4 02 2011

Things are so different for me now…. A year and a half after I lost my FT job, I’m just realizing it.

I used to be so regimented. I did rugby work, at work (sorry) and then did it at home. I WAS ON TOP OF THINGS!!!! Even though I gave up most of my social life to do rugby work….

Now that I don’t have a day job and just work at My Living Room here & there? Rugby work is really last minute. At the end of my rope kind of thing… And I forget a lot of stuff I said I’d do… (Which, for big events, is when I do my best work. Truly.)

Not only do I have most days free, work some nights, and not have a big event… I fail….

It’s not just the job. It is the winter. And the recent sick… I’m always a running into a major fail in the winter. I hate winter. I need sun. The happiest I can remember being in the past ten years? This past summer, when I spent so much time in the sun.

Everything I’ve done since the middle of January for rugby has failed. FAIL.

Add that to lack of sun, missing my family and whatever else I encounter? I’m miserable, but lucky I’m strong of heart and soul and can make it to My Living Room and put on a smile.

Sometimes I show up, at My Living Room, not wanting to smile, not even knowing if I can. But, you know what? I always do. I ALWAYS DO. Someone always comes in and makes me smile like a crazy lady. I love it.

Something is different this time around, and I love My Living Room, especially the regulars – day and night – much more. They make me smile so much. And enjoy my time there.

The rugby players who don’t “get” the regulars? They’d never understand this. This makes me sad… There are good people at My Living Room, day in and day out…. And they make our world go ’round…

This weekend will be my first time working a Super Bowl Sunday NIGHT shift… I’m interested to see what happens, since I’ve always worked the day shift for the Super Bowl and gone home at half time….

Here’s hoping for happy.

Ruggers, please just accept the people who inhabit your ‘clubhouse’ the rest of the time, while they watch the game…

And Regulars, please just accept the rugby players. They aren’t there often.

Both, just be peaceful. Watch the game, cheer, and give HIGH FIVES!!

I love me many HIGH FIVES!!!!

Thank you, and goodnight.

Thanks for a great start.

1 01 2011

Just a quick note to thank my friends for making this morning a fun one. I opened My Living Room early for my friends who were attending the Polar Bear Plunge.

You can see some pictures from the actual plunge at BurghBaby‘s site or on her Flickr account. (Great pics, btw!)

It was a great morning, albeit slow food-wise since all 20+ of you ordered food at the exact same moment. But Rook and I appreciated your patience. And the fact that you love My Living Room and wanted to spend your morning there.

Thank you for a great start to 2011. Your support of me and My Living Room truly means a lot to me. 🙂 I have great friends.


2 11 2010

It hit me last night at work that my co-workers, ALL of them, yes, all of them, are pretty awesome people. There’s not one of them that I don’t want to work with. Not one of them would leave me hanging when I’m working.

That? Is AWESOME. No wonder I’m so happy to be back at My Living Room.

That’s all for today. I’m off to vote and run errands and then go to a meeting. (none of which makes me happy, but oh well.)

Oh! And new WOOT shirt arrived today. That does make me happy.

High fives.

23 10 2010

I love My Living Room. You know this. And, I love it again. To. Death.

I love that My Living Room is now on Twitter, without me doing it, and they are DOING IT RIGHT!!!

I love that a random guy in the bar tonight, whose name I recognized from his tab, is the brother of someone I haven’t talked to in forever. Which resulted in text messages, a phone call, and a request to keep an eye on said brother. (Done, btw. Of course!) Love.

I love that certain songs people play on the jukebox result in random Michael Jackson dance parties (twice now since I’ve been back on the clock!) or nearly the whole bar singing along with a song played. Love.

I love waiting on people again. It’s so much fun. I also love nicely asking what someone wants, saying please and thank you. It’s so different this time around. And yes, I’m sane and totally fine in the head*.

Geebus, I missed this place.  And all the crazy that comes with it.

What I didn’t realize, until tonight, that I really missed the High Fives that some of the regulars give you when you work, and the High Fives from your co-workers, too.

High Fives? Rock. True story. (Double High Fives when you have somehow injured your left upper chest, however, suck big time. OUCH!)

*I know I’m entirely fine and happy because I spent Thursday afternoon at Mindbling’s house, visiting her new baby, Mavbling. He’s a cutie pie, FYI. And I did not steal him. I snuggled him, fed him a bottle and talked to him. No baby stealing! But Mindbling actually told me that she’s never seen me so happy. I’ll call that a win.


11 10 2010

Yesterday was the ZombieFest event here in Pittsburgh.

It was also my first Sunday at My Living Room in a zillion years. And when I showed up at 5pm for a BLT, the bar was mostly empty.

And don’t you know, the Invasion of the Zombies happened right as my shift started at 6pm.  (Keep in mind here, I have nothing against the Zombie folk. It was kind of cool to see all the makeup, outfits etc.)

