The Madonna Show

27 11 2008

ticket1First things first. We all know I wasn’t really looking forward to this. The actual show was totally amazing. Two hours of constant entertainment. It surpassed all expectations.


Now, the fact that we had a parking pass, were seated in a suite that had free food and booze… those were just a big bonus. We were seated in section 244A which is basically directly across from the stage to the left.


We didn’t get to the stadium until around 8:45 or so. We planned it that way since we thought Madonna wouldn’t go on until 9:15. We grabbed some food (each suite has catered food -ours was your basic appetizer fare) and a drink and managed to snag the last three seats in front of the window. Win!

And then we waited. Until after 10pm for her to take the stage.


But it was seriously worth the wait. I’ve never gone to a concert where it was presented as a “show.” Or where the person putting on said “show” dances for 99% of the show. And I was impressed. As were my sister and her friend.


One of the best parts was where they had the artwork of Keith Haring on the video screens. Madonna actually jumped rope, for a while, on stage. While performing “Into the Groove.”


Ridiculous. Also ridiculous was that the only saw ONE person with the lace bow and the lace glove thing. Oy. We were also treated to two young gentlemen um, dancing?, in the aisleway just outside of our suite. That was interesting…

I’ll try to add to this if I remember more things. It was difficult to take notes because the show moved so fast and didn’t really have any breaks.

Time for TURKEY. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. See you on Saturday!!

This evening’s activities

26 11 2008

Tonight’s the night. Madonna. AKA icon who looks like an old hag.

I don’t know why I’m being a little negative about seeing her. I loved Madonna when I was much, much younger. Maybe it’s because I still remember her from back then as opposed to what she looks like now.

NE scored us some kick ass seats. I think there’s free food where we are. And I’m praying for free booze since my pregnant sister is driving. But even if not, the seats are awesome enough we’ll have a great view of the stage, without leaving my bubble and dealing with others. Tonight may be worth it after all.

One thing, however is for certain. I should have an interesting story to tell you all tomorrow. (Yes, I’m taking pen & paper to make notes.)

Thanks to DjLunchbox and Chachisays… they assisted in the selection of the songs for this post, without knowing why they were being asked. I appreciate your help.

One week from this morning…

18 11 2008

I will be on a flight that left Pittsburgh at 7:45am. Apparently I was on drugs when I booked the flight, because a 7:45am flight means I need to wake up somewhere around 5am. I am NOT, in any way, shape or form, a morning person. I tried once to just stay up all night until my flight. Wow, was that a bad, cranky trip… So I’ll at some point have to get some sleep. Thankfully, I am flying to sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


But, I doubt I’ll see the beach at all… I think we’re going to my sister’s doctor’s appointment the day I arrive… Then we’ll head home and take the Dog for a fun and exciting walk (it’s about this time that I’ll want to beat myself for breaking my camera as I won’t have pictures of the sonogram OR the fun with Dog) Me? FAIL. Big surprise.


But that’s just Tuesday… sometime Wednesday, I expect my parents to arrive and perhaps the dreaded in-laws…  And then Wednesday night, we have a fun and exciting outing planned. Sister, her friend and I are going to see Madonna.


I don’t know about you, but when I see photos of Madonna concerts, I think ohmigod, she looks like a old woman. I grew up listening to Madonna. I still have cassettes of her music. I know I’ll probably have a good time, and she’s an icon, and I should totally look forward to this… but I’m really not. We’ll be in a suite, thank god. As sister put it, I’ll be in my own “bubble” and won’t have to deal with anyone but her & her friend… definitely a bright spot.


Then we head into Turkey Day. Where there will be my parents, the in laws, my sister and husband… and me, the Cat and Dog. Yep, single gal here ends up alone, hanging out with the animals. Awesome, isn’t it? I love seeing my family, I really do. Especially since they abandoned me for Florida. And I love my life here in the ‘Burgh. I’m not concerned about my singlehood when I’m at home… but when I’m in Florida, no one says a word, but that fact is jammed into my brain as if I was being lobotomized. Hate it.


Thankfully, my mom & sister know me well enough that they won’t put me through the hell of Black Friday shopping (we had a bad episode a few years back involving a Kohl’s and lines wrapping around the store). I return home on Friday night. Just in time to get some sleep in preparation for the Yinz Team Turkey Bowl Classic & my shift at the bar. I have zero football ability. We don’t do thinks like “blocking” and “forward passes” in rugby… all I have to offer is amazing ball catching ability and the lateral pass…