4 12 2010

Brewfest was tonight. And it’s over. Thank everything you every pray to on my behalf. Please.

It was a grand success. I don’t have numbers. Or the fave beer, or judges top beer, or raffle prizes yet. I get to spend the next few days doing that. Go Me!

But it was a great night. Busy. Not too cramped. Lots of delicious beverages were had.

My ruggers worked their bums off. And I appreciate it.

And then many went to My Living Room.

Oy. It was so packed, I don’t even wanna go there.

Thank you for your help, your attendance at Brewfest and also to anyone who did anything to help us who reads this here blog. I love you all.

After my maths issue the next few days while counting etc, I give myself some time off, 6 months. And then I’m back at it again.

Yee haw.

Friday! Friday! Friday!

2 12 2010

Wooo boy. Tomorrow is Brewfest. Thank whomever you pray to, because good grief am I happy it’s nearly over.

I want it to be 9pm Friday night. Right. Now.

I also want to see Little C every day, so you see how I’m a big fail on the things I want, right?

Things for Brewfest are good to go. I spent today and will spend tomorrow running errands for the event.

And then, the Brewfest will happen, and if all goes well, I will have NOTHING to do that night but monitor, help the beer judges find their way through the crowds, and monitor again.

Oh, and I will get to see a zillion of my Twitter friends. 🙂 I can’t lie, I’m super, duper happy for that part.

Muchos thank yous out to the ruggers who helped so much with this. I’d list you, but it would take me an hour, and then I’d obviously forget someone, and feel like a ding dong for doing so.

So thank you all. And my tweeps for supporting my event. And every other single person who bought tickets. I love you all.

And, yes, Uncle Crappy and Father Spoon, I’m *starting* to love beer.

You’re welcome

Do you like how I somehow managed to fit Little C into this post?  I do…  (That’s my sly little way of fitting my lovely – Little C – into every post I can…) Hah. If you saw her, you’d want her in every post as well. TRUE STORY!! (also, 19 days till I see her again!)

School. Day 1.

18 05 2010

Hooray for school starting!

For once, I was able to wake up not just on TIME, but a full hour and a half before I needed to get up to get ready for class. Nerves, anyone? Did I mention I didn’t sleep Sunday night? Like, at all? Good grief.

The professor told us NOT to buy the textbook that is sold in the bookstore. Yeah, the one I bought yesterday… (I nearly didn’t buy my books on Monday & considered buying them after my 1st class, but being how I am, I wanted them before class…) We DO need the lab manual, but she said we don’t need the text. For reference, she said that any collegiate-level biology course text from the past 3-4 years will suffice. (Anyone have one they want to donate for the semester or charge me next to nothing to take off your hands?)

Anyway, today’s lesson was about the Scientific Method. Really, basic stuff in my opinion. This opinion could be because I suddenly remembered stuff from my 10th grade Biology class… or learned it from Lili somehow, since she’s the Biology Master… and totally understood it all… (including concepts that I totally failed to understand in HS. Things like deductive and inductive reasoning, and dependent and independent variables. The extent to which these confused me back then is SILLY.) But I totally got it today.

The only negative was the number of people a) arriving late. VERY late… who does that for the first class? Or at all? and b) the number of questions about some very basic concepts of the Scientific Method. This kind of confused me… how do I remember this from high school and people younger than I do not? And then I remembered I’m an uber-dork, with a sister that teaches HS Biology and Anatomy & Physiology, and that I have a memory that allows me to remember the STRANGEST things on the planet, but forgetting things I need to do day-to-day.

School part 2 started around 5:45ish when I showed up at the Backstage Bar in Theater Square for “Crappy Beer School.” As I said before, I was attending for CPG who wouldn’t be home in time. Between that post and tonight, Mr. HowIMetYourRugger managed to find two additional people to attend: a non-rugby friend and my rugby buddy, Giggles!

