The wheels on the bus…

27 09 2011

I have lived in Pittsburgh for my entire life, save for a year or so after I was born, and my years at Ohio U.

Sunday night was the very FIRST time I rode a PAT bus on my own. I was terrified.

I’ve only ever rode the busses here in the ‘Burgh with my friend, Nix. She KNOWS the busses. (I also asked her what bus & what time to get home from So Side, after I consulted the schedule. And I asked another co-worker. I was *that* freaked out.)

I’ve rode the subway and busses in Toronto and Montreal with less fear than I had tonight…

Why did I have to ride the bus? Well, there was something wrong with my Cobalt.

It started Friday on the way to work. At a stop sign, where I stopped fully, I noticed my speedometer showed I was still driving at 10MPH. Uh, no, I wasn’t.

I wrote it off as crazy Chevy stuff (things have happened kind of like that with my last three Chevy’s, so yeah…)

And on the way home, on a down hill, I hit the gas and nothing happened…  I had to pull over, stop  and re-start the car to get home… Still with the same issues.

But then on Saturday, the MPH when from 10 to 5 to 25 to 15 to 35… But it only happened a few times. Not always.

I was terrified to drive Sunday night to work. But I couldn’t NOT work, so Cboy and his lovely picked me up on their way to the South Side from the Pgh Zoo.

(Side note: I’m totally jealous of Cboy and his lovely. They had a great day at the zoo and saw more than I’ve ever seen!!!! Yay for them. Also, thank you.)

I got to work so early, that even Viking commented that I was even earlier than usual. (I’m ALWAYS early for work. Always. But this was definitely earlier than normal.)

And then, since we were so not busy at work, I took a bus home, the 54C, all by myself. I thought I had to walk from 22nd to 18th to get the bus, but I had an inkling that the 54C stopped outbound at 22nd… Many thanks to the nice girl who works at The Library in So Side for helping me when I asked her about the bus. And also to her to telling me that the bus ran late on Sundays, and would be there in maybe 10 minutes at one point. So. Helpful.

I didn’t have to pay for my ride, the fare thingy box was broken.

I called the dealership around 9am on Monday. They said since I didn’t have an appointment, I’d have to leave it or wait. Uh, I don’t have people (aka my parents when they lived here) to pick me up, so I have to wait. My “assigned” guy said it could be up to 5 hrs.

He reinforced this when I actually got there around 10 or 11am… I again told him I didn’t care, I had homework to do, and had no one to pick me up.  I was willing to sit, do my homework, and wait…

He seemed perturbed. But that isn’t my problem.

The only issue is the temporary waiting area at Baierl. No television as before. And the magazine selection? Hunting, guns, wine and cigars. Where am I???? West Virginia? Plus a single copy each of: Redbook, Good Houskeeping and Consumer Reports… Good lord.

I at first,  sat next to a woman who was filing her nails. No, I’m wrong, she was FILING HER NAILS LIKE A CRAZY PERSON. In the Baierl Chevy waiting area. I removed myself from her to sit by a nice man at a table. He was kind, and wished me an early reprieve from the dealership.

The dealership fixed up my car. It wasn’t my fuel pump. Thank god, since I’ve heard many horror stories on fuel pumps. It was just corroded electrical connections, which, apparently, many other Cobalt owners have had issues with.

I have missed hours of library time this weekend because of this car. (okay, also because Viking added a Friday shift for me, but still) The same issue will plague me this coming weekend. At least I seem to have a working vehicle…

Dear gray Cobalt, I know I have no name for you, as I had for the past 5+ cars I have owned, but I love you. I really do. I do enjoy driving you, and littering you as I please…  Please make this up to me and be the bestest car ever….


22 06 2010

It’s official. I now own a 2008 Chevy Cobalt LT Sedan. Hooray!

I’m pretty sure it is twice as long as the Midgie, so parallel parking should be a fun adventure.

Quick pro/con of the car & the process. I’m going against the grain and doing the Cons first:


  • I received a call today telling me they didn’t have the paperwork yet. It should have arrived yesterday. And it did… But it was delivered to the Baierl Honda location rather than the Chevrolet one.  Thanks, UPS.
  • I was told I had to come in after 4pm because they had steam cleaned the interior and it needed to dry. I was told it was dry when I was given the key*. Uh, it was NOT dry… Good thing I had a towel in the trunk… It still wasn’t dry when I got home at 7:30pm.
  • The guy I work with was on vacation, so a different sales person handled the paperwork, etc. He got confused part way through… He said he didn’t handle the paperwork end of things… so here’s hoping that everything is in order.
  • They gave me one single key. Just a key – not a key with a remote for the doors etc. The sales man looked for more keys & the remote and couldn’t find it. So now they have to order them for me…
  • The interior of the car wasn’t as clean as I believe it should have been. It’s still a little dusty and there was liquid (from the steam cleaning, I assume) in the front & rear cup holders. Um…


  • The driver’s seat is super comfy. Even better than the Midgie, and 30,000 times better than that stupid Kia.
  • I love the color. Love.
  • The trunk is so big that I could probably fit a few people in there. Or every single thing that was in the back seat & hatchback of the Midgie.
  • The radio presets allow me to set FM and AM stations right on the radio display so that I don’t have to switch between AM & FM bands to get to the individual presets. Awesome.
  • The radio also has a jack where I can attach my iPod… I just have to figure out what adapter I need.
  • The instrument panel has a “Driver Information Center” that shows me outside temperature & mileage in normal mode, but also shows the fuel range (until empty!), average fuel economy, average speed, engine oil life… Fuel range is an awesome feature for me, since I might have been known to run out of gas in the past… (Not since way before I owned the Midgie, but still…)
  • Automatic Headlamps.
  • It has CRUISE CONTROL!!! We didn’t expect it to have it. But there it is smack dab on the steering wheel. Bonus!

Besides trying to get the seat in the right spot & angle to drive, nothing annoyed me about the car at all… It drives like the Midgie did, but it feels heavier & I guess more sturdy. And the gas & brakes aren’t quite as “jumpy” as that stupid Kia was.

So yeah, I like this car. And besides some jerk changing lanes on McKnight Road – barely fitting between my NEW CAR and the car in front of me, and then hitting his brakes (hello flashbacks to the accident…)  my drive home was quite pleasant.