Big Sister Behavior.

30 07 2012

And I am a Big Sister. To Lili. And now, Little C is a big sister to G-man….

So… I’ve tried every time I see Little C lately, to help her be a good big sister. It’s hard. So hard.

Mommy loves you, but she has to re-direct most of her attention to your sibling, boy or girl. And those small little sisters or brothers? They need a lot of attention. If you’re three at the time, or five as I was.  It’s really hard to be a good big sibling, with only two of you. I know this. I lived it.

So, The Nana fed me some info that C wasn’t being so nice at bedtime.

I told The Nana I would withhold the Big Sister Date. It’s really a big deal for Little C and I. It’s an EVENT! But Nana said withholding stuff didn’t work.

So, I sent Lili a message. If Little C continued her behavior, I would cancel our  Big Sister Date. It’s our day, to go eat lunch out, go the playground, spin stories and have a blast… I honestly did NOT want to cancel it, but if she continued biting and hitting? I would be a bad Aunt to let this go.

I would cancel our date. Not only our date, but A BIG SURPRISE I had for C.

Turns out, Lili told Little C about this message.

The response was not what I wanted. I talked to Lili today… She said when she told Little C, she cried and thought I didn’t love her anymore. Lili told her there was nothing she could do, ever, that would make me not love her. (that is 100% true) But that I wanted her to be a better Big Sister…

It makes me sad that Little C thought I wouldn’t love her. She is the human I love most on the planet. I told her so, earlier tonight.  And she told me she was a good girl all day today!

I can’t wait to see her face, running to me, in the Ft. L airport on Wednesday afternoon. It will be the best feeling ever, to hug her. And then to hug her brother. My tough guy, G-man. Or my monkey. Good grief, that boy is going to test my endurance it seems.

And then to hug my sister.

And my girl, Little C and I, we will have our date… because she is a good girl. A very good little lady.

Then, I will give them my surprise. It’s not someone in person. It’s just me and someone who really wants to tell G-man happy 1st birthday!

I love her so much.

25 02 2012

I came home tonight to a letter sized envelope from Lili. I rarely, if ever, get mail from family…

I wondered why she sent me snail mail… I picked up the envelope, and felt something inside… I was wondering what could be in the envelope…

I instantly hoped it was a gift from Little C. Something inside and letter from Lili or something.

What I opened, was so awesome. It made my day, my week… My month.

Good grief, I’m blessed with Little C… PROOF:

It apparently says "Aunt Claire" at the top. I love.

People, there are puffy heart stickers all over that sucker!!!!!! That’s what I felt!

I called Lili and C before I even took off my coat because I was so happy. They made my month!!!

It says, somewhere on the top “this means Aunt Claire.” How can I not love this little girl? Impossible. She’s so amazing.

I can’t wait until we’re roomies in May for my eldest nephew’s wedding. We’re going to party hard. (aka dance our pants off at the wedding and watch Disney movies the night or two before until we   can’t watch anymore.)

I feel like I win something right now, if at the least, the love of a niece. I love it. And I love her more than anything. She made my day, week, and month with this pic, now on my fridge. Thank you so much Lili, for mailing that to me!!! Her art has taken over my fridge. I

I love it.

God help me when G-man starts moving around and drawing. I’m going to have to invest in tape to put the artwork on the walls… (G! I know you’re content to sit, but start moving cutie-pie!!!)

Little C talks a lot.

28 11 2011

I spent Thanksgiving with my family in Florida. I flew into Tampa on Monday night, expecting to spend a day or two at my parents house, but The Nana and I ended up getting up early on Tuesday and driving to Lili’s house. No complaints here…

I was so excited to see Little C. I had the most amazing time, spending nearly all of my time with C. She’s so verbal for a 2 year old, and happy and fun. I have never wanted to be more silly, and not care who sees that I’m being silly, than I am when I’m with Little C. At home, in stores, at the beach, in the car… Where ever… Silly is our common ground, it seems. (So is cuddling and watching Disney movies.)

Being that C is so talkative, and smart, and hilarious… Here are a few things that have stuck in my brain since the trip. Little C does, in fact, talk a LOT.