Before HIMYR & Co. arrived, I entered the venue with two other friends (Shadow & his lovely wife-to-be.) because the jazz band in the bar was OMG. SO. LOUD. The Beer School venue is set up with a bunch of tables on the floor, and then, in the back, three rows of tiered seating, 13 seats per row. Turns out the folks I entered with were in the row behind me, just a seat over. Then FatherSpoon showed up. And sat down next to me. Since his lovely wife couldn’t make it, he brought Mr.Dirby…

Around then, HIMYR showed up with Giggles. I went to give HIMYR to give him his ticket and he decided to give his ticket to Giggles and sit with his buddy at the table. Yes, my “date” bailed on me, but I WIN! (Little mini-date with Birthday Girl’s boyfriend!! Giggles & BG invited me over a few times last week, but I couldn’t go because I was sick…)

Next, MrsCrappy and a new (first IRL) friend, Andrea, showed up and sat right behind me. Ergo, I WIN = Giggles, Spoon, Dirby, Shadow & lovely wife-to-be, plus MrsCrappy and Andrea… All of 8 us in the same oh, approx. 8 foot by 4 foot area. Welcome to the bad kids section of the event… lol.

Besides Giggles, most of us Tweeted (sorta live-Tweeted, but not that serious… See Spoon’s tweets… ahem.) the event. Like I said, sort of… A certain Nash-vegas transplant requested that we start the wave. I showed the request to all involved and they all agreed. However, we were literally in the clear back, the event was about to end, and well, most people had drank at least 2 bottles of beer (4 beers total, to share between 2 people) and perhaps other beers before the event, so it didn’t happen. Sorry, Nash-vegas transplant!

Being that I’m NOT a beer lover, per se, (although Uncle Crappy certainly is convinced that he’ll make me one) I really did have a great time.

I did not drink that much. I did try each beer, but those I couldn’t or didn’t want to finish, I gave to Giggles. School tomorrow, and my absolute fear of more heartburn took over. Look at me being all responsible… Also, family, please do not fall onto the floor from that statement.

Would it have been different if a bunch of my good friends, and a new friend, were not in the same area? Maybe. Did the presence of friends that were there (and not just the ones sitting in my area or hosting) make it better? Absolutely.

Thank you, CPG, for letting me go in your absence. I owe you something… Figure out what & let me know. 🙂 I wish you could have been there, and we should definitely go to one of these together in the future. And thank you, friends, for making the end to such an important day (biology class, yo!) in my life that much better.

Sorry I had to leave you early. But please understand, I have this cheering section for this class, and for my future: The Nana, The GrandPa, Lili, (and maybe Little C, I’m sure Lili could get her to cheer… Or laugh, clap, say “Burr” aka bird, and giggle and babble…), and you Tweeps, and I appreciate the cheering and support SO MUCH that I cannot let these folks down, most especially, my family… I CANNOT. I WILL. NOT. I’m going to kick Biology’s butt myself, and for them.

**Quiz #1 is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, and if it IS happening, that means my attendance at the Marathon Volunteer party & baseball game will NOT happen, unfortunately. Sorry, but I just can’t risk it. I know you that know me understand. 🙂 And I thank you for it.

Ready to kick some more Biology butt tomorrow! WOO HOO!

Oh! And thanks to all my Facebook friends who wished me luck & “liked” my status and wished me luck. Thank you. 🙂

Wide open spaces…

3 12 2009

Alrighty. I really need some help here, peeps & tweeps. Please share, re-post, re-tweet, whatever. I just need suggestions!

While we love where we have Brewfest now, we really do.. There are things that we could improve upon if we had just the “right” place.”

What is my dream space for my Brewfest? (Keep in mind this also involves what we want and what we NEED…)

  • Somewhere with an open floor plan. Not a few places somehow tied together. (this is MY personal dream. My helpful planners are not on the same page. My flow plan worked this year. I will guarantee any open floor plan I’m given will work. I PROMISE.)
  • Said open floor plan would ideally have a nifty corner where we could have a band or set up a rent-a-stage for a band….
  • Somewhere with at the very least one ice machine and a kitchen type environment.
  • No carpet.
  • Somewhere with at least two bathrooms each for men and women. On the same floor. Or at the most one each on the same floor and another one floor away…
  • Said bathroom should come with the regular old stuff like toilet paper, soap, water and paper towels. And it should be clean when we show up. (Not kidding – previous establishments have had nasty – I kid you not NASTY – bathrooms when we showed up! We cleaned them!!)
  • Somewhere that had multiple elevators if it was over 3 flights up. And if it was so, a freight elevator to help us move stuff in & out.
  • Oh! Somewhere in or super-duper near to the city of Pittsburgh…  I’m talking downtown, Station Square, South Side, Mt. Washington or very, very near to there…
  • Somewhere able to accommodate 1,000-1,500 people, including attendees, brewer reps and volunteers.
  • Somewhere that can allow for an outdoor area, if needed. For a smoking area, a get fresh air area, whatever…

There you go. That’s it for now. Most locations can’t meet even half of those, let alone the ones that are super important (ice, bathrooms, elevators) to just the general function of the event…

I’m taking, any, all and any random ideas. We’re looking into everything peeps/tweeps. Random open spaces…

Actually, wide OPEN SPACES. Please…

Church halls, fire halls, convention center, arenas/sports facilities. Whatever ideas you have, send ’em my way. Please. And thank you very much.