We went from ready to switch employees to holycrapwe’resobusy. So busy, in fact, that we ran out of pint glasses and I RAN. No really, I RAN to Giant Eagle to buy cups. And RAN back. (That was fun…)

And when I got back, around 8pm, I was told we closed the kitchen. We were out of plates. In all my years working at this bar, that has NEVER happened.

We were slammed. More than the past two Saturdays that I worked. Woa.

Finally, things settled down, but we were still busy. The day shift people left, SkaterRat and I were on top of things. The bands started.

The bands continued. Peaches, who was working, on his ONLY day off, finally clocked out and took off. (He still loves me, FYI, even when he looks like he’s ready to kill someone. Whew. I love my Peaches.)

The final band went on, which includes Drummer and another guy who used to work the door at My Living Room, and they reminded the small crowd to tip the bartenders, which made me love them even more. (band folk, that is key to earn the love of the bartenders, just sayin’) (which reminds me, I think there’s a Shiver show coming up that I need to attend.)

After the bands were done is where the fun starts.

First, I get these guys, one after another at the bar, asking if I am me… I kind of freak – I know my old reputation, and I’m trying to hard to bury it – but then they tell me my old regulars told them I was working there again, and they should introduce themselves since I’m a “rad chick.” I nearly died on the spot. Swoon.

Next, one of my old fave regulars, a girl, shows up… and I swear, I thought she was going to faint when she saw me. She was SO happy! These reactions? Make me remember how much I loved working there. And make me so much more dedicated to be that new me at the bar.

And @psylum showed up. Yay!!!!!!! I love that him! He only stayed for one beer, but we talked enough that I’m sure it took him forever to drink that one beer. Love you! And goodness, I missed you. 🙂

And then… Then, techno music comes out of the jukebox. Techno. The guys who played it are oh-so-proud of themselves, and are newer regulars, and had a plan…

Next up? Rick-rolling the bar. Love! Then Huey Lewis (sorry, my request, and they picked one of the cheesiest ones to play.) Then Tracey Chapman. Really? We all agreed we all hate the song… And I think the last was a Simon & Garfunkel…

But then… Miley Cyrus. Party in the USA (is that the right name? IDK. Don’t care, either)

And last? Michael Jackson dance party. All over the place. All. Over. The. Place. Back table? Check. Multiple people out in front of the bar? Check.

It was hilarious. Everyone had such a great time. I loved it. Was I sweaty, gross, and running my butt off? Oh, absolutely. Did I love every second of it? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes.

I can’t wait for next Saturday!!!

The Return!

3 10 2010

As you know, last night was my first night working back at My Living Room. So how did it go?

Well, I got a terrible night’s sleep on Friday, and spent most of the day Saturday being nervous and a little freaked out about Saturday night. And the nerves continued until about an hour into the shift.

The register system at My Living Room didn’t help my nerves when Viking tried to log me in and it basically told him, “That person no longer works here, and no, we will not let you enter her into the system again.” (We eventually figured out the problem.)

It definitely felt strange to be behind the bar as an employee again. But I had nothing to worry about. It helped that the Viking and Peaches were working me. I loved working with those two, and still do. They even managed to not laugh out loud at me when I had questions on where things were in the register or needed to have help making a shots or drinks that I know I’ve easily made 1,000 times. (Thanks, guys!)

And the best part? I spent most of the night SMILING. We were decently busy, made decent money and we all had FUN. FUN working at the bar!

Thanks to all of my rugger friends who showed up and to my Twitter buddies who showed up en masse. It was great to see all of those friendly, smiling faces across the bar again.

Hope to see you all back there again sometime soon!

I’ll be working again Saturday and Sunday nights next week! I can’t wait. No, really.


29 09 2010

In my posts here and on Facebook, and heck, even via email, I have received an overwhelming response of support for my return to My Living Room.

Friends will be there! Friends with kiddos and friends who do not have kiddos.

Friends are putting babies to bed, and then showing up. Other friends are potentially hiring sitters for their kiddos, and stopping by.

Knowing that I love all those kiddos and babies, and seeing that these parents, and also my non-child-having friends have put this on their calendar? I’m shocked, and so lucky to know them all. And lucky they know this is important to me. It is, to be honest. I love My Living Room. I always have. And I always will love it.

I’ve been thinking about this bar thing all week long.

And it will be fine… I, myself, will be FINE.

I will work my a** off, and work with my former co-workers and have a great time.

The nerves are subsiding, and the excitement is building. Wish I could find the shoes I planned to wear though. They seem to be missing. Erm…

Where are my shoes!?

