Lost – Season 5 – #1&2

22 01 2009

Well, last night certainly was eventful… I was joined in my Lost premiere viewing by some friends. Via Twitter. And WOW. When each season starts, everyone thinks it can’t be anywhere near as good as the last one. And then after the premiere, everyone’s minds are working overtime trying to figure out everything that the new season just threw at them.

And this season was NO different. From the beginning, we were unable to keep track of where the episodes were in the general Lost timeline. Characters past & present were thrown at us left & right. Present day, in the past, in the future? Where are we? Huh?faraday“Because You Left” was really, in my opinion, just a pre-cursor to episode 2, “The Lie.” “Because You Left” showed us Paul Chang dealing with an issue with “The Orchid” on the island… it showed Sayid nearly getting himself killed and ending up unconscious…  it showed us Locke near the “drug plane” & a run in with Etan. And it showed us the beach, where the survivors realize the burning freighter is no where to be found…

boatEpisode 2, “The Lie,”  is where things started happening. The “Oceanic 6” along with Desmond, Frank and Penny are seen discussing what to tell the world when they are found…


Meanwhile, back on the Island all kinds of crazy shit is going on… Charlotte is getting nosebleeds, apparently from the … Rose and Bernard are bickering… the survivors are bombarded by flaming arrows… (I swear, I had nothing to do with the death of “Neil” aka “Frogurt”)

And then, as if the sky opened up just for Chachi, we see Hurley driving an unconscious Sayid down the street. Hurley sees & hears a police car trying pull him over… and who is the officer? Why none other than Ana Lucia…

avisitfromanaGood old Hurley then takes Sayid to his parents place, and he has his father take Sayid to Jack. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Hurley is confronted by Ben. Skeevy Ben. Hurley ends up throwing his Hot Pocket, running out the door and giving himself up to the cops. Aw, geez….

There were two parts of the show where my Tweets and I had questions. First, we see Ben talking to someone at a butcher shop. Apparently this is where Ben is going to store Locke’s corpse for the time being… Who is this woman? I’ve found out that she is “Jill.” She looks very familiar, but I’ve yet to find any evidence that the actress or the character have appeared before, even in flashbacks.

The last part is the end, where Ben is seen speaking to a white haired woman who warns him that he only has 70 hours to get the Oceanic 6 back to the island. This woman is “Ms. Hawking.” Ms. Hawking was previously seen way back in Season 3 as the jewelry store worker when Desmond goes to buy a ring for Penny.

Now,  please bookmark Lost… and Gone Forever for his instant reactions to the episodes last night. Also, go ahead and bookmark Lostpedia too, since it helped me figure out who Jill and Ms. Hawking were…

Finally, the best line from last night, which I can’t stop laughing when I see it… From dacheet, “Who throws a Hot Pocket?!”

All of you who aren’t on the Lost band-wagon, Drink the Kool-Aid, yo. It’s delicious and it goes with everything. We swear.

Another addiction of mine…

7 01 2009

lost-logoLOST. The TV show. I’m a complete addict. Addict doesn’t even begin to cover it actually… Last season, when they moved the show to Thursdays, I left practice early, just so I’d be home in time to watch the show…

lost_cast_s2LOST has a few seasons old habit of running an ARG during the off-season… This past one (which I missed) was apparently awful. But I scheduled my time last winter (not kidding) to participate in find815.com.

find815-adTwo weeks from tonight, LOST Season 5 premiers. Again on Wednesday. WIN! I can’t wait.

For those of you who want to do some catch up, or want more info…

  • There is a “Lost Book Club” that features all the books they’ve featured on Lost (for example the books Sawyer was reading)
  • Check out Lostpedia. Lots of GREAT info… But they do have spoilers, for those of you who try to avoid them, like I do.
  • One of my favorite sites for Lost info & insights into episodes is Lost… and Gone Forever. He does an amazing job of describing the episodes to come and then soon afterwards, recapping and examining them. Love it!
  • DarkUFO is also a great site for recaps, spoilers, and it was an awesome help for the Find815 ARG.

Some other, older, websites:

I’m sure there are more, but those are all that are on my laptop’s bookmarks. I probably have more on my other PC, so check back tomorrow in case there are updates…