Knee Doc…

30 07 2009

Today was the big day. A return to the doc I saw for my MCL tear/sprain a few years ago. (Actually in 2003, a long time ago!)

Seems fitting that my parents met me there today, considering they went with me on the first trip. They had to. I could hardly walk, and they still lived here. So they met me, just to meet me and see me. And sat in the waiting room.

Have I mentioned that I hate not having my parents here? Yes? Well, it’s a recurring theme, so get used to it.

Anyhow, remember how I was complaining about my knee more often to the point that I had such pain that I made the appointment? Yeah, the dang thing hasn’t hurt but a tiny bit since then. Seriously. The day I made the appointment, I was in terrible pain. Even just sitting and doing nothing – forget walking or moving.

And now? NOTHING. Doc poked, prodded, twisted, pushed, pulled – everything he could do. And got one tiny pain response from me. From an area where I’ve never really had pain. (Well below my knee, 3 inches or so, on the interior of my right leg… huh?)

WTH???? I’d like a little consistency here, stupid knee pain. This isn’t all fun & games, yo.

So, the Doc is stumped, as am I. He’s leaning towards meniscus tear, which is pretty much what I diagnosed myself with. Xrays showed nothing (I could’ve told them that).

So now I have an MRI on Monday. Then another appointment with the same Doc a week or so later. And then we’ll see if there is something wrong or if my knee is just trying to make me think I truly am crazy.

Other news…. Spending the whole day Saturday with The Nana & The GrandPa. I. Can’t. Wait.

Someone at work today said they’ve never seen such a big smile on my face nor me so happy. Guaranteed it’s due to my parents being here and the fact that I booked my next three Florida trips…

So glad I didn’t campaign for Little C to be a Bucco fan… As of now, with the Pirates trading away everyone, she will never be allowed to be a Pirates fan. I’m so glad NE is a Red Sox fan right now. Geez. Thankfully, we still have football and hockey seasons that are competitive between the two teams we all like to help Little C figure out how to be a super sports fan!!

And… Only 42 more days till I get to see my Little C again. *Swoon* 42 days. I can wait that long. I hope. I miss her so much. (I also miss Lili and NE – don’t be fooled. I want all of my family within a few hours drive max…) I know the second I see her & hold her again, all will be right in the world again for another month or so… *sigh*

What’s Up?

14 07 2009
  • Here’s the deal. I’ve been sooo busy sewing. Crazy sewing. A dress, things for my Little C, the Little C fabric logo, stuff for Etsy… and then I decided a while ago it would be a great idea to start working on Brewfest. Yes, because I have spare time.
  • But Brewfest (two months earlier than we normally start) is slowly moving along. Certain things are locked down. Some things are pretty much locked down. And then there is a laundry list of things that are not. Sweet. So much fun.
  • I may have some fun exciting news to share tomorrow or in the next day or two. Yay!
  • My knee? The knee that hurt so incredibly badly that I finally called and made a doctor’s appointment? Yeah, it hasn’t hurt since Saturday morning. WTH? Can I please get a small amount of consistency, please? I go from minor, annoying, worrying pain to omg-help-me-pain to NOTHING. Nothing except some seriously minor pain (hardly noticeable) and the lingering feeling that something is wrong there.  I even went to practice tonight and ran around for the better part of an hour, then left and felt no pain. Even now. Stupid, stupid knee pain.

Please. Send. Painkillers.

10 07 2009
    • I just saw a second guy in two days wearing a Hawaiian shirt at work. Not college interns or whatever. Regular old adult men. Ha! I have nothing against Hawaiian shirts, I own one myself. But these are the LOUD, obnoxious ones that are really better suited for parties and not work.
    • A new company-wide rule says I can’t wear flip flops. I don’t own any summer shoes besides running shoes that are NOT flip flops. Yet these men wear Hawaiian shirts to work. Huh?
    • My knee has decided that our relationship is over. No longer do I have occasional pain on the inside of my knee. As of last night, I have full-on pain throughout my entire knee that mostly feels like someone has a knitting needle in there and is just moving it around for fun. And that’s when I’m sitting. Walking? Yeah, not a good idea. If my knee doesn’t give out of it’s on accord, the pain makes is really difficult to walk.  It even hurts when I drive my car and move my foot from the gas to the brake. WTH???
    • I actually considered wearing a SKIRT to work today so that I could wear my gross knee brace in the hopes of alleviating some of the pain. Then I realized how gross the knee brace was. And that I haven’t worn a skirt to work since my last knee injury in 1995.
    • My weekend has gone from crazy busy to almost empty in the last 5 minutes. No Yinz Team softball tonight. *tear*
    • A party I was to attend this weekend is now postponed due to some bad weather we’re supposed to get. We’re getting bad weather? Really? Worse than that ridiculous storm I spent an evening wading through in Monroeville? I swear I watch the news, but I had zero idea it was supposed to rain tomorrow.
    • This free time does allow me some time to figure out what the heck I’m wearing to a wedding celebration in two weeks where many of the men, perhaps my date included, will be wearing kilts.
    • Anyone else shocked that the men I know who are going to this wedding did not ask me to sew them a kilt? Yeah. Me too!
    • Instead, I’m considering sewing myself a dress. A very simple, very plain, very cheap dress. But a new dress regardless. If this surprises you, we need to talk.
    • And by now, you smart folk out there that I talk to on a daily basis or in my Twitterverse are thinking:


    • And being the nice girl that I am, I have answers for you:

    Yes, I am a moron. If you don’t know that yet, we have problems. And besides it’s super fun to hop around the office on your good leg. (1)

    Appointment made. July 30th. (2)

    • Now will someone please send painkillers before I start crying and make you all feel uncomfortable?