Dear The Nana,

19 10 2010

I want to wish you the happiest of happy birthdays ever! (tomorrow)

Happy Happy Birthday, Ma!!!!! (that looks strange, just imagine me calling out to you, “ma!” like I do, okay?)

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (more than life)

I’m so jealous of you spending your birthday with my Little C… Please give her a big hug and kiss from her Ahn Cleh.

And, I hope you love your birthday present from The GrandPa, Lili and I.

I happen to think this might be the best present we’ve ever selected for you.

I cannot wait to see you in November. I CANNOT WAIT.  I need to see my Mom. Sooo much….

I hope you have a great birthday, and that Little C gives you lots of hugs & kisses. She loves you so much. As do all of us.

Love you & happy birthday, The Nana.


7 06 2010

I survived the bus ride. The whole thing. It was a lot of fun, but it was tiring. The birthday girls both had a great time though.

As a special surprise for CPG’s birthday, her boyfriend, HIMYR aka Fashion Forward, arranged for the two of them to attend Sunday’s Buccos Game. He also arranged for Birthday Girl, Giggles, Pseudo-Twin, UVA and myself to also attend to surprise CPG. The celebration didn’t stop there. Pseudo-Twin brought along some of the party attire she had forgotten the night before. A tiara, a feather boa and a sash.

HIMYR also got a Happy Birthday wish for CPG up on the jumb-tron during the 4th inning. Good job, HIMYR.

All in all it was a birthday WEEKEND of epic proportions.

Guess who’s turning the big 3-0!

4 06 2010

Our good friend, Calipanthergrl, is turning 30 tomorrow. Please send her a tweet or something to say happy birthday!!

Welcome to the 30+ club, my friend. It’s really not as bad as I complain that it is. Sometimes. Usually. Maybe. *ahem*

Anyway, CPG and another rugger, Mercedes*, turn 30 within a week of one another. And rather than ignore it, or let it pass with minimal celebration, these two decided to have a big shindig.

They rented a party bus, which boards at 9pm outside of My Living Room. We’re then headed to Firehouse Lounge in the Strip, Rivertowne North Shore, and Whim in Station Square.

Good grief. This is going to be a spectacle. I’ve never, ever, been on a party bus before… I should also point out that CPG’s brother is in town, and when he’s around, you never know what’s going to happen. And we’ll obviously need photo evidence – my camera is charging as I type this.

Unfortunately, because I’m STILL – yes STILL! – unemployed, I may not make it to Whim. Right now I’m hoping for Firehouse Lounge and Rivertowne.

CPG: I hope you had a great time with your family this week and that you have the best time ever tomorrow night. Thanks for continuing to be one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had. You’re still the bestest. Because you’re so fancy n’at, I am planning to wear a dress tomorrow in honor of your fancy ways. (thus the text I sent you tonight – peeps wait till you see pics from tomorrow!!)

*Mercedes – I really need a new/better name for this teammate. But I couldn’t come up with something this evening.

Consider this my NaBloPoMo post for Saturday, June 5th, btw.

Happy Birthday!!

5 06 2009

You should all join me in wishing the wonderful @Calipanthergrl a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Friday!! If you know me, and you don’t know her? Shame on you! Because she is one of the most fan-freaking-tastic people I have ever met.


CPG: I hope that you had fun at OUR Living Room Thursday night. And I hope that you have a wonderful birthday. I am so thankful that we are friends and that you decided to play rugby. The club and I are both VERY lucky to have you around!! You know I’m always here if you need it. Be it a random drill bit, a baby sitter for your kitty, whatever. 🙂

You are truly the bestest.

Can I order a birthday cake made of bacon?

24 04 2009

Just a reminder that Fashion Forward has asked me to notify all of our friends out there in the Twitterverse that this coming Tuesday is his birthday. To celebrate, we will be heading to Bacon Night at the Harris Grill. So this, Tweeple, is your warning. FF will be guest posting on here in the next few days and will provide you with more info.


I leave work today at 5pm… I leave for DC tonight around 7pm. Somehow in those two hours I have to drop off a prescription at Walgreen’s, drive home, pack everything I need for a weekend of rugby, Super Woman & sewing, wait for BG to get dropped off, pick up the prescription at Walgreen’s, and then make it to Monroeville. Yeah. Right.

I may attempt to post updates here on our tournament, depending on how things go. Since my phone doesn’t like to cooperate, you may see the same post 30 gazillion times. Just warning you now.

Have a fun weekend y’all. The Angels will be kicking butt in DC on your behalf.