That doesn’t belong there…

13 04 2010

Around 6pm, I walked out of my apartment door and nearly ran into this:

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, that is very blurry picture of a loveseat sized sofa bed on its side, just outside of my apartment door. That’s my apartment door & rugby bag on the left side of the pic.

Um, when did it get there? And how did I not hear it being dumped there? And whose is it? And what made the owner decide that in front of my apartment door the right place to put it?? To be honest, I have TWO apartment doors. A main one, in the pic above, and another one to the right of the sofa bed which actually leads into my bedroom. (I live in what used to be two efficiency apartments that are now a one bedroom apartment.) The door to the bedroom is basically quadruple locked now as I had problems with it the first two months I lived here.

Anyway, what the heck is going on here? I mean, I know my building is strange, but really this is over the top for the strangeness.

I do kind of hope this belongs to the large man whose efficiency apartment is over my bedroom. I hear that guy walking around in what I can only call cement shoes all the time. And I’m lucky enough to hear when he sits down on his sofa or bed because the springs are NOISY.

But the stupid sofa bed was STILL there nearly 4 hours later when I returned from practice & a short appearance at a meeting…

I now hope it’s still there tomorrow morning when I head out so that I can call the landlord & complain. I mean, who leaves a sofa bed outside someone’s door? If it had been earlier in the day, the owner may have found that sofa bed in the dumpster out back after I called in reinforcements to help me carry it outside…

Tweeps love me…

9 04 2010

And I love them too.

Big – no. BIG BIG SHOUT OUT TO the Burghs Eye View podcast.

They talked about me a ton on their last Podcast. So you should go and listen. BUT… This is NSFW and pretty much rated R. That’s your warning. But I love that @hutchunit gives me big credit for knowing my rugby. And @burghseyeview makes it known I run the tourney and took care of things at My Living Room, back in the day. Love you guys….

I guess I now have to make an appearance on the show so peeps know who I am, huh? Ugh.

BurghsEyeView Episode 85

See: 6:57 – 9:00

And then 41:22 -45:30

My Living Room is not so much and Irish place, although it does have my FAVORITE Magner’s Irish Cider on tap now, thanks to Al. Best thing ever at Ruggers till they get my MOKAH on tap in May. (please, Cowboy, please??!!!) NO really, please get my Mokah.

But it isn’t a BIG place, but @hutchunit, when he turns 21 is welcome to come down and see pics of ME on the wall. 🙂 As opposed to what he saw back in the day… And the other fantastic photos we’ve put up since the last time he was there.

But really, as a kinda-old woman still playing rugby to keep in shape, I appreciate the kind words and it makes me want to continue what I’m doing. I wish I could help @hutchunit’s team more, if they weren’t so far away. I encourage them to come watch the men or especially the 2nd in the Nation ANGELS anytime they can….

And yes, when you can claim 2nd Nationally or better, yes, then you can criticize me, my team, my field lining skills or anything else you want. But until then? And including tomorrow’s match vs. So Side Irish? You can gladly learn from me. I’m happy to be your touch judge and educator. Thankyouverymuch, jerkos.

Take that, suckers. Welcome to Coopers Lake and the wind. Your life is going to be bad for a few hours. And I’ll do a little dance about it later.

Thanks BEV. And my ruggers who helped make the field today. LOVE YOU.

Midgie: Update, pt 2…

25 02 2010

This late post is in true time, due to a long-running rugby meeting and my Midgie.

So, when we last left my Midgie, her battery seemed to be dead. She wouldn’t start, and obviously could not move… Midgie did NOT have snow pack on her. She’s free and clear of snow. She was when I moved her from her alley spot to her main street position. I like a free of snow car.

I called my dealership and found out that while they’d love to help me with the inspection, new tires, oil change etc., but the dead battery could cause a problem. Seems a dead battery erases all the emissions info they need for the inspection. Huh?

In the event I got a boost to my battery, I needed to drive 150 miles before I could get everything taken care of.

WONDERFUL. Just what I need.

Granted, I do have some errands to run…. If I don’t see a Joann’s store within 4 days, I’m sure I’ll die. (And, I’ll owe two friends some $$$) It’s been 2 weeks or more, since I’ve seen a Joann’s people!!! But 150 miles? Where the heck am I going to run up that kind of mileage? Especially with 3-6″ of snow coming this weekend. (Also, I’m so over snow right now. I liked it the first weekend, dealt with it till now. Now I want it to GO AWAY. Forever.)

Anyway, earlier today, I went out on my grocery walk, (I’m making a couple of bacon & spinach quiches this weekend. One to keep, one to freeze. I love me some quiche…)  Including a stop at my Midgie. She wasn’t budging. She told me to stuff it, basically.

