New nephew!

2 08 2011

My phone rang at 11:10 this morning. I, of course, was still sleeping. But I heard it ring and looked. Since it was Lili calling, I answered immediately. I figured Little C wanted to talk to me about swimming.

Side note: I’m supposed to go to Florida on August 6th. Little C is beyond excited to go swimming with Aunt Claire… She has been talking about it since July. To the point that she asked Lili if I would wear my swimsuit UNDER my clothes on my flight, so that we could go swimming immediately upon my arrival… (she’s TWO, you guys.)

But it wasn’t Lili, or Little C. It was NE, calling to tell me Lili was in labor, and my parents were on their way. My first question? “Where is Little C?”

She was safe and sound at Lili’s good friend’s house in Florida. I wished them luck and hung up.

I wanted to sleep more, but I had stuff to do for school, so off I went.

At 2:12pm, as I’m in the CCAC Boyce Dean’s office, dropping off paperwork. And I hear/feel my phone. As I walk out, I answer.

It’s Lili. She says she just wants to tell me I have a new NEPHEW! His name, here, at least, is G-Man. She called around 45 min after he was born. (My sister is amazing.) And then she had to hang up quick to snuggle him.

OMG. A boy! I was hoping for HEALTHY baby, but HOORAY FOR A NEW BABY BOY!

I cried. Of course, I cried.

I called my mom approximately ellebenty billion times today over the baby… Once to tell her that her *other* daughter made me cry in public. lol.

When I called my mom before work. NE had come home and told Little C she was a Big Sister to a Baby Brother, and she was SO excited. She’s going to meet him tomorrow. She is going to be a great big sister.

During our convo, my mom mentioned that there was a Tropical Storm coming for Florida… Saturday. Maybe. Turns out, I checked the weather and it’s scheduled (for now) to hit Florida, their area, right around when I’d arrive on the 6th. So tomorrow? I’m going to try to change my flight to Friday, the 5th. I’m spending my birthday with Little C (and my parents, Lili, NE, and G-man) come heck or high water. I don’t care.

I might have to fly through Philly though… The last time I did that, it was November or December and I spent 6 HOURS THERE. Please hope this works out better.

Thanks to my friends who are offering themselves or husbands to drive me to the airport. I love you guys.

Also, I cannot wait to meet G-man and make him a baby burrito. I loves me baby burritos. Can’t wait to see how similar or different he is from his sister… although, I didn’t meet C till she was a month old…

Baby Burrito Time!

School and all over the place…

16 05 2010

Good grief I have a LOT of stuff and school coming up.

  • First, I start my Biology class on Tuesday. Excited? Yes. Terrorfied? Absolutely. Again, Lili, expect 30 zillion or so phone calls. I’m sorry. I love you. And I love your kid even more. That makes it okay, right? Right?! (Also her MORE CHEESE! pic made four of my friends laugh like crazy tonight and exclaim that she is, indeed, adorable. I know we knew this, but still. MORE CHEESE! aka Death by Cute. Just Sayin’)
  • Second, I will be attending Beer School on Tuesday night. One of my favorite people, Uncle Crappy, is the co-host… I originally wanted to go, but tickets sold out by the time I managed to store up enough $$. But then my super-friend, Calipanthergrl, realized she had to go to some exotic location for work and wouldn’t be back in time… and she asked if I would accompany her boyfriend, Mr. HowIMetYourRugger, in her absence. Willing to do anything for such a good friend, I agreed. (I was entirely sober and well aware of what I was doing at the time, just FYI.)

This is nearly insane for three reasons: 1) it’s HowIMetYourRugger… I’m sure he’ll find a way to nearly embarrass me with what he wears, but also make me laugh my butt off. (I’m sorry, CPG. Sometimes [only sometimes,] it’s kinda funny…) 2) It’s beer. We all know that I’m really picky with beer. Very. Gotta avoid those heartburn issues. (Speaking of beer, has anyone found my one and only beer love Southern Tier Mokah on tap anywhere? MUST. FIND.) And 3) Speaking of heartburn, I’ve just spent about 3 days down & out because I chanced the heartburn and drank Lemonade. Lemonade I have a love-hate relationship. I love it. It tries to kill me. (I’ll post about the Lemonade love-hate thing soon. Promise.)

