On display for all to see…

5 01 2009

After the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year’s Day, someone – I think DeMunz, but I could be wrong – had a bottle of champagne… It was brought into My Living Room and it is now permanently up on the shelf there for all to see…


the names of those who jumped and ended up there with us are on the back. The date, 1/1/09 is on the neck of the bottle… Please excuse the photo quality. It was taken with my craptastic cell phone.

I hope that this is the first in a collection of bottles from New Year’s Day!

New Year’s Day 2009 = WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 01 2009

I woke up this morning to Chachi‘s wake up call, one of about 5 that I requested. And I had totally decided that I would NOT join the Polar Bear Club and jump into the freezing Mon River. I told Uncle Crappy when he called with his wake up call and Mindbling later on when I called her… It was a totally insane idea. Cold weather, cold water??? Who in their right mind would do this??? But fate decided to throw me a huge curve ball on my way to meet Chachi at My Living Room to drive over to the Mon Warf. I got a little visit from my version of a ghost.

Please be patient as I explain, then I’ll get to the FUN!

I’ve put off posting this info & stuff for a while… but today makes it mandatory… In September 1997, my paternal grandfather passed away. He was 98, but still it was quite a shock. My grandpa rocked. And I was devastated. I had to head home to Pittsburgh from Ohio University, so that we could all go to Montreal for the funeral. For nearly the entire trip from Athens to Pittsburgh, I cried and listened to this song…

Judge me all you would like, because as you know, that is not a song you hear on the radio anymore… But from time to time, when I could use some guidance or need some strength in my life… somehow, that song pops up on the radio. I kid you not. It sounds a bit ridiculous, I know. But when that song comes on, I know that somehow, in some way, I’m going to know the right decision to make on whatever is facing me in life.

And this morning, as I drove through The Hill to meet Chachi, telling myself I would NOT get in that river… I had the radio on instead of the CD player. Why? No idea… And guess what song came on B-94? Oh, yeah… that song…. WTH? Are you kidding me??? Immediately, I knew the right decision was to take the plunge!

Now, the FUN!


Don’t I look happy in this picture?? Oh, heck no, cause it was dang cold outside… Our plunge group had 8+ people (if I missed you, I’m sorry!!!): DjLunchbox, Chachi, DeMunz, Mindbling, Uncle Crappy, Chris_Lugo, dahcheet,  and myself, along with Carla & v_rock as all-star staff videographers/photographers… Honestly, I almost backed out… Standing there, watching people jump into freezing cold water nearly made me change my mind! Props to Mindbling for grabbing my hand and reinforcing the fact that that we were the only CHICKS in the group there.

Blue bandana! So I could find myself in any random pics! WIN!

Blue bandana! So I could find myself in any random pics! WIN!

And thus, we were the first ones of the group in! Awesome!!!I am pretty sure I started 2009 in the best way possible…

WOW... I look HAPPY. WTH?

WOW... I look HAPPY. WTH?

With good friends, and ending at My Living Room… As Isaid before, where the heck else would I want to go?!?!

At My Living Room! Check out my stripey pants. WARM!!

At My Living Room! Check out my stripey pants. WARM!!

I made coffee, and opened up shop…

Polar Bear Bartender!

Polar Bear Bartender!

…and DjLunchbox cheffed it up in the itty bitty kitchen making some freaktastic burgers! (Thank you, LB!)

Yinz Team Executive Chef LB

Yinz Team Executive Chef LB

I stayed at My Living Room way later than I expected. Hanging out with the SkateRat and stuff… and munching on some fortune cookies – they ordered in Chinese for dinner… (Fortune Cookie post to come later!) and watching hockey…

I ended the afternoon by calling my mom and telling her about the plunge… she was shocked and happy for me. And thanked me for not telling her before I did it! That’s my mom!! lol. She and my sister both said it would be a great memory for me. Indeed! We got off the phone and she went to tell my dad, who then called me back to congratulate me! Awesome!! My family totally wins today! 🙂

Thanks to all of you who froze your butts off with me today. You guys rawk and I am grateful to have jumped into this New Year with Yinz. Good times. And more to come, I’m certain!

Many thanks to demunz for posting his pics super duper fast! All pics in this post were borrowed from his Picasa Album. Go check ’em out!