Ok, so it wasn’t that bad…

15 03 2009

St. Pat’s that is. At My Living Room. Really, it wasn’t. Started of very lame and very NOT busy. Very. Then the men’s team descended on us. Along with a few parade attendees… And it was fun, more on that in a moment… But it was also stressful, because dealing with the parade attendees, who have been drinking ALL DAY LONG is very difficult. Them: “I want a beer.” Me: “Really? What kind of beer?” Them: Dumb, vacant look like I’ve asked them to tell me where the Fountain of Youth is located. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. About a thousand times. Honestly ask Uncle Crappy or Mrs. Crappy. They witnessed one of what might be my favorite idiots of the day. (Right when they managed to find a seat at the bar!) UncleCrappy and Mrs. Crappy are super duper people. I’m incredibly happy I was done kinda early and could SIT DOWN and enjoy a drink while they had their beer! I’m pretty sure they rock the world because we all went to Ohio U. Right? Of course I’m right… But I have a special surprise for UncleCrappy in after the last pic…

The day was fun because the rugby guys who were there are ones I really like. I like waiting on them when I bartend and I like hanging out with them on the other side of the bar. They do NOT create stress over & above my waiting on them as a 30-man collective. They don’t CAUSE issues at My Living Room… I mean, who can be upset with these folks:





An these two? My adoring fan club at the end of the bar? Smiling at me…. Begging me to leave My Living Room and go to another bar with them? How could I resist that? Especially when they were there on the happiest day ever last fall??? How CUTE are my two fan club boys?????? How could I refuse??? Unpossible.


Thankfully we were entertained before the Crappy’s left…  A good friend of mine has been perfecting his bagpipe skills. And he was awesome. I’m sure UncleCrappy will back me up on this one. And here comes the big news for Uncle Crappy…


You see that guy on the right??? Yeah??? He’s an OHIO STATE FAN!!! He’s an OSU Graduate!!! Woot! He’s a new-to-rugby-guy. And dang if he didn’t make me mad first time I waited on him a few weeks ago. But after yesterday and today? I love him. He rocks. He’s a trooper. AND he forgave me at one point for the Fiesta Bowl fiasco. He showed up today, in pain for the Scotland v. Ireland rugby match. I have a feeling that this dude and I will become good friends in the fall… I finally have another OSU fan to watch football games with!! Yay!!

I probably have to go to practice on Tuesday and let him know that I’ve outed him as a non-Pitt, non-PSU fan, huh? Well after his day yesterday, I’m pretty sure he’ll still just be happy that I am also an OSU fan…. WIN!

Covered in Blood…

8 03 2009

You think I’m kidding… I bet… But I’m not. Tonight an uber moron at the bar, who was kicked out during the Super Bowl, started a fight. With a new guy. And guess who got involved, along with oh, about 8 of my men’s team players? Me. And what was the result? I bore the brunt of the blow to the new guy’s nose. Covered in blood. This has never happened to me before. All the pics I have now are post-work. I did have someone take a picture or two right after, but haven’t received them yet…. here is my night, post-work, in pictures.

My jeans, as I looked working from 10pm or so on... nice.

My jeans, as I looked working from 10pm or so on... nice.

Upper left hip. Awesome.

Upper left hip. Awesome.

My left hip. Also how I wore them all night long.

My left hip. Also how I wore them all night long.

The remainder of my left leg...

The remainder of my left leg...

Oh, but it gets better. Cause I had to change my shirt… And the a-hole who caused this? Yeah, I put the new shirt on his tab. And he’s going to buy me new jeans. And an effing new bra…. Cause I have no idea how to get that blood out of my regular job jeans. eff me.

Most of my shirt.

Most of my shirt.

Aw, nice. The bottom of my shirt.

Aw, nice. The bottom of my shirt.

Top of the shirt. Yes, my neck and face were covered. Nice. Right?

Top of the shirt. Yes, my neck and face were covered. Nice. Right?

Left sleeve...

Left sleeve...

Right sleeve...

Right sleeve...

One part of the ruined bra. don't judge. i'm effing mad.

One part of the ruined bra. don't judge. i'm effing mad.

Yet another part of ruined bra. Don't judge, again.

Yet another part of ruined bra. Don't judge, again.

Did I mention that jerk-face’s debit card was declined when we ran it? No? Well, god help him if I see him sometime soon. In the event he is not banned from My Living Room, I will NEVER, EVER wait on him again. My jeans are done. My Bra? Done? My shirt that I got for Christmas and wore outside of work for the first time ever?? DONE. And as far as I’m concerned, that jerk-off is DONE.

Way to go on that “Don’t Make the Nice Claire Angry” thing. Geebus.

Pretty Effed Up

22 02 2009

That would be me – well, my life – right now. Besides my car and tire issues, tonight as I closed the bar, I knocked my phone into my co-worker’s “shift drink.” A White Russian. It may or may not be dead. I don’t know yet. It’s sitting next to me in a bag of rice – my attempt at drying it out.

Thankfully, I have my old phone that I can use. But geez… when is the suck going to end?