Right after I arrived, I gave Little C a cool Disney Princess sticker thing. We were playing with the stickers, and she said, “Aunt Claire, I’m so happy you’re here!” Pause, while I melt…. She has no idea that part of what my life entails right now is because of and inspired by her… (I’ll tell her later. Much later.)


On Wednesday, we were going to go to the mall. So Little C and I headed outside to the van. When we got outside, we ran into two of Little C’s friends. Older kids who live in the neighborhood. She loves these older kids, and calls them her friends. Considering they came by when they saw her and talked to her & I, she’s totally right. These older kids ARE her friends…

She loves when they are out, and can play with them. Since we saw them on their bikes, the following happened later in the day

Little C: “Aunt Claire, did you bring your bike with you? Will you ride bikes with me and my friends?”

Little C clearly thinks I can bring very large things like bikes on the airplane! Also, she assumes that I own a bike… (I did, but I gave it to Lili…)

I answered that I did not, in fact, bring my bike.

Lili: “Hey! We have my and BIL’s bikes at the house. I think my tires are shot, but maybe Claire can ride one of those with you!”

There is more of a story here. I fell off BIL’s bike. So did Papa. But this post is about Little C.

I ended up riding my old bike, now Lili’s, with Little C a few days. It was F.U.N.


When we went to the mall, Little C asked if I would join her on the mall train ride. Of COURSE, I said yes. And I did.

I folded myself into a toddler train thing, and woo-boy, did we have fun! We were in the front car, and got to ring the bell, as much as Little C and I wanted to. (Pretty sure I pulled the cord more than C!) But, after the ride, as my sister and I agreed, the ride goes about 3 rounds too much. But it was so much fun for us to sit up front and ring the bell.


Little C also went to see Santa at the mall.  She did not sit on his lap. She does her own thing, apparently. She walked up with her Mommy, talked to him for a second or two, and gave him a hug, and got a lollipop.

I’m so proud of C for going up to, and just standing and talking to Santa. And for hugging Santa. That’s my girl. She is a hugger. Her hugs rock.

The lollipop he gave her was not sugary. It was some sort of mint, so she gave it to me. She did try it a few times after giving it up, and again told me to take it.

And for me to be there and experience it with Little C. It was, um, AWESOME!


After Thanksgiving dinner, Nana put out a new kitchen towel. It had a snow scene on it with a snow man and woman… It is actually quite adorable…

Little C saw it and the following happened:

Little C: “Oh, it’s so beautiful!” And ran over to it.

Little C: “Nana, where did you get it?”

Nana: (a little dumbfounded because of Little C’s excitement said,) “Um, Kohl’s, I think.”

Little C: (immediatly does an about-face and hugs her Nana and says, “Oh, thank you, Nana. It’s so beautiful.”

She then ran off to tell her Mommy about it. And her Papa. Hah.


There was only one small disappointment in the visit. Dance class.

I never even asked about this, because I didn’t want to be disappointed. Turns out, everything was out of my hands and wishes.

Lili told us they had dance class on the night before Thanksgiving. So Papa and I were super excited to attend dance class. We showed up, and two of Little C’s friends, one friend’s dad and another friend’s grandmother were there with the mommies and daughters. The door was locked.

Turns out, another Mommy (or two mom’s, IDK) had to back out for some reason. And the dance teacher thought class was cancelled.

Everyone was bummed out. Especially the daddy, grandmother, Papa and I. And even moreso, the little girls.  The girls managed to hug it out, though. So cute.


I really, really wish that I had thought to ask Nana or Lili to Flip-Cam our dancing parties that we had. Even in the back of the van (where ONLY the big girls can sit!) We are really good dancers, Little C and I.


Worst part was leaving. Of course…

When I told Little C during our Big Sister date that I was leaving that night and was sad to leave her, she grabbed my hand with both of hers. She said, “Don’t be sad, Aunt Claire.”

So wise, for a 2 yo.

And when I started to cry about an hour before I had to leave… Poor C. She didn’t know what to do. First she flung herself face first into the couch, also sad.

I tickled her and cajoled her into coming up for air…

I got a gigantic hug, and managed to explain to her that I would miss her, that I was sad, and that she had better be a good girl since her Elf on the Shelf (Jolly, is his name) was watching her… And that as long as Jolly told Santa she was good, I would be seeing her at Christmas at Nana & Papa’s house…

She really is a good girl. Just testing her boundaries as a 2 year old. Hard to handle, but she really is just a kind little soul.


