I luv Franco Sarto.

13 02 2009

For those of you who don’t get that… Franco Sarto is a shoe and handbag designer. And I heart him.

We all know some women love shoes… but me? I’ve always been a coat and jacket girl. I can’t even tell you how many times my mom said “NO!” from high school thru parts of college when I found yet another new coat I wanted… I love them. I have no idea why. I own nearly 25 coats/jackets right now… Who needs 25 coats and/or jackets?? I have a bright kelly green London Fog rain coat. Seriously. Ask @djlunchbox. I’m pretty sure he’s seen it. It’s beautiful. I also own a very nice lime green and brown check swing coat that I found at Target in Florida during my Christmas vacation… I own two leather coats – one from Wilsons, a relatively recent addition, and a seriously old-school Members Only leather jacket. I acquired the Members Only jacket from a friend at OU.  I absolutely love it.

But few years ago, I was in TJ Maxx or Marshalls and a purse caught my eye… I loved it instantly.


And thus began my obsession with Franco Sarto…

Since that day, I have added at least 4 more Sarto purses to my collection. I think there are more. I can’t find them…

purse-21I found this one in Florida…. randomly…

purse-3And that one? I lusted after it online for months. And then my mom found it at a store in Florida for somewhere near 25% of what I did…

purse-4Found this one, yes, again, in Florida… and then my adorable mother found this one:

purse-5And sent it to me for Easter last year… I have yet to use it…

Since then I’ve added Franco Sarto shoes to my obsession. Franco Sarto Dublin, in black, to be specific… 3″ heels. But they are incredibly comfy.


That is them in brown… I have the black ones… I planned to buy them in brown and a 2nd pair in black… but I can’t find them online anymore. So sad. So very, very sad…. Yes, I did come close to literally crying.

I still keep a watchful eye out for new FS purses… did I mention that all the purses besides the first one have a little light that goes on inside the purse when you open it? Yeah, it’s controlled by a magnet. And it’s totally awesome!!

I hadn’t found one worth buying yet… but then I called my mom tonight. She and my dad went to lunch today and then wandered over to the outlet mall. And the Wilson Leather outlet. And a purse when she walked in immediately caught her eye thinking of me… but she didn’t think I’d like the color of it – some strange green.. but guess what? Mom wondered around and found a treasure trove of Franco Sarto purses!!! YEA! FRANCO SARTO! (Meanwhile… back at home… what is a not 100% leather Franco Sarto purse treasure trove doing at Wilson Leather?????!!!)

Guess what I’m getting shipped to me in the next week or two???


sarto-purse2And who is entirely excited and can’t wait?? ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the record, my mom was incredibly excited about the purse as well… she even said my DAD liked it… I’m thinking, because my Dad has lately been noticing little things a bit better than back in the day (aka reading the paper, not noticing myself, my mother or my sister – for which you CANNOT blame him AT ALL… 1 man + 3 females?? he survived…) or he said so to make my mom happy, which I also give him credit for. She’s a shopper, he’s a golfer… he tolerates her shopping like no man I’ve ever met.

Anyway, guess who is hoping to take a trip to that new Tanger place for ONLY the Converse and Wilson’s Leather stores… Yeah, that would be ME!!

I love me some Converse AND Franco Sarto….

God help my paycheck… nuts….