Music is My Muse…

18 11 2008

I’m totally controlled by music… when I bartend and I song that I love comes on, you bet your ass I’m being a better bartender… Usually it’s random things on the jukebox. But every so often, we have bands at the bar. And here are two of my favorites. They are friends. And they are music I turn to, especially before rugby games…

The Atomic Drops. They are all awesome people. And I love their music. This video sucks because it was in Belvedere’s and I was, well, trashed. That’s what a whole day of drinking will do to you… oops. Sorry, dudes.

And then there is Shiver. The first newer punk band I ever heard. What did I know? It was a while ago. I ended up bartending a number of their shows, getting to know them and their significant others. They took a break for a while, and now they’re back – but I’ve only been able to see ONE show since they’ve been back. Not that they didn’t have them. They just seemed to always be when I had to work at the bar. But they will be playing My Living Room on December 19th. And I was informed by their lead singer that I should NOT work that night. I should be there to hang out and cheer them on. So that’s what I’m going to do. (Emily – bring my tshirt!!!!!)

I now gift you with one of my fave Shiver songs:

See you December 19th. 🙂