So beer school should be, at the very least, interesting.And hopefully not painful for me…

  • Third, I have a busy weekend coming up. I can’t tell you what I’m doing on Friday or Saturday, yet. It’s not related to anything I’ve talked about here yet, but I will, soon.
  • And fourth, on Sunday! We March for Babies! I am SO EXCITED that I will get to see Teaspoon! I haven’t seen him, in person, in a year! A YEAR! (Also, I’m kinda scared. He’s too cute in pictures. He’s going to be even more cute in person. I. Might. Die.) And I get to see so many more kiddo friends that I’ve gained over the past year. It might be the best day ever. Many thanks to The Nana for donating to my walk. We’ve talked about how awesome The Nana is. (Yeah, I need to update that to recent stuff, I know.)

In other news:

Did I mention The Nana and The GrandPa bought Little C a wagon for her birthday? I don’t have pics, but according to reports from The Nana AND Lili, Little C LOVES it, and it’s got convertible seats so it can be used for transporting Little C and her many toddler friends, and for transporting stuff. Good call, The Nana and The GrandPa.

Big thanks to KellsBells for saying she knows what’s going on w/ me by reading this blog. I love you dearly, KB.

Also, how do I set up this blog to be readable via email when I post? UC? I’m looking at you since you have that option… I need to do that because one of my other fave ppl mentioned it’s blocked at work, and I’d like to set that up for them… She’s entirely worth whatever work I have to do to make it happen.

Lastly, donate to the March for Babies, won’t you? If you’re a rugger and read this, think of all the new adorable little folk, and the a little older toddler/kids we know… Our baby friends are AMAZING! But, imagine if they needed the March of Dimes… I was inspired by Maddie‘s story (she has a sister now, Yay!) We want all our rugger babies HEALTHY, right??? DO IT. DO IT, NOW. Just a buck, even!!! Just do it.

March for Babies!

5 05 2010

The Aunt-In-Training is at it again! I’m walking in the March for Babies again this year!

And this year it’s even more important to me, given all of the babies I know that have been born in the past year! My Little C, Teaspoon, Mr. Blue Eyes, MW, and a new rugger baby that was just born a few days ago! Plus all the little nieces and nephews that have come into my friends’ lives over the past year. Plus a whole slew of friends who are pregnant (it’s apparently in the water! Stay away!)

This time it’s a Sunday, which means I don’t have to miss any rugby or any of the walk! Hooray!

I can’t wait to see all of my friends – adult and kiddos too! (Note to Spoon & his lovely wife: I hope to see my Teaspoon and get to hang out with him a bit, just FYI!)

Please consider donating to help the cause. You can do so by clicking on the icon below.

I thank you for your donation in advance. Just think of all the little babies you’re helping!! Doesn’t that make you happy!? (If you’re confused, the answer is YES, helping the babies makes everyone happy!)


9 03 2010

Recently, I checked my You Tube subscriptions to find that Lili had uploaded yet another Little C video. It was hysterical. She is so darn cute.

While watching the video the other day for the millionth time, I noticed something. Little C has teeths. I cofirmed this with Lili.

Little C has two tiny baby bottom teeths.

And Lili thinks our lovely little nature lover is kinda saying the word “bird.” (Birds are her favorite thing to look at when they take the doggy for a walk.)

Who the hell told Little C she was allowed to grow up into a toddler nearly overnight? It’s only been two and a half months since I saw her last! And I know I told her to stop growing up when I left.

So now, interwebz, we must figure out how to stop this. She must stop growing up.

I sent a cease & desist order to Lili. I’m pretty sure I used too many big words for Little C to understand. So that certainly isn’t going to work.

Next thing you know she’s going to say real words in real sentences and run around like the sprinter I think she will be. Great. Just great.

I guess I’ll just have to settle for making the new picture of Little C showing her teeth my new desktop background, and hope that if Little C does come to Pittsburgh over the summer, I can take her to the Aviary to look at birds together and Phipps to look at the pretty flowers. (OMG, she will LOVE the Aviary & Phipps.)