So, this evening, my very wonderful friend, CPG came by to pick me up for a meeting. She has this fancy battery jump thingy that plugs into your “formerly known as” cigarette lighter spot…. Sweet! Except when I met CPG at the Midgie, and sat down to try to start the Midgie… She freaking started right up. No less than 4 hours since my last attempt. I shut her down and she started again…. Hrmmmm….

The only difference I noticed was that the other day when Midgie would not start was my gas gauge at over 1/4 of a tank… and then today at absolute E. Um….

CPG gave me a lift to the meeting, because I felt that Midgie was trying to tease me. I know my Midgie loves me, but other cars have been such a tease. Especially that blue devil that was out to kill me… (I probably still owe you that story. If I do, leave me a reminder in the comments. It’s a good story.)

I left the meeting with Birthday Girl. We stopped at the Midgie and she again started right up.


Since I have spent nearly every day since I got her, driving my car or looking out my window at her, I can only assume she was cold and missed me. Right?

We went to Get Go, and on GrandPa’s advice, I kept her running while I re-fueled her. I spent $20 – at $2.75/gallon. That’s really not much… And got inside and saw my gauge at nearly full. Um, 1/4 or E to nearly full? Midgie, what are you doing???

I also took a very long route back home to warm her up and let her know I loved her… I stopped and turned her off once more close to home….

And she started again. Um, I can only assume she was lonely and cold. And I’ll stand by that….

Once, or if, you hear the blue devil car story, you’ll understand why I looove my Midgie and know she must have been pissed that she was left so cold and lonely.

We parked relatively close to home and I’ll call my dealership again tomorrow to see what they say… Hoping I can just deliver her there and she can get some dealership love and come back to me as my good ol’ Midgie. I need her. I love her.

Here’s hoping…. In 6 months I’ll own her free & clear. She’s the first car that I’ve ever had that I don’t want to buy the newer version (although the new Aveo’s are pretty sweet…) and I don’t even want to trade her in for a 4wd version of a vehicle….

I love my Midgie. LOVE.

Midgie: Update…

20 02 2010

Ok. So I went out to un-ice the Midgie’s crappy tires. Entirely my fault. I’m sorry, Midgie. I love you…

I took cardboard with me for traction. I kicked and I dug and I shoveled.

And before I laid out the cardboard, I tried to start up the Midgie.

And she told me to go to h-e-double hockey sticks.

Her battery is dead. Just what I needed.

She was not covered in snow. I removed her from that crap as soon as I could. And she made it out.

And now she won’t start. And I made an effort to start her every 2-3 days since her rescue…

Which means, a call to my dealership to arrange for my late inspection, new tires, and perhaps new battery (oh goody, since I’m rolling in money…) and a call to AAA to give me a battery boost.

Just great. Tons o’ fun. Love it. LOOOOVE. Wonderful.

And Imma need someone to pick me up from the dealership and drop me  back home b/c it’s prolly gonna take a while and I don’t want to be at the dealership for that long. Days, perhaps.

Oh, so much fun, next week. I can haz Florida life now?

Help. Attempt 2.

14 01 2010

If you didn’t go to Ginny‘s blog since yesterday’s post, go now. Do it. Let’s help these girls. Someone I know must know someone who can help.

We need to find the potential adoptive families for the kids Jamie & Ali were caring for. It will help get the kids through the immigration issues, and in the end will get Jamie and Ali home.

They need to come home.

Based on what I’ve read, they’ll go back ASAP, but my goodness, they need to come home at least for a little while.

In other news, there is a boy missing from Penn Hills. Kevin Frech. He’s 16. And been missing since Jan. 11th.

I think this link will take you to the Help Find My Child page. I couldn’t link to the Facebook page…

Ruggers, other Pittsburghers who read this, please help all of these people if you can, in any way you can. Tweet it, text it, put it on your Facebook status. Send emails. Do it and do it now. We need to help.

I love my GIANT ‘Burgh community (ruggers, Yinz Team, social media) because we help.  We have done amazing things in the past, and we can do it AGAIN. I have NO doubt.

Let’s not let ourselves down right now. That would be absolutely awful. Do some work, yo!


9 01 2010

I decided to post this in an effort to spread the word…

My friend BurghBaby wrote this post after reading an article from the NY Times. And another friend, Dawn, wrote this post after reading the post by BurghBaby…

They are compiling a list of companies who are wasteful. When they publish their list, I’m going to post it here so that we can help spread the word…

What it comes down to is a bunch of major retailers are purposefully damaging clothing and goods when they become old/unsaleable rather than donating them to a charitable organization.

I worked retail back in high school, and I don’t remember this ever being an issue. Until I worked at Au Bon Pain. I mostly worked the opening shift at the mall location, but once or twice I worked the closing shift. And I do remember that they tried to donate whatever was left at the end of the day…

This whole thing is ridiculous. Thankfully, most of the stores on the list of “shredders” are ones where I never shop, but it’s entirely depressing.

