A reason rugby rocks…

25 11 2008

Something for you to enjoy while I fly to Florida. It’s worth it when you get to the end. Lol. Enjoy, kids!

There are some amazing things about rugby. The sport, in itself, is the most amazing thing on the planet. It is so different than any other sport. Basically, rugby came from soccer. And rugby people? Everywhere? We are a family. You can go to any city, in any country, find a rugby club and have a home. It is honestly amazing. Be patient with me while I share a bit to lead you to one of the amazing things you’ll see in rugby… And then, I promise, you will laugh at the last thing I feature. I promise!!

One of the great things about rugby, similar to soccer, is that we have an international competition every four years, the Rugby World Cup. The last one was held in France in 2007. My Living Room showed most of the matches. Unfortunately, mostly it was myself and the same person who shared my Saturday afternoon with me, watching the matches. Alone. Again another reason he has a special place in my life. He put up with my random, insane questions. Put up with my love of the use of the overhead camera on scrums (OMG looks spectacular). He annointed me with a  “boyfriend” from most of the teams… And I chose a “non-boyfriend” from some… He’ll enjoy this, so I’ll share… But I can’t remember most of them… just some…

The Non-Boyfriends…

  • Sebastian Chabal, France – he’s scary looking… see below for video proof.
  • Jonny Wilkinson, England – meh.

And the boyfriends:

  • Chris Patterson, Scotland
  • Takudzwa Ngwenya, USA  – see below for his amazing freaking skillz…

And, as he (yet to be given a name here) knows… My favorite by far was “Afro Dude,” Finau Maka from Tonga. Dude was awesome. Rocking the afro and kicking ass all over the field.

finau_makaLove him.

But anyway, my “proof” mentioned above. Here is a video showing Takudzwa Ngwenya from the USA beating the crap out of South Africa’s Bryan Habana. Not only does Ngwenya catch a horrific “hospital” pass at 0:10, shown again at 0:38 (hospital pass = very dangerous, no direction, just tossed in the air), but he outruns everyone, including the ‘spectacular’ Bryan Habana’ on the SA side to score a try. And srsly, ignore the music… Beautious.

One of the most unique things about International Rugby is the New Zealand All Blacks. They are unreal. Truly. And before each match, just after warm ups, they do this thing. It’s called the Haka. As per Wikipedia: “A haka is a traditional dance form of the Māori of New Zealand. It is a posture dance with shouted accompaniment, performed by a group.” And this must be the best one yet, because they played France… and they get right up in their face… and look for the Neanderthal looking player from France… yeah, that’s Sebastian Chabal… he was a freaking menace on the field… Evil. This video rocks…

Amazing, right? No, my team does NOT do that… But around the time of the RWC last year, my friend KRL found this video, which is hilarious and makes all of us “regular” ruggers laugh our pants off… So laugh, and then come watch me this spring in what could be one of my last seasons playing rugby….

(watch for the button falling off… hilarious…)