18 11 2009

I think we have our heads right and will have totals on Brewfest within a day or two. And surveys are being sent out. Whatcha think? If you get the survey, please tell us. Good or bad. It’s just so much to deal with, even after everything that led up to the event. As a responsible event planner, I’m trying to check back with our attendees… Two years ago? I never thought of this. Now, it’s another responsibility.

And yet, some ruggers didn’t work and hid from us so they didn’t have to work. That? Hurts. It hurts me a ton, especially since I said all along, you work all night, you don’t pay – and unsaid, I’d have loved you forever as a rugger. I know who worked. And who hid. And who hid and did work. And who just tried to drink their faces off while pretending to work.

Those of you in the hid & worked category, you’re ok. I’m not pleased, but I’ll deal with it. Kudos to you!!! I thank you – thirty times over! Thank you!!

Those of you who I KNOW didn’t work? Or who pretended & drank? I’m so disappointed with you. Honestly, that should make you feel worse than those who didn’t work.

I might be a task-master and make you think you work your a** off. But in reality, the rest of us have been working for months behind the scenes. And for you to be unable to give us 2-3 hours of work? I AM SO DISAPPOINTED in you as a human being.

Those of you who have seen me working at My Living Room and yelling in the past, or have seen me at Coopers Lake, or saw me yelling at Brewfest, that yelling is nothing to being let down and what I feel towards my clubmates for this. So disappointed.

There were a number that I didn’t expect to show up & work – and they did. In mass numbers! I kid you not! I have pictures from others to prove it. I’m proud, so proud, of those people. They proved me wrong. I LOVE being proved WRONG.

I hate being let down.

Good luck, to those who let me down. That’s all I’m going to say. Because I’m not going anywhere, and I’ll remember this.

Good luck.


15 11 2009

Brewfest is over! Done! Whew.

Things went really well. Cindy Lou and I did a bang up job!!

I don’t have exact numbers yet, tickets still need to be returned. Hopefully by December I’ll have totals. Oy.

But things went really well. I am happy that things turned out so great.

I have to figure out where some random thingts went, and I found a jacket that doesn’t belong to me in my stuff.

I’m just happy it’s over.

Now? I have to keep trying to find a job and get ready to go see my Little C in just under two weeks. Sweet.

Freak Out!

12 11 2009

Awww, yeah… tomorrow is Brewfest.

And if I didn’t realize I was freaking the heck out, my super awesome shoulder pain (where I obviously “store” my stress) is back in full force, screaming at me.


I think we’re ready. Well, by we, I mean everyone else. I’m currently trying to wrap up online Will Call sales, print out about 2,763 pages of docs (ok, that might be an exxageration. Maybe.) and figure out what the heck is going on tomorrow.

I know I am forgetting approximately 300 things.

Will call ticket sales have come in, I kid you not, every few minutes, all day today. To the point that it took me an hour tonight to make sure I got all the orders recorded. Wow.

Nearly 800 tickets sold so far. And I expect a ton of walk-ins tomorrow night. 84 beers. Who can turn that down? Even myself, as a non-beer drinker, has a few on the list I want to try.

Especially Tommyknocker’s Maple Nut Brown Ale. I’m sorry, but if you combine just about anything with Maple Syrup? I will try it. Most likely, I will love it. I believe I’ve discussed my love of the Starbucks Maple Macchiato here. No longer exists (Starbucks? Super fail. You’d have all my coffee $$ in the fall if you still had it!!) So here’s hoping for the Maple Nut Brown Beer.

If you’re coming tomorrow and don’t know me in person yet, I’ll most likely be near the entrance, but if you can’t find me, ask someone in a black & gold rugby shirt to find a “lead” and call me on our super-cool walkie talkies… I’ll come find you!

Here’s hoping I survive tomorrow night!

(P.S. Who’s bringing me a bottle of American Honey so that I can make it through the night? Anyone? Anyone?)