Sack O’ Lunch.

28 01 2010

It’s done. Well, not entirely. I still have the placemat/chalkboard to finish. But it’s ready to go, all “pinned” together using paper clips since table cloth & chalkboard materials are not pin friendly.

But anyway:

THE brown "paper" bag!

The whole set, minus the placemat thingy, of course…

Please to ignore my little bobbin case & thread in the background. Oopsie.

And the sammich, bag o’ chips and swiss cake roll IN the bag:

Yep. I’m happy with it. Tomorrow I finish the chalkboard thingy. I’m excited.


In other news, Lili and I have been talking a lot about baby/toddler tutu’s lately. And I discovered in a recent trip to JoAnn’s that they sell spools of 5 or 6″ tulle. It’s in the “2 for $5” section!

So when I visited JoAnn’s this evening, I decided to buy one of said spools. My choices were tan, yellow, ugly orange, bright royal blue (which I, the OMG royal blue obsessed lady, walked away from) and purple. I chose purple, since The Nana thinks My Little C is adorable in purple & lavender.

When I got home, I looked at the label on the spool.

Do you see that? 25 yards. TWENTY FIVE YARDS of 6″ (measured it!) tulle. In bright purple. WTH am I going to do with 25 yards of purple tulle?

Um, those of you with little ladies (*ahem* BurghBaby, ClumberKim, RedPenMama, and others) would you like a purple tutu? Or three? Yes? Leave me a comment. Imma want to get rid of this stuff soon. It’s going to annoy me sooner or later…

Hooray for crazy maybe bad decisions?

A better idea- no. A great idea.

16 12 2009

So if you read this blog lately, you know I’ve made some super awesome things for My Little C for Christmas.

I’m very happy with them.

What I’m not happy with is not having a job yet that would give me a little more money to buy her something else. Or to buy anyone else anything.

Recently, I remembered something My Little C enjoyed while we wandered around Kohl’s at Thanksgiving.

And then, last week, while sitting on my couch, I looked up at something… Something that could very well be one of my most favorite presents ever. But I admit, I forgot that I owned it!

Ladies & gentlemen, I have found my dream present for My Little C, sitting on my own shelf.

And with some spit & shine, with the help of some rubbing alcohol and Q-Tips and other stuff, this thing WILL BE the perfect present. The perfect thing I’ve wanted to find for her since a long-ago blog post… Something I didn’t even think of during that long-ago blog post.

I’ve had this thing for quite some time… before I even lived in my current apartment!

I’ve already shared to all of you, and Lili, the rest of My Little C’s presents. And please bear with me until Christmas Day. I’ll post pics of it that day or the day after, I promise.

This one HAS to be a secret.

I have to figure out how to get it down to Florida. This could be an issue. But I’ll make it happen. No matter what.

Today was my day…

28 11 2009

(This was supposed to auto-post on 11/27. Oops)

To do what you ask? Why to spend the whole day with My Little C. Nana and GrandPa were told hands-off, in favor of me, but I shared with them, because Little C is adorable with both of them. But I love my sister for giving me a whole day with my favorite girl! 🙂

So what did we do? Well, we woke up early and played for a little while. And then we took a nap. Yes, both of us. And when we woke up, we got ready to go shopping.

Rather than take the stroller into Kohl’s, my sister opted for the Baby Bjorn carrier. So I carried Little C all through Kohl’s, we checked out the toy section for a little while and found some neat stuff that Santa or I might bring her for Christmas. Then Nana and my sister hit the little girls clothing area. Little C and I wandered around, peeking into mirrors and laughing.  We did a lot of clapping – not Little C clapping, but rather she’d take my thumbs and clap my hands together. It’s one of her favorite things to do. We were called on to give the approval ona few clothing items, Little C approved of them all.

While my sister and Nana waited in the long checkout line, Little C and I wandered the rest of the store. We looked at shoes, sweaters, belts, purses, and more mirrors. I think I was stopped by every third woman in the store to comment on how cute Little C is.

After our shopping adventure, we returned home and played some more. And we took a walk with the dog.  And then we played some more! So much fun!!

It was a great day.