Seriously people.

What I can tell you, from my own experience, is that thanks to a few very conscious people with the rugby club, we attempt to donate or use everything leftover after our tournaments. We go through many, many, many cases of burgers & hot dogs & the associated buns & fixings at the two we host every year. Depending on weather conditions and such, sometimes things are leftover. Not often, but sometimes. And every time, we either keep things frozen and use them for a post-match social, or attempt to donate to a local shelter or food bank.

Given the list of places that now suck, I’m so proud of my ruggers for being so charitable.

And people think all we do is play a violent sport and drink beer. Oh, how wrong you are. How entirely wrong you are.


10 12 2009

Earlier today, around 4:30 or so my power went out. My building and one or two buildings on either side of mine, plus 4 or so across the back alley way.

It’s now 11:55pm. And I still don’t have power. Or heat. This? Sucks.

Around 5:30 or so, instead of re-heating leftovers for dinner, I went to Panera. Then I went and bought a few candles. Both of which pretty much suck.  I should have also bought a flashlight, because I can’t seem to remember where I’ve put mine. It’s here somewhere, but it’s kind of hard to find in the dark.

So then I sat around, in the dark, with minimal candle light, for around 2 hours. And then I gave up and went to the movies. By myself. I just couldn’t stand sitting alone in my apartment any longer.

I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. It wasn’t really all that fantastic. But did you know that movies at Lowe’s in the Waterfront are only $5? I had no idea.

So now it’s past midnight, and I guess I’m going to go to bed. I could do without that wind outside though. Seriously. It’s getting old.


24 08 2009
  • There are things going on in my world that I have no idea how to deal with right now. Not my doing, not that I can change it, but it wears on me.
  • And frickity-frack, these things could change some of the things I’ve written about on this here blog in the past week. That makes me angry, sad and confused.
  • Thankfully, there are only 18 days until I see Little C.
  • 18 days until my heart and soul and brain will clear itself the second I am off of that airplane and hold her. I kid you not. The second I hold her, I know I will inhale, exhale and feel that all is right in my world. I will also try to forget everything that negative has happened in the past 30 days…
  • Little C has that power on my life. She clears me of everything bad, negative, not so good and oops. It’s the BEST feeling in the world.
  • My old friend, Mason Jennings is coming to town again. And he has a new album coming out next month. Check it out.

  • You should, if you can, go and see him. If not because he’s an amazing musician now, but also because he helped make me who I am today. Just pray he plays some piano during his show, IMHO, that’s where he rocks. At least to me in my old self.

Motivated? No.

5 08 2009
  • I’m supposed to be packing for a camping weekend. I’m not. I have no desire to. I’m not sure why except that I’ve become super lazy as of late.
  • I did pack a little bit. I know where my tent is. It’s in the midgie. The air matress and most of the clothes I’d need are in my camping pack already. Same with the crappy sleeping bag I have. I still need to find and maybe clean some blankets since the sleeping bag is a big fail. I have no idea where either pair of boots I take camping are. Not even a tiny clue of where I may have thought to store them.
  • I have no idea what food I’m taking. I really don’t. The best I can tell you is CPG and I are going to try to re-create Uncle Crappy’s nifty grill idea that he used at the Bucco Game Tweet Up. My fire gloves will be packed, don’t worry. So at least I can reach in and grab at the grill or the camp fire without worry.
  • I need to get my car inspected. The Midgie. However, a recent series of posts by Angry Scottish Man has me literally terrified to take her in. See, the Angry Scottish Man and I own the same vehicle. Although I’m quite sure he doesn’t call his “Midgie” and might kill me if I referred to his car as the “ASM’s Midgie.” (Only kidding ASM!) I know she needs tires. And new windshield wipers. If you follow me on Twitter, that’s no big surprise. But the rest of it? Terrifying. Also terrifying is actually finally calling and making the appointment. Man, I’m lazy lately.
  • I have decided to reward myself on Friday for the “day” (inside joke? I think. We’ll see if y’all figure it out.) And drink the Southern Tier Mokah that was brought back from NY for me by Uncle & Mrs. Crappy. Probably the second the car is in park. Hey. It’s my “day.” I’ll do with it as I choose. I might share a sip or two with two certain people, but otherwise, it’s a gift to myself, as it is the only beer I like right now. And since I can’t find the darn stuff anywhere… I intend to savor this bottle o’ beer for my “day”. (Who’s proud of me out there? I know, your little ‘I don’t like beer’ girl is growing up!)
  • Otherwise, it’s going to be my standard. Rum & Coke. And maybe American Honey too, if we can find it in the liquor stores around here. Seems to be sold out.
  • Ugh. I’m done. Wacked out random issues this week have me fed up and refusing to deal with anything. I probably won’t post tomorrow night, but stranger things have happened. I hope y’all have a great weekend.
  • Yinz Team Softball has been moved to Sunday this week. I. Am. So. Excited. I was kinda bummed I’d miss it for camping!! Yay!!!
  • Stop back on Sunday and leave a comment on the post for Lili that I’m working on. It’s her birthday on Sunday and she’s fantabulous. And cute as a button.
  • And I’m sorry. I still can’t get this song, or this show, out of my head. Sept. 9th folks. Me and all the other dorks will be watching. (For the love, I’m such a music dork.)