I was also told, numerous times, sometimes a few times a day, “Aunt Claire, I love you.”

Unprompted. And not in reaction to me saying, “C, I love you.” I never once said I love you first. She did. I only say it first over the phone!

It was awesome, and I told my lovely that I loved her too.

She is so awesome. I’m so blessed to have her in my life.

I can’t wait until G-man is bigger and I can talk about him too!!!

School stuff.

22 08 2011

Holy cats. I start school tomorrow. TOMORROW! At 8am!

I have to wake up at 6am to get there in time. OMG. 6am does not exist in my life right now.

But it does tomorrow. Surprise to ME!

My classes are as follows:

Tuesday: Anatomy, 8 – 9:15am and Lab 9:30am – noon. Radiology 3:40 – 5:20pm.

Thursday: Anatomy, 8 – 9:15am and Radiology 2 – 3:35pm.

I’m going uber early on Tuesday because I have NO IDEA where the classrooms are. I also want to stop at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a Wake Up wrap. (The wraps are very yummy!)

But, nice studying built in time in there… On purpose. So that I can STUDY! And continue to work at My Living Room and make some money.

But OMG I start school tomorrow.

My scrubs are washed and hanging waiting for me to step into them tomorrow morning.Same for shoes, socks and the under wearings, n’at.

And since I have to be at work after school, my work clothing is waiting for me as well.

I spent nearly $50 on paper, a few binders, folders, pens and a two highlighters yesterday. FIFTY dollars! For binders and paper! And pens! So much money for a few things. dumb.

Good grief, I can’t wait to get started. But OMG I’m scared. So nervous.

But I I KNOW I CAN DO IT. I know I will pass these classes. I know I will.

Please send me any anti-ADD vibes you have, because I can’t deal with that right now… I need to focus. FOCUS, you guys. For a huge ADD girl!

I’m ready for this. I really am. I need something new…

I’m kind of excited to sit in a library and study again. I loved it last year when I took my biology class. So here’s hoping that carries over to two classes this fall.

Good luck to me.

Why am I doing this school thing?

I’m doing this for me. To have a better life.

To make my family proud. My parents, specifically. And also my Lili, Little C, NE and G-man, Semester by semester.

To see Little C and G-Man every time I want to see them.

And, I want a a house. In Pittsburgh. (at least until Lili and NE move elsewhere)

A house where I can modify or hang anything I want. To plant things outside. To use a lawnmower again. Yes, I want to do that!

A house that has at least two guest rooms. Specifically designated to Little C and G-Man.  And one or two couches that pull out to beds. Or room for an inflatable matress for me when they visit. Room for Lili, NE, The Nana and Papa.

I figure I can make this happen. In two years. School. Here we go. I’m ready. I’m taking it head on. Bring it.

New nephew!

2 08 2011

My phone rang at 11:10 this morning. I, of course, was still sleeping. But I heard it ring and looked. Since it was Lili calling, I answered immediately. I figured Little C wanted to talk to me about swimming.

Side note: I’m supposed to go to Florida on August 6th. Little C is beyond excited to go swimming with Aunt Claire… She has been talking about it since July. To the point that she asked Lili if I would wear my swimsuit UNDER my clothes on my flight, so that we could go swimming immediately upon my arrival… (she’s TWO, you guys.)

But it wasn’t Lili, or Little C. It was NE, calling to tell me Lili was in labor, and my parents were on their way. My first question? “Where is Little C?”

She was safe and sound at Lili’s good friend’s house in Florida. I wished them luck and hung up.

I wanted to sleep more, but I had stuff to do for school, so off I went.

At 2:12pm, as I’m in the CCAC Boyce Dean’s office, dropping off paperwork. And I hear/feel my phone. As I walk out, I answer.

It’s Lili. She says she just wants to tell me I have a new NEPHEW! His name, here, at least, is G-Man. She called around 45 min after he was born. (My sister is amazing.) And then she had to hang up quick to snuggle him.

OMG. A boy! I was hoping for HEALTHY baby, but HOORAY FOR A NEW BABY BOY!

I cried. Of course, I cried.

