Ti Kanaval.

11 11 2010

I will be attending Ti Kanaval on Saturday, with my friend, Scout.

Scout? She’s my date.

We are attending on behalf of the Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory. My friends own it, and I guess they can’t go. So Scout and I are. And we’ll tell everyone how awesome the Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory is, of course.  They have delicious, home-made marshmallows. In delicious flavors.

Ti Kanaval is a pretty awesome event set up to raise money for an orphanage in Haiti that is run my Jami & Ali McMutrie. They live in Haiti most of the year. Caring for the kids in the orphanage. The goal is to raise enough money for them to build their own orphanage. How great is that?!

I’m totally excited for Saturday night. Providing I do laundry tomorrow or Saturday at some point.

I also have a friend-date for Friday for My Living Room’s 80’s night. One of my teammates girlfriends did not go to AZ, so we are going to hang out and celebrate the Angels wins from Friday. (Because we all know they are going to win, right?)