(hate those random boxes that pop up on there, but what can I do…) Enjoy. That’s an order.

13 Days, Summer Rugby, and some other stuff…

28 05 2009

1. Little C

  • At this time in two weeks, I will have met and stared at my Little C for 3-4 hours.
  • This, and other things, makes me giddy. Yes, giddy. It’s about time I had my turn “staring” at Little C while she is awake, asleep, whatever.
  • But what also makes me excited is seeing C & D again and taking care of them. I love them soooo much. I have a feeling I’ll get a superb welcome from each of them.
  • I would NOT be surprised if I’m kept up all night by a needy C who wants to be petted and loooved.
  • Reminder to myself: you should stop by PetSmart on the way to the Airport…
  • Apparently I’ll be seeing my mom when I visit my sister & Little C. I won’t go into why, but unfortunately my dad can’t come. I freaking miss my dad. I haven’t seen him since Christmas.
  • And on top of that, a very important anniversary is coming up next Thursday, and it’d be really nice to see my dad.

2. 7s RUGBY!!

  • Thursday night one of my favorite things about rugby starts… Summer touch rugby. I can’t wait! Summer touch is what makes me want to play competitive league matches in the fall. We play men & women together in the summer… And honestly, some of the guys (esp. new ones & college ones) don’t really expect us women to know what we’re doing. So we have to work for it… And I just love proving them wrong. Especially as I’m getting older. (I’m sorry, but a 33yr old lazy not-very-in-shape woman shouldn’t really be able to outrun a college kid… Just sayin.)
  • Summer touch practices happen RAIN OR SHINE. Honestly, I love the ones when it rains. There’s usually 1/4 to 1/3 of who are normally there, if that. And gawd is it fun. Hook slide, anyone?
  • Summer also means 7s tournaments. 7 people per team, 7 minutes per half, all on a “regular-sized” rugby field. OMG it’s rough… But it’s so much fun. 7s is where I play prop and hooker. Or sometimes scrum half. Or fly half. Or center. There’s only 7 of us out there, after all… We’re going to Morgantown on June 20th. Last year I was asked to play on a team that had played together for the previous three years and WON. And guess what? We won again!

7s champs

3. My dumb apartment building

  • I came home tonight to find a small issue with the front screen door to my building. It was broken. It’s a lever handle, and the “lever” had broken off right at the point where the rest of the handle connects to the door – right where I’ve drawn that red line below. Opening the door was fun.

door handle

  • And then I noticed the “rest” of the lever just sitting there on the ground. Which means some jerk-off in my building, broke the handle, left the rest on the ground and just came on inside and went about his business.
  • Being “me,” I went to my apartment, grabbed some super glue and fixed the door temporarily. I put up a sign to be careful with it and called the landlord. I live in a crazy building with crazy people. There’s only one person in the building that I consider even close to normal. Yes, it’s fun.
  • And what I fixed is already broken. Again.

4. Other random thoughts…

  • I’ve been catching up on the sewing I need to do for the Little C Etsy shop. Or trying to…
  • I’ve finally had to give up on that “big” job I had that would be on-going. Turns out my sewing machine just can’t handle it. The job is more meant for an industrial machine, and mine certainly isn’t.

5. Back to Little C (cause that’s what I’m all about right now)

  • WHO in their right mind, would NOT want to see these:
  • Small, but gigantic tiny hands… Look at those tendons showing on her middle and ring finger!!! I found someone to give my HUGE mittens and gloves to, I think…


  • And these feet… Thank god I’ll be there to make her feel better when someone tells her she has “boats” for shoes… (yes, someone told me that as a child…)


  • My poor sister is going to have a child taller than her perhaps when Little C is three. I’m not kidding. She’s on her way up, people. And I can’t wait to see it.
  • I have a plan – we’re going to do a hand and foot comparison between me & Little C each time I see her. She might outgrow even me!
  • But no matter what, I’m pretty sure I’m totally terrified I’ll fall in love with her more than I am right now, and I’ll never want to return to the ‘Burgh.
  • That last bullet? Is a totally reality folks. I might never want to leave Florida after this trip. I already miss my parents, my sister, D, C and even NE… add my Little C in there? How am I going to come home? How???????? I’m not kidding. Someone tell me how I can be okay with all of this…. I can’t even write about it without tearing up…