16 10 2008

In order for practices & games to happen, The Organization has to spend crazy amounts of money on field rental, equipment, jerseys etc. And some of us actually try to keep track of where that equipment is, what condition it’s in, does it need replaced and so on.

We also host a number of events throughout the year and try to buy things like glasses, etc. in bulk. Some of us even try to save things from the year before so that we don’t have to buy them year after year.

And as hard as we work to keep track of things and avoid the additional costs, there are people out there who constantly do the exact opposite. I seriously think it’s their sole purpose in life sometimes. But what it really comes down to is irresponsibility. They didn’t buy it themselves so even though their practice/game/event depends on it, they have no vested interest in those things showing up at the next practice/game/event. We’re talking items from a few bucks to $70 jerseys to hundreds of dollars worth of posters & banners. They just don’t care.

I really have a hard time understanding this lack of respect for things that you actually NEED. And no matter what I’ve tried, I can’t figure out a way to teach them that what they are doing isn’t right. I wish I could say that I give up, but that would be lying.