I called my mom approximately ellebenty billion times today over the baby… Once to tell her that her *other* daughter made me cry in public. lol.

When I called my mom before work. NE had come home and told Little C she was a Big Sister to a Baby Brother, and she was SO excited. She’s going to meet him tomorrow. She is going to be a great big sister.

During our convo, my mom mentioned that there was a Tropical Storm coming for Florida… Saturday. Maybe. Turns out, I checked the weather and it’s scheduled (for now) to hit Florida, their area, right around when I’d arrive on the 6th. So tomorrow? I’m going to try to change my flight to Friday, the 5th. I’m spending my birthday with Little C (and my parents, Lili, NE, and G-man) come heck or high water. I don’t care.

I might have to fly through Philly though… The last time I did that, it was November or December and I spent 6 HOURS THERE. Please hope this works out better.

Thanks to my friends who are offering themselves or husbands to drive me to the airport. I love you guys.

Also, I cannot wait to meet G-man and make him a baby burrito. I loves me baby burritos. Can’t wait to see how similar or different he is from his sister… although, I didn’t meet C till she was a month old…

Baby Burrito Time!

Two much.

11 05 2011

Today is Little C’s 2nd birthday. And according to her, when asked how old she will be, she says “two much.”

Well, I totally agree with this. Two is TOO MUCH! How is she already two?

When I wrote for her birthday last year, I wanted my baby burrito back.

Now? I love watching her grow up!

I want more time with her at playgrounds. More time to play in her kitchen. More time doing silly dances and giggling together.

I want more “Hi Cawe” and “I wuv you” on the phone.

I love that she is such a big girl now.  She is going to be a big sister in a few months. She is moving into her “big girl” room soon.

What didn’t change from last year is that I still love her more than I ever imagined I could. She is my favorite person on the planet.

And, I’m still pretty sure she hung the moon and the stars.

This year, I’m buying Little C a “big girl” present. My sister found it, and I LOVE it. It is a Birth Month Flower necklace from Uncommon Goods.

She's getting the May one, Lily of the Valley.

It was out of stock for a little while, but I just purchased it on Tuesday night. And sent it to Ms. Little C. I can’t wait for her to see it!!!

Little C, I love you. I hope you have a great “two much” birthday. I love you very much and will put on some music, and do a silly dance here at home for you today. 🙂

(Keep practicing your silly dance, I will visit you as soon as I can, and I can’t wait to see your silly dance!)

Awesome vacation.

11 04 2011

This is well overdue… I went to Florida in March. I was yelled at by friends on Saturday who read this blog, about not posting much. So here you go…

In this post, “last week,” was March 9-15th.

My vacation last week was awesome. Not only because I saw my parents, Lili and NE, but also because I got some awesome one-on-one time with My Little C.

On Wednesday, I ended up being delayed two hours in Atlanta on my way down, so NE had to pick me up from the airport instead of Lili and Little C. When we got home and into the house, I barely had time to put my carry-on down before Little C told me to “come.” She showed me all kinds of fun toys in her play area. (This was great because I was a little afraid she would be shy or not remember me. Clearly I was wrong to worry, as she yelled my name when I walked in the door!)

On Thursday, we had a Little C and me day, as Little C had a bit of a cold still and stayed home from daycare with me. We went to the neighborhood playground, had peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for lunch, and watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV.

Thursday night, Little C ended up hitting me in the face and had to go to time out. I fail at time out, people. Little C had to sit on the stairs while NE talked to her about what she did. All of a sudden, unprompted to do so, she looks up at me and says, “I sowwy Cawe. I sowwy.” I immediately started crying, because it was so sweet of her. NOT the right thing to do when imposing punishment, Aunt Claire. Sigh. I was kinda yelled at by Lili, and it was totally warranted. I’m just not used to this time out thing with kids.

On Friday, Lili and I dropped Little C off at “school” and I got to see her classroom and meet her favorite teacher. I also got a tour of the play area from Little C. She loves it there.

After school, I picked up Lili and we picked up Little C and headed to The Nana and GrandPa’s house. It was great to see my parents, and sort of surprise my mom (she had an idea I was planning a trip, and I called her on Thursday and had Little C tell her “Cawe here.”)

