What the Reanissance Woman posts add up to…

6 11 2008

… is me or at least what I some day hope I can be. For some reason, when I heard that term, Renaissance Man, or Woman (which is what the teacher said), I thought of my parents. And I’ve tried to live my life to be that kind of person. And dang if Echo doesn’t figure into this somehow, you’ll see… I’m not perfect. In any way whatsoever. But I’m sort of okay with that. Not entirely, but I am working on it. I don’t think I’d be myself if I thought I was doing everything right at this point. I’m a work in progress. I hope I always will be… And that’s what I’m okay with. We all have issues we have to work with. Some of them are dang difficult and seem insurmountable, but I believe we all end up okay.

Two days ago, I came up with the Renaissance Woman idea because I had just been to the bar – which will now be known as “My Living Room” – on Sunday afternoon. And did a bunch of things that made me think:

  • Every time I go to the bar on the weekends during the day, I try to do some fix up work. Fix the bar stools, repair a door, whatever needs to be done. I have a huge toolbox that I keep in my car just so I can do these things.(I’ve upgraded from no toolbox, to mini-toolbox #1 to the current, giant toolbox #2)
  • So I made a quick swing through the bar to do that, and then I sat down and started to pin the apron I was planning to sew. Sewing in preparation for a big-ass project that I’m sure I can get done, but it’s going to be a JOB. A big freaking job. But it’s for a good thing… Who sews in a bar? Me, when I’m in My Living Room. duh.
  • All the while, we were planning the “Family Dinner” that my co-workers (at the least, myself and Viking… sometimes Peaches, sometimes the Drummer, Lion, D…) and I try to do every week on Saturday or Sunday. It’s fun. Sometimes it involves Mimosas, sometimes it involves power tools. We’re all big fans. Of late, dinner has been steak. With all kinds of sides. Delicious. I started the trend a couple of years ago, making meals that I loved but were too much for me to eat, even with leftovers forever. This week, we all contributed to the idea. We had so many options… But we settled on Beer Can Chicken with potatoes cooked in herbs and bacon and gravy that I swear God sent to us specifically. I can’t even tell you how long it seemed to take that meal to cook. But oh.my.god, was it delicious when it was done. Wow.

When I got home (with leftovers of course, and it was just as delicious the next day… need more!), I thought about what had happened over my weekend… I carved a pumpkin that won “Most Bootiful,” I took pictures that I’m sure (when I develop the film) will be awesome, I judged a costume contest, I made an announcement (costume winner) at My Living Room that was NOT last call!, I fixed stuff at the bar, I contributed to the “Family Dinner,” and I sewed. And then, when I got home, I listened to my iTunes. And I realized…

Everything my parents taught me, whether or not I realize or use it daily… is me. I love all the things my parents gave me. More travel to Canada and especially Scotland than any other young person has EVER experienced… Ice skating, cooking, power tools!, sewing!, art, craftiness, intelligence, MUSIC of every shape and sort, and caring for others… I am the “Den Mother” to The Organization. And I’m okay with it now. It’s part of who I am.

I’m a jumble of mixed up things and incompatible hobbies and ideas. I’m a super duper band nerd who now plays rugby. And here is where my current situation adds on to my upbringing to make me what I want to be… My friends range from what the everyday person would call “nerd” to the rugby folk, to people who would be called perhaps “scary” or “punk” or “rock” or something else I don’t really get, but some of them are tattooed all over or have piercings most people would raise an eyebrow to. I don’t even see any of that. I don’t even notice it. I see that person, for what they are. For what they mean to me. On top of what I learned as a kid, and I am hesitant to say it, but here goes: the unconditional love of that dang cat, Echo, and bartending has taught me to accept people no matter what. If you are a good, true person, you will have my acceptance and help forever. If you come to my bar and you don’t disrespect me and act like a person who has morals and values, you’re good to go.

I enjoy the fact that I need to regularly check websites to see what’s up… and I check the Pittsburgh Cultural District sites to see what’s coming up… (FAVORITE SONG EVER COMING UP NEXT YEAR. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I check band sites to see where they are playing… because I’ll go sometimes on my own if no one wants to go. Because I intend to at the very least remain the person I am right now. I might expand what I watch, see and do… but I’m not willing to scale it back. At all.

And I’m cool with it. I am a Renaissance Woman. Or at least a work in progