21 11 2010

Let’s face it. My life has been pretty boring lately.

Between My Living Room, Brewfest, being sick and getting ready to go to Florida for Thanksgiving, not much is going on.

Which is why I totally failed on NaBloPoMo. Oh well.

But OMG! I fly to Florida TOMORROW! And I will get to hug The Nana and The GrandPa. I can’t wait.

And then on Wednesday I get to see Lili, NE, my Little C and Dewey. I can’t wait.

It’s going to be a great week.

Oh, and Thanksgiving! TURKEY! Hooray!

Ti Kanaval.

11 11 2010

I will be attending Ti Kanaval on Saturday, with my friend, Scout.

Scout? She’s my date.

We are attending on behalf of the Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory. My friends own it, and I guess they can’t go. So Scout and I are. And we’ll tell everyone how awesome the Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory is, of course.  They have delicious, home-made marshmallows. In delicious flavors.

Ti Kanaval is a pretty awesome event set up to raise money for an orphanage in Haiti that is run my Jami & Ali McMutrie. They live in Haiti most of the year. Caring for the kids in the orphanage. The goal is to raise enough money for them to build their own orphanage. How great is that?!

I’m totally excited for Saturday night. Providing I do laundry tomorrow or Saturday at some point.

I also have a friend-date for Friday for My Living Room’s 80’s night. One of my teammates girlfriends did not go to AZ, so we are going to hang out and celebrate the Angels wins from Friday. (Because we all know they are going to win, right?)

Alive & well!!

9 11 2010

I’m totally alive & well.

Worky-worky is messing with my blog posting.

I don’t care. I’m sooooooooooooooo happy to be at My Living Room working. I said before, I LOVE the people that work there right now.

I’m so, so happy.

So. Happy.

And now I don’t work till next Sunday.

But I have HO1KB to look forward to on Wednesday night. I can’t wait!!

And the Angels at Nationals. I’d be nervous, but I know this team, and they will do it. They will bring me home a National Championship thingamagig (trophy or plaque.) And I, yes I, will hang it on the wall of My Living Room (for no reason other than I couldn’t play or go) and be oh. so. proud.

And then I will go see my Little C and fam for Turkey Day and the family photo opp.

I haven’t talked about this here, but my Lili & NE hired this kick-ass casual photographer for the day after Turkey Day. To take multiple family photos.

The picture of The Nana, The GrandPa, Lili, NE, Little C and I, will be the most epic picture I’ve ever seen. I guarantee it. I cannot wait. Cannot. Wait.

I also had a dream, where I foresee a picture of me and my Little C being redonkulous. (New word, world, learn it. It’s me and my C. We’re allowed.)

And I will cherish that picture and every single one this photog takes like my life depends on it. (I’m sappy like that. Learn it. Deal with it.)

I can’t wait for family picture time. I cannot wait. Me, Lili and Little C? We’re gonna make this a party that everyone wishes they attended. True story.

Love and Luck to My Angels…

7 11 2010

I found out this evening that more ruggers than I thought read this here blog. Hi. I’m shocked that this one person reads this here blog. So, Hi! Thank you.  You know who you are. Thank you.

And thank you to every other rugger who reads that I don’t know about… (You should probably tell me so I don’t tell your dirty secrets here. Just sayin.)

You all know I love rugby, and the PRFC. And I assume you know it kills me that I could not play this season. I’m not a great player, yet I like to think I contributed in the past. But it kills me that I can’t go to Nationals, even as a spectator….

With that in mind, I appreciate what my ruggers and my Twitter friends did for me last year. More than I can ever explain in words. You paved my way to Nationals. And I love all of you for that. So much.

So this year, I’m going to donate part of my tips from My Living Room to help someone in need. Or to offset the hotels. Whatever. Just to get my whole team to the field. I don’t care. I was incredibly blessed last year, and I need to pay it forward. (I hope someone does the same next year.)

I’m so nervous for my Angels… SO. NERVOUS. I know my team. I know they can do this. And I’ll be here, in the ‘Burgh, with one of my friend’s girlfriends hanging out. Freaking the heck out, waiting for scores and the outcome.

But, Angels, I have the nerves on lock-down. Don’t be nervous. I have all the nerves you want to have concentrated on ME!!! You CAN DO THIS. And YOU WILL DO THIS. For me, for My Living Room (who loves you, BTW) and every one else who loves you. Beat the pants off of Raleigh, or any other opponent.

Please, please bring me home a National Championship. Please.

And to help you, I have these same videos (I looked for new ones, but these ones still make me want to throw caution to the wind and play again!)


That’s apparently Steven Berkoff in that video. I had no idea. Thanks to the comments. Yay!

And, more! Make me happy, ladies!!!

Adidas Ad: ‘The Pitch’. Of This Earth.

And more!

Rugby on Your Mind

All Blacks Sky Promo 2008

O2 rugby ad

Amazing video of All Blacks captains through the years.

If you don’t know about or love the Haka, we’re not friends. Yeah.

Seriously, these videos are rugby AMAZING!!!

God help me, it’s nearly impossible to find women’s rugby videos for my level or higher on YouTube.  So we’ll settle for these collegiate level ones:

The Female Rugby Athlete – from USA Rugby’s Women’s Rugby Initiative Channel


Why Do I Play Rugby? – from Yale Women’s Rugby

Bring it home Angels. I know you can. I KNOW YOU CAN. AND WILL BRING IT HOME TO ME at My Living Room.

I’ll miss you all while you are gone. You have no idea. I love you.

From the one All Blacks video:

The road we’ve traveled,
Becomes the passion that drives us
To become who we were born to be.

Do THIS, Ladies. Bring me home a National Championship. Fight for me who is now happy. Take my old anger (you know who you are!) and adopt it. Make it your own. Please!  Make this happen!!

Love you and wish you the best of luck.

And I’ll be updating the PRFC site as needed.


South Pacific

5 11 2010

Tomorrow night, three of my lovely rugby ladies are going to see the musical South Pacific in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District.

I’m very excited for this. I can’t remember the last musical I went to see. It may have been Phantom way back in the day. I’m not sure.

We’re going to Olive or Twist for appetizers beforehand.

This is going to be so much fun!

Steelers vs. Pats

3 11 2010

Who wouldn’t want to go to that game, right? Steelers vs. the New England Patriots, here at Heinz Field.

Well, guess what? You can WIN tickets to that game by contributing $25 or more to the Angels trip to Nationals…

Want more info? Click here. Give my lovely, wonderful ladies some $, win the tickets, have fun, then learn that the Angels won Nationals.

What’s bad about that? Absolutely NOTHING. Do it. Do it now. NOW, I said!!!


2 11 2010

It hit me last night at work that my co-workers, ALL of them, yes, all of them, are pretty awesome people. There’s not one of them that I don’t want to work with. Not one of them would leave me hanging when I’m working.

That? Is AWESOME. No wonder I’m so happy to be back at My Living Room.

That’s all for today. I’m off to vote and run errands and then go to a meeting. (none of which makes me happy, but oh well.)

Oh! And new WOOT shirt arrived today. That does make me happy.