We had fun playing at Nana and GrandPa’s all weekend.  Little C and I showed Nana our “silly dance.” I wish I had gotten video of both of us or just her doing the silly dance… (I can’t tell you the whole thing, but it involves dancing and waving your arms, jumping, and ends with a few spins. We’re fancy with our silliness, Little C and I.) Nana gave Little C a “Big Like Me” Elmo floor puzzle that she loved using as a bed to lay on and as a desk to draw on. It was pretty cool, the big like me puzzle.

Little C, The Nana, The GrandPa and I went to a playground on Sunday morning. It was so much fun. Little C (all of 22 months) swung on the big girls’ swing, and held on tight, just like I asked her. She did such a great job! We went down some slides, rode on the tire swing – which was kinda scary, just C and I. The Nana had to stop us. I don’t like tire swings… And The GrandPa pushed her on so many swings. We loved it.

On Sunday, when we were leaving, I was helping to pack up the car when Little C and Lili came out to the garage. Little C apparently wanted to ask me something, and after a little prodding from Lili, I was asked if I would sit in the back seat with Little C on the drive home, rather than in the front seat. How cute is that? Of course, I said yes.

Little C and Me had a blast on the way home! Thanks, Lili.

On Monday, Lili started Spring Break, so we had all day for fun stuff.

We went to the playground with one of Lili’s mom friends in Florida. A mom I’ve always wanted to meet. She has a little girl around Little C’s age, and new little boy.

We had fun at the playground, save for Little C walking in front of her friend’s still swinging swing and falling down. (I felt like such a terrible Aunt…)

And I pushed the stroller for Lili’s friend on the way home. I’m pretty sure I made a new friend of her daughter, she smiled the whole way home while I talked to her. And the little boy? He’s a darling.

It was the best trip ever. Sorry it took me so long to post. I’m sure there are things I forgot, and I know there are things with Little C I won’t share, because she’s my girl.

I can’t wait for my next trip. Little C is my favorite shorty of all time.

(My fave part is my friends seeing Little C’s picture (she decided my suitcase was a great seat! She is clearly channeling the cat on that one. He loves my suitcase!) my home screen of my phone and telling me that she’s cute as pie or that “yep, she’s definitely related to you.”) Yes, she is… cute as pie and obviously related, but she’s the most pretty little lady ever.

(I may like her a little bit. Just a little.)

I felt terrible when I left though… I not only started to cry, but I confused Little C. She didn’t understand. She told me not to cry. We had taken pictures outside (she likes planes now…)

And then!


When I was in the security line, I swear on my life, the same security guy I saw the first time I cried my eyes out upon leaving Little C… When she could still be a baby burrito!!! The man who asked if I was okay, I told him no, and why, and he said I could always come visit… Over a year and a half ago… After my very first visit, when I swear she stole my heart… He was there! He greeted me, asked again if I was okay, offered me a tissue! And pleaded with me to not cry, as he would do so as well. That man? He deserves an award of some sort. If I see him again, I will stop crying and tell him what his kindness has meant to me. Really.

The folks in Ft. Lauderdale airport at security are pretty awesome.

(And yes, I cried as I wrote this… BIG SURPRISE.)

I love my sister, her husband, Little C, and even the new baby. And my mom and dad. I hate that they live so far away. I wish I could just drive up and see my parents or sister & family whenever I want.

More “Car”

17 02 2011

My Little C calls me “Car.” To the point that GrandPa (soon to be renamed “Papa” – will get to that in a sec.) actually called me Car on the phone the other day while he was with Little C.

Hilarious. Love it.

Anyway, my poor Little C is sick with yet another sinus infection.

My response was that Little C needs more “Car” in her life. That would seriously cure all that ails her. (Totally kidding, but it’s a great idea, right? To have more “Car” in Little C’s life? RIGHT?) I wish I could make that happen. Like, soon.

See also, fail. I need more Little C in my life, just like I *think* she needs more Car.

Lili is going to take my best girl to an ENT doc and an allergist. We’re all praying that my little lady isn’t allergic to Dewey the dog and Clyde the cat. So pray with us, because we, as an extended family,  couldn’t bear to lose either one of them. It would make us not “us” as a family. Seriously.

Back to the GrandPa/Papa ordeal. We all agreed that my dad would be The GrandPa and my Mom would be The Nana. All went well when Little C started talking. Dad was GrandPa… or as best she could say it… My Mom IS The Nana. That girl? She LOOOOOOOVES her NANA. More than even I remember loving my Nana. (I loved that lady a bucket-load of love.)

But all of a sudden, Little C decided that GrandPa was Papa. And she refuses our suggestions of GrandPa. The Nana was out with Little C the other day, and mentioned The GrandPa. The Nana was corrected, by Little C, “No! PAPA!”

Ok then. You win small adorable person. GrandPa is now referred to as Papa.

I kind of love it, as long as I remain “Car.” I love being “Car.” I’m the best vehicle ever. And I have a personality and, apparently, a good laugh. And? My baby lady loves me.

Swoon over this one:

Little C and Car. Watching the water. SWOOOOOON.

I win at being an Aunt. I do. Look at those pigtails!

Play time.

21 01 2011

This is late… I originally wrote it on 12/29… But I apparently left it in draft status until a friend of mine said he wondered where I was since I hadn’t posted in a while… and that the blog needs more Little C….

Who am I to disappoint… We all need more Little C in our lives. True. Story. Except I have no pics I can share… So deal with it…

So back to 12/29…

So last Monday, I flew to Ft. Lauderdale to spend nearly a week with Lili, NE and of course, Little C. And a few days with The Nana and The GrandPa…

And it was the best time ever. I love my little lady. And her recognizing me, running to me, and giving me hugs, snuggles, and even a toddler reprimand here and there were awesome.

My favorite thing she said to me was, “How do you do, Claire?” (How do do Car!) over, and over, and over again. My goodness, it was so awesome. So. Awesome.

There were also some “No, Car” and “Stop, Car” at random times. We’re still not sure what it was that I did to merit a No or Stop, but whatever. Toddlers know the rules. We do not, obviously.

I was gifted with many meals of fake eggs, sausage and “bead stew,” also known as a small kiddo pot filled with the beads I got Little C at Ti Kanaval. Bead stew was a favorite for all this trip. As were potato chips, random fruits (cooked in the microwave “beep beep beep” and then given out freely.)

Little C loved her Santa gifts on Christmas morning. And when she was told there were more gifts to open, besides the ones unwrapped that Santa had left, she said, “No.” And it took us a while to get her to open gifts. She did help me open most of my gifts, which The Nana thankfully put in gift bags with tissue paper. She’s a good tissue grabber, that Little C.

My favorite gift was being there… And basically everything my parents got for me (new ice skates!, a new vacuum and ironing board) and the framed & unframed pictures from Lili, NE and Little C from the Thanksgiving photo shoot of the family.

The pictures are amazing. There are even shots from when Little C unintentionally threw sand in my face during one family shot. The photog got it in multiple frames. Hilarious!

I say that now. At the time, it wasn’t so pleasant, what with sand up my nose, in my eyes and such.

I love my Little C. And I can’t wait to see her again. Here’s hoping it’s soon!

40 or so hours.

19 12 2010

Until I’m safely at HOME with Little C, Lili and NE. At that point? I WIN!!!

Is it strange that I kinda consider my parents and Lili’s house my home in the world? I don’t think so. It’s where my family is. And that’s where home is for me.

Anywho… Laundry was done today, my suitcase and all the fam’s gifts are packed. I just need to add toiletries and pack my carry-on and I’m good to go.

I decided to wear or pack some of my Woot shirts for this trip.

I think they are appropriate…

First up…

I hope Liil, and especially, my Little C, my lovely, finds the humor in this. She’s still so young, but she’s got a kick-butt sense of humor. I can’t wait to find out what she makes of this.

Second up? Holiday Turtle!!!

This is my Christmas Eve or Day shirt. It’s highly appropriate. Don’t you think? Who doesn’t love a turtle dressed like a tree? Whatevs. Little C will love it.

And, if I’m crazy, I may wear this:

Somehow, I think only Lili, and maybe NE will get this one…

But hooray for my Woot shirts. Hooray!

What really matters is that I’ll be with my family around 4 or 5 pm on Tuesday. For the holidays.

You know I love my family. So you know I’ll be uber happy to be there.