28 06 2010

Not so patiently, I may add, to find out my grade in my Bio class. It should be up sometime this week. I think. I have no idea, to be honest.

In between my impatient waiting game, I have to do laundry, head to the library to return some books & get more, hopefully get to rugby practice, make appointments with some temp services, and run some other errands…

By the way, temp services seem to be run much differently than they were when I was originally using them 10 or so years ago. Nearly all of them have online applications, rather than visiting an office with your resume and taking a test of some sort.  I like the old way, I think.

At any rate, I need a job. Now.

Super cute.

24 06 2010

A few weeks ago, my friend Karen, who runs the Etsy shop, The Rocking Pony, offered up a free sample of a few new designs she was working on, with the shirt intended for a little girl…

*ding ding ding*

Why, Little C would look adorable in one of her shirts! I was late to the party and each of the designs I requested was already taken, so we decided on an octopus.

Karen sent me a message a few days ago & said it was going in the mail… It arrived yesterday, and oh my goodness is it adorable.

Click on the picture to go to the Etsy page for the Baby Octopus shirt!

If you haven’t checked out Etsy in general yet, go do so. So many crafty people, selling all kinds of fun stuff.

If you’re in the market for a cute t-shirt, or even a custom t-shirt, check out Karen’s site.

And, you know, if you want quilts, or baby stuff, or a felt Sack Lunch or something, you can always visit MY Etsy site – Little C and Me. 🙂 ‘Cause you know, I’m still unemployed and need to get income somewhere.

Last day.

23 06 2010

Tomorrow is my last day of Biology class, and the final. The test is on the male & female reproductive systems, hormones involved and genetics. I’m totally great with the genetics part. I get it.

The reproductive part? Not so much. My brain just refuses to remember the hormones and what parts do what.

I’m still studying & made myself a “practice” test. So hopefully I’ll do well.

I finally emailed the Allied Health director and the director of the Radiology program at CCAC asking what was up with my application. Thankfully, the director of the Radiology program emailed me back almost immediately and said that my application is on file, and they will be reviewing all applications turned in after May 1st at the beginning of July.

Ok, well, it’d be great if someone had told me that over a month ago.  Or it had said it in the application guideline booklet. So I guess I find out early to mid-July.

*fingers crossed*


22 06 2010

It’s official. I now own a 2008 Chevy Cobalt LT Sedan. Hooray!

I’m pretty sure it is twice as long as the Midgie, so parallel parking should be a fun adventure.

Quick pro/con of the car & the process. I’m going against the grain and doing the Cons first:


  • I received a call today telling me they didn’t have the paperwork yet. It should have arrived yesterday. And it did… But it was delivered to the Baierl Honda location rather than the Chevrolet one.  Thanks, UPS.
  • I was told I had to come in after 4pm because they had steam cleaned the interior and it needed to dry. I was told it was dry when I was given the key*. Uh, it was NOT dry… Good thing I had a towel in the trunk… It still wasn’t dry when I got home at 7:30pm.
  • The guy I work with was on vacation, so a different sales person handled the paperwork, etc. He got confused part way through… He said he didn’t handle the paperwork end of things… so here’s hoping that everything is in order.
  • They gave me one single key. Just a key – not a key with a remote for the doors etc. The sales man looked for more keys & the remote and couldn’t find it. So now they have to order them for me…
  • The interior of the car wasn’t as clean as I believe it should have been. It’s still a little dusty and there was liquid (from the steam cleaning, I assume) in the front & rear cup holders. Um…


  • The driver’s seat is super comfy. Even better than the Midgie, and 30,000 times better than that stupid Kia.
  • I love the color. Love.
  • The trunk is so big that I could probably fit a few people in there. Or every single thing that was in the back seat & hatchback of the Midgie.
  • The radio presets allow me to set FM and AM stations right on the radio display so that I don’t have to switch between AM & FM bands to get to the individual presets. Awesome.
  • The radio also has a jack where I can attach my iPod… I just have to figure out what adapter I need.
  • The instrument panel has a “Driver Information Center” that shows me outside temperature & mileage in normal mode, but also shows the fuel range (until empty!), average fuel economy, average speed, engine oil life… Fuel range is an awesome feature for me, since I might have been known to run out of gas in the past… (Not since way before I owned the Midgie, but still…)
  • Automatic Headlamps.
  • It has CRUISE CONTROL!!! We didn’t expect it to have it. But there it is smack dab on the steering wheel. Bonus!

Besides trying to get the seat in the right spot & angle to drive, nothing annoyed me about the car at all… It drives like the Midgie did, but it feels heavier & I guess more sturdy. And the gas & brakes aren’t quite as “jumpy” as that stupid Kia was.

So yeah, I like this car. And besides some jerk changing lanes on McKnight Road – barely fitting between my NEW CAR and the car in front of me, and then hitting his brakes (hello flashbacks to the accident…)  my drive home was quite pleasant.

Now & tomorrow.

21 06 2010

Right now, I need more snuggles from Little C. More. And her kisses. An infinite number of them. Free, asked for and those given away when she deems you should have them (the first and especially the last are the best ones, to be honest.) I kid you not, they make you feel amazing.

Thankfully, Little C’s fever has gone down.  But she has a rash or something now. I hope she’s okay and can enjoy the rest of her vacation up north.

I’m still totally bummed about leaving Little C. Really. I thought the bazillion videos I took would alleviate my sadness, but not yet. 😦

Tomorrow starts the last week of my bio class. Our final is on Thursday. Eek!!

Also, I find out tomorrow if I can pick up my new car… Let’s hope that I can pick it up and then give you all pics and the whole story about the fun process.

*fingers crossed*

Very late night.

20 06 2010

Last night, after I posted and shut down my netbook, Little C woke up. She had been asleep for around 4 hours.

I found her standing in her pack n’ play and when she saw me she started crying and reached out for me. I picked her up and she immediately snuggled to my chest and looked like she wanted to sleep – her eyes kept closing, but then she’d reopen them… I walked around the room with her, changed her diaper and sang to her and eventually put her back into the pack n’ play. She tumbled around a bit but then fell asleep.

I went to bed – just a few feet from her – and tried to sleep. She lasted about 30 minutes before waking up again.  Again reaching out for me. This time she felt a little warm to me, but I had no idea where Lili had the thermometer. I took her over to the bed and made a little cove she could lay in next to me. She alternated between snuggling me, laughing and cuddling Dewey, and laying next to me and flip flopping trying to get comfortable to sleep.

When Lili and NE got home, they agreed she was hot. She was so happy to see her mommy! They took her temperature and it was 101.5 at one point. They took her out of her footie PJ’s, gave her some ice water and she lay with Lili for a little bit before going to bed again, although very late.

This morning she woke up and was her regular self for a while – giving kisses and snuggles to us, and she gave NE the father’s day card I got for him. But overall she wasn’t herself.

She was still warm. And Lili and NE ended up taking her to an urgent care place when they got to their next destination. Turns out, one of the little kids they visited on their trip came down with something just after Lili & Little C & NE left. But the docs don’t think that’s what is wrong with Little C.  I guess they have to watch her and if she gets a bad fever, take her to the emergency room.

I feel so bad for Little C, Lili and NE. I hated seeing Little C not feeling well, even if she snuggled with me last night & this morning when mommy wasn’t available. I hope she feels better soon.

We had such a fun weekend together. She is such a bundle of energy. And so much fun.

I didn’t get to get a picture with Little C before I left. I was crying, and she just wasn’t into it, so it’s probably better that we didn’t get a picture together looking miserable. But I have a bunch of videos I took of her over the weekend. That will do for now.

I’m so glad Lili and NE let me come down and spend time with Little C. I miss her so much already.

Too short.

19 06 2010

Little C weekend has been too short. I do NOT want to go home tomorrow.

I have had so much fun getting to know this older, amazing Little C. She is so tall and smart for a 13 month old. I loved watching her dance. And listening to her talk & trying to figure out what she is saying. She still has that amazing belly laugh that I discovered a year ago. And it’s even better now.

And she is such a caring, loving little thing – I was given a bunch of un-asked for kisses and “snuggles” (hugs) today.

We spent Friday playing with new toys – her Laugh N Learn Purse, the crayons and coloring book, and the bubbles. OMG, the bubbles. She loved the container & the wand, even though she can’t really blow bubbles yet and didn’t really care if we blew the bubbles for her!

Today, Lili had to leave early, so NE and I played with Little C and then she took a nap. After her nap, we had lunch and watched Elmo ‘s World: The Great Outdoors. Little C was talking a mile a minute as it started.

Later on, Little C and I went swimming while NE went to the wedding. We then watched a little more Elmo before having dinner and getting ready for bed.

I can’t wait to see that smiling little face in the morning.

But when it comes time to leave, I don’t know how I’m going to do it. It’s going to be nearly impossible.

New-to-me car

17 06 2010

Ok, so here is what I believe the new-to-me car is going to look like. I say it’s what “I believe” because it was just purchased by the dealer the day I decided on it and just arrived there yesterday, so I haven’t seen it yet.

I did see the “CARFAX” report and the dealer info, so I know it’s good to go – it was a rental for 2 1/2 years and it has less than 40,000 miles on it. Not bad for 2 1/2 years (although the Midgie was nearly 5 and only had 58,900 miles).

I am way too excited for Little C and Me weekend to even get excited about the new car. I’ll probably face that on Sunday to offset leaving Little C and the family.

Oh, and I guess I need to find a name for this car, as Midgie just won’t work.

Car update & more

17 06 2010

Next week sometime (probably, hopefully Wednesday) I’ll be getting my new car. It’s the 2008 Chevy Cobalt LT, the one with the power windows, locks etc.


And it looks like it will end up costing less per month than the Midgie did. Woo hoo!!

Unfortunately, this means I’m stuck with the rental Kia Rio for the weekend. Yuck. I seriously do not like this car. But whatever, I’ve got to hang onto it for a few more days.

I leave tomorrow morning for Little C and Me weekend. I did some shopping today and finally got Little C’s birthday present, which I think she will LOVE. I also got a zoo coloring book, these crayons:

They are washable and triangular so they’re easier to hold. How cool is that?

I also got one of these:

No-Spill bubbles! So cool! And so perfect when dealing with Little C and Dewey this weekend!

Little C and I are going to have a blast. And I’m excited to see my sister & NE again. I can’t wait.

Exam #2

16 06 2010

Tomorrow is my 2nd exam. On the cell, its parts, cell membrane transport methods and mitosis & meiosis.

My grade has fallen a bit, and I attribute that to two things: 1) the material is getting harder and the professor is moving through it at light speed; and 2) the first quiz on this was the day of my car accident. Although the professor let me take the quiz even though I was late, my brain just wasn’t there. Nor was it during that class. Or last weekend whenever I tried to study.

And this week, dealing with the insurance company and the dealership has taken away from some study time.

But going over things tonight, I feel better about what I missed on the quiz – I took notes on the items I missed during the review after the quiz.

I’m still studying though.

Tomorrow I have to pack and clean up my place before leaving on Friday for Little C and Me weekend. So! Much to do!