And the rants begin…

9 10 2008

So I’ve been tossing around the idea of blogging for quite some time now. Mostly because I need an outlet for venting that is not in physical human form in front of me. And through my forays into the blogosphere, I have read a good friend’s blog almost religiously, and gained some currently internet-based friendships with people whose opinion on this I’ve come to trust. And they all believe that I should be out here sharing with everyone. Such a scary thought.

Now, considering the number of people I interact with on a daily or weekly basis, we’re going to end up with a long, long list of who’s who when I figure out what to call everyone… It’s almost an impossible task to undertake, but I really am looking forward to coming up with names & descriptions for all the crazies I know. It’s gonna be a great time!!

I have a few activites that I don’t want to totally share here, and it’s hard to do so, so I’m going to have to get used to it. Sufficed to say, I’m involved with a local organization that involves men and women. We’re totally one group. That is the “Company Line.” But we’re still, somehow, two individual groups in one organization. As a member of the administrative team, it’s seriously hard to manage that. I’m probably the one female in the club that supports the men more than anyone else, yet they drive me insane.

The “Men” have this job they have to finish… they started it a long time ago. It could net them $1000 if they EVER finish… and this weekend is the planned “finish.” Note that the work has to be done after a certain establishment closes… at 2am… We tried to finish this a few weeks ago. But only one other person showed up besides me – the organizer of said work, who will now be called “Dilbert”. So this Saturday we’re spreading the word that people need to show up. I have this annoying idea that it’s going to be two of us again… and that will stink. And that will result in my demanding that the $1000 be split somehow (70-30?) between the boys and girls. The girls did show up at one point to help us do some cleaning. I already do enough for these people, no reason I should just do all this stuff for the guys when they don’t show, right? Right?