4 10 2010

I bought my second Woot shirt the other day. It shipped today. Yay!

FYI, you can find the Woot shirt of the day here. A new shirt. Every day.

I have a feeling my buddy Dahcheet is so proud of me for this. He’s a certified Woot shirt addict.

The shirt I bought?

Since a lot of my rugby friends make fun of the fact that I can’t live without the internet, I figured it was appropriate.

The only disappointment is that I can’t wear it to work at My Living Room. Nor can I wear my other one…

Which stinks, because how cool would this be to wear while I work there?

Even being the new, pleasant girl behind the bar… That shirt would be so awesome to wear. Darn.


29 09 2010

In my posts here and on Facebook, and heck, even via email, I have received an overwhelming response of support for my return to My Living Room.

Friends will be there! Friends with kiddos and friends who do not have kiddos.

Friends are putting babies to bed, and then showing up. Other friends are potentially hiring sitters for their kiddos, and stopping by.

Knowing that I love all those kiddos and babies, and seeing that these parents, and also my non-child-having friends have put this on their calendar? I’m shocked, and so lucky to know them all. And lucky they know this is important to me. It is, to be honest. I love My Living Room. I always have. And I always will love it.

I’ve been thinking about this bar thing all week long.

And it will be fine… I, myself, will be FINE.

I will work my a** off, and work with my former co-workers and have a great time.

The nerves are subsiding, and the excitement is building. Wish I could find the shoes I planned to wear though. They seem to be missing. Erm…

Where are my shoes!?

My Last Unknowns…

7 05 2009

I found out at practice tonight that I will be playing at my final un-played position in our game on Saturday. Eight man.

8-Eightman (aka Number 8, or Eighthman) Appropriately
named the number 8, the Eightman sits at the back of the
pack (literally the eighth man to fit into the scrum) and,
like Flankers, will be looking for loose balls and then
supporting his backs when on the attack. Another key
responsibility is controlling the ball at the back of the
scrum for the scrum half once it has been won or picking
the ball up himself from the back of the scrum to charge up
the field or pass to his scrum half to try and create an
overload. From The RugbyRugby Guide

Our coach said, “Well, this makes 15 for you.” Which is entirely true since I played second row not once but two or three games now this season… And when I commented that it meant I was done playing, he said he might reconsider. We were both kidding. He knows he’s not getting rid of me until I HAVE to quit…

This means that by 3pm or so Saturday, I’ll have played every position on the field, in some type of competitive match – 7s & 10s tournaments and 15s matches… That’s a lot of rugby time. I don’t think there’s much I haven’t done as a player – and I don’t know what to think about this. But I guess that means my getting this jersey as a kind of joke a few years ago  now makes sense…


Which number am I? We can never predict that with certainty...

I’d go into more of what I think about this, but I’m saving it for something else. Let’s just say I hope to have someone take a few pictures of me playing there..

And while I’m at it… BIG BABY NEWS…The big, big last unknown…

I texted my sister on Tuesday and asked if she had told her big ol’ belly that it was time – everyone out here is ready.  Super Aunt is ready. She said she had, but that the baby was being stubborn and refusing to come out. I replied that the baby is already taking after her – stubborn. It’s true. I’m not kidding.

I spoke to my sister tonight. She’s got a 50-60% chance of having the baby this weekend. If not? She’s being induced on Monday. Which means by sometime Tuesday at the latest, I’ll be an official Super Aunt.

So whomever has that camera will probably have my cell phone too. I’d be lying if I said that being on phone-call-coming-any-time status doesn’t freak me out. It does. So much so that it isn’t even real for me yet. YET.

I REALLY wish I could be there in person for my sister – not exactly to be in there when she has the baby, but to run interference for her with my parents and the in-laws. We discussed this at length tonight. But it’s okay, because my sister? She won’t pull any punches telling people what she wants. She’ll tell them to get the hell out if she has to. Even if it’s my mom. I am expecting to have to calm my mother down via phone when this all goes down.

This also means that when I visit in June? The baby will celebrate its ONE MONTH birthday. Um…. Yeah…. a little freaked out to be around a baby that TINY!!! But in reality, I CAN”T FREAKING WAIT!!!

Let’s get things moving, Baby, cause I’m ready and so are your mom & dad. (We won’t even discuss your grandparents, cause they are a special breed of insanity right now waiting for your arrival.)


My eight man role on Saturday will be dedicated to this baby, Maddie and the March of Dimes… please donate if you haven’t yet… the link is there in the right column on my site. DO IT!!! You know you want to!! Just $1 will help. I swear!!

The Return

16 04 2009

I know you’re all reading that thinking, “Oh, good, she got her laptop back!” Unfortunately, that is not the case. However it seems they are having a little more success than we had last weekend.

The Return I’m talking about is my return to My Living Room. I couldn’t post about it because of the laptop… And I know a lot of you were wondering how it went. Well, the first one went well enough that I went back again 2 days later.

I decided to stop in last Thursday when the teams would be there after practice. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous. But I pulled up a barstool and talked to some friends. At some point, I saw that the table behind me was literally covered in glasses, bottles & plates. In the past, this would have caused me to get up & clean up the mess. But this time? I swear I didn’t even give it a second thought. A little while later I realized that I let that little issue slide, and also that I had been at the bar for a while by then and hadn’t even noticed the “little” things I always did. A definite mark in the “Win” column.

I went back again on Saturday after the men’s game. And the same sort of thing happened – I just didn’t notice the things I did in the past. But there was one MAJOR change that I really noticed. I had FUN. Soooo much fun. All. Night. Long. I can’t even remember the last time I had fun & joked around and socialized that much at the bar. Nothing annoyed me. It was awesome!! Now, the barstools are still craptastic & falling apart – BUT that is no longer my problem… unless one of them breaks while I’m sitting on it and I get to sue the bar…

You may recall that some friends said that they were looking forward to seeing me smile more if I didn’t work at the bar… And honestly, I didn’t expect that to come true for them. But it seems that it has.

There was only one glitch in my awesome Saturday. I wandered through the bar and there was Viking – who sadly still has yet to SPEAK to me since this whole thing started. I thought he had left for the night, and I immediately turned around and high-tailed it to my seat.

I spoke to BG a little while later and was informed that Viking feels bad and she asked if I’d go to dinner with her, Giggles & Viking. I think I said no before she finished her question.

You know what? If Viking feels so bad? Maybe he should have picked up the phone and CALLED ME. Maybe he should have been a better friend & co-worker and SPOKEN to me. Maybe he should have shown me significantly more RESPECT than he has. But he didn’t do ANY of those things. He stayed silent and cowardly and I hope that he is left out there to feel bad for a lot longer. And I hope it bothers him.

Because me? As much as I would love to tell him off, I’m going to be too busy having fun and smiling and not noticing all those stupid little things.

What to do… What to do?

7 04 2009

I’m trying to figure out how to handle my return to My Living Room. And when to do so… And I’m looking for input.

Based on the support of certain ruggers, I feel like I should be right back into the swing of things. Why? Because I no longer have to worry about the bar, their behavior in the bar, or having to work there ever again. And because some of them commented that it will be nice to see me smile now. And honestly, after reviewing what I “used” to do for the club & bar, and what I now do, there’s no reason I shouldn’t go there and have the time of my life.

The “situation” that led to my not working there & those involved in telling me do NOT make me interested in going there… They handled it badly. Perhaps against all employment laws, but still, I’m hurt by their evasion. I don’t want to give that bar any more money than minimally possible. But then I want to go and be that patron that doesn’t tip well, but doesn’t tip as bad as some people.

I’m honestly ok with not working there. Working a 9-5 and then working till 4am every other weekend was hard on me. Physically, emotionally… I wanted to find a way out of it, and being forced out, has led me in other directions, so I hope it works out & I make it happen. I’m also EXCITED that the next time the ruggers decide to venture to other bars or on a bar crawl – I can GO. I don’t have to stay behind to work. Or stay behind because it’s what I “do.” I won’t do that anymore. I may not be able to afford it many times, but I’ll make it as much as possible.

I also want to want to go there for my social media friends. Those who walked in, fell in love with it, and met me there every time I went there. Working or not. They loved that place, as I still do (for different reasons, now), and it kills me to take that away from me and them.

This all comes up because apparently everyone goes there on Thursdays. And this Thursday is the night before Good Friday, when many of us don’t have to work. I can still, to this day, remember my first night before Good Thursday, 7 years ago. It was fun. And dang if I don’t have to work on Friday and kinda want to hang out…

I’d like to prove those who were jerks to me wrong. I’d like to find a way to be bigger than them, better than them. To figure out a way that I can go there, along with all my friends, and then go where ever we want to… home, another bar, but spend just a small time there. Does that make sense?

A friend left a comment yesterday that made me really feel what I already was starting to feel. Embrace what is coming next. It may be a blessing. He said what I felt behind the bar cannot be replaced, and honestly, I’m not sure right now that I want that. I want what the new things I’m doing to replace that. Because it’s different.

And, honestly, I want to go there so I can watch the deterioration of what I worked on, and while I might be upset by it, it will NOT be my fault, and I will be laughing my ass off at what they turned away.

So what do you think? When should I go back? And when do you want to go back with me in force?

Rough waters ahead…

4 04 2009

Tonight was ugly. Really. My quilt? It nearly died on me!!! And I pulled my left quad and it’s killing me. And I didn’t get everything done… But I got enough done to be ready somewhat for tomorrow.

I think. I don’t know. My brain is a mish-mash of emotions, thoughts and ideas right now… What should I call this new sewing shop thingy I want to do?? Can I play tomorrow? No idea. I’d rather play and gimp around the bar than not play. Plus, I have “spectators” coming! We never have fans besides a few regular people… These are new…

And then there is the “My Living Room” issue. Honestly, calling it My Living Room right now is so hard.

I got a text tonight from the person I work w/ tomorrow. He asked that I not screw him over. Obviously this a-hole just met me and has no idea of my love for My Living Room. And obviously he had no idea that I asked Viking to have someone on hand to take over for me when I decide I’m done…. Texts back and forth, and FINALLY, D – the co-worker – got it. But still, give me all your money in “MY” tip jar… because that pissed me off.. I might have a temper, I might be cranky, but for the love of God, I’ve done everything I could for this place. And now I’m out… And I swear, I will try not to cry before midnight, but I can’t guarantee it. Midnight is my self-imposed deadline to be done, drunk and if necessary allowed to cry time…. it’s the best I can do people.

Right now I can’t imagine walking in there to work. So there you go…

I can guarantee some fun stuff, some costume-type wardrobe changes, other random stuff… I have no idea what is planned… But I promise that I will try to be happy the whole damn time I work. I promise you that. I WILL TRY TO BE HAPPY WHILE I WORK… I promise my best 6 hours of bartending ever. (6pm -12am, duh)

To everyone who shows up – thank you. From the bottom of my heart and with everything I have to give… For most of you, you have seen past my bullshit walls and gotten to know the ‘real’ and ‘true’ me and your comments, interactions and conversations this week and last have meant more than I can ever explain.

I am so HAPPY i took a chance and threw myself out here on this blog. Because it’s allowed me to be the real me. To write about my feelings, annoyances, anger and also the great, wonderful things that I go through every day. It has allowed me to share this with people I trust, and then with others I was wary about. It allowed some people who already knew me to find the real me. And I think this has made a great difference in my life.

Tomorrow will be tough… no rugby in almost 5 months, I’m out of shape, I have a bum quad, I have a rough night ahead tomorrow… But you know what? I know my good, true friends are there for me for all of it. And I can’t even begin to explain the smile on my face. Thank you.

Thank you so much. All of you. If you know what I’m like behind that ‘wall’ or think I’m not quite as ‘angry’ as everyone says, I thank you. And I hope to see you Saturday night.

Asshat Tweetup

1 04 2009

My friend, Fashion Forward named it. And I thank him  – cause he got it totally correct. This Saturday, April 4th from 8-pm – close is the “Asshat Tweetup.” And it’s well on it’s way to being an epic evening. We have all kinds of fun things planned. Some known, some unknown.

There will probably be costume changes. CPG is in charge. I trust her. I have no idea what she’s going to do. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. There is one costume change specifically for the Yinz Team and my social media friends… FUN!

There will also be a DJ. My good friend JB will be there to make me grin and blush by saying “Clairebear, what’s wrong?” over his mic all night long.

Spring Kickoff

I think the rugby people are confused & aren’t sure what to do. Their “rugby” bartender no longer works there. What can they do? I have nothing to tell them but to figure it out on your own. Do what you want. I would love your support, but I’m not going to ask for it…

I know the “real” reason I lost my job. I WILL NOT SHARE IT HERE. It’s not without very minimal merit. However, there were things could have been done to prevent/warn/deal with it. And those things didn’t happen. AT ALL…

The fact that things weren’t dealt with when they came up? Unforgivable. Completely. Totally. Entirely. While I accept MY role in this now, I do NOT accept full responsibility. AT ALL. Had I known my job depending on certain things… I would have made appropriate adjustments.

Instead, I was told one story then had to wait over a week for the “real” story. Unprofessional much?

The worse part is how hurt I am by this. Personally. Very much so. I gave everything I had to that place. Time – more than I can ever add up – and most importantly, my heart. I loved it there.  LOVED. And now I’m kind of feeling a little bit lost. And sad. A lot of sad.

I will get over it, and I’ll be fine. It might take a while, it might not. I have no idea. But I do know I have a freaking wonderful group of friends — rugby and non-rugby — who are supporting me and there for me right now. And I really appreciate that.

I thank Uncle Crappy & MrsCrappy because their kindness knows NO bounds – UncleCrappy has been the brains behind the Yinz Team part of this event. I can’t even find the words to explain what this means to me. It’s honestly impossible. And he and MrsCrappy are apparently going to be at the bar all.night.long….

And thanks to CPG who is taking care of my costume changes.  I’m sure it will be hysterical.

And in advance I thank Chachi and everyone else who will be there … We’ll have a fun time. With the friends that I have, how could I not???