I cannot wait for it.

I’m so happy to be able to bring the Yinz Polar Plunge group back to My Living Room.

Thank you, friends, for supporting me, and for again supporting My Living Room. You know I love it there, and that I love you all. So, thanks. It means a lot to me that you asked for this, and I’m so happy I could make it happen. I can’t wait for New Year’s Day!!

Star Wars Holiday Special.

9 12 2010

Oh, yeah… Circa 1978. My friend invited me over to watch it.

Before I begin, I should mention that both of these show things we watched were the RiffTrax versions of the shows. (RiffTrax is amazing. Truly.)

The first thing that we watched Nestor the Long Eared Donkey. I saw some posts on Facebook by people saying the LOVED this thing.

I have no idea why. It was painfully boring. Painful. I’d rather repeat many bad nights at My Living Room than ever see Nestor again. Even with the RiffTrax.

I apologize if you love Nestor. He’s just not my thing.

Anyway, we wanted to switch to the Star Wars Holiday thing, but my friend’s PS3 hates me when I’m there and refuses to cooperate with him. (I’m not kidding, I’m there, whatever we want to watch, won’t work. Two days later? Fine & fancy. I claim the PS3 is a hater because I have a PS2.)

Anywho, my friend sets me up with a recent Glee episode that I have not seen, so I sit and watch. He goes to re-download the Star Wars thingies.

He comes downstairs, during Glee (never a good idea in his house, I’ve warned him) and he nearly has a heart attack over his dislike of Glee. I laugh. He deals with it. We both laugh about it and agree on his points. (No really, they are all over the top if you watch with someone who isn’t all Glee-loving.) They are OVER. THE. TOP.

So we get Star Wars Holiday Special going. He has warned me. That I may hate it and him afterward. About 3 minutes in I start to send out Tweets. And here you have it… I will post most of mine. Probably not all of his.

  • I may need rescued from this.
  • I don’t know how anyone watched this with out RiffTrax.

Next was a picture…

Um, yeah…


  • It was so bad I asked for a Mad Elf…

Then we had some technical difficulties. Imagine that, since I was there… And then we returned to the show…

  • I was quoted as saying “This is beyond atrocious.” (True story. It was two hours long. ZOMG)
  • Excuse me, I have to get my hair bunninized.
  • Wow. Int’l ladies garment industry union ad.

I have one last picture… Lumpy, the Wookie, I believe…. Peering down at the picture you see above…

And that was when I left. I had to. Stuff to do tomorrow. Same for my friend.

I’m so sad because I did not share my friends Tweets. Out of respect for him, and mad at myself for leaving!! But I’m sure he’ll make or allow me to watch the rest soon enough.

In case you want to watch this, on You Tube, save for the Riff Trax (which you should find, buy and do!!) Here is the linx.

You need the Riff Trax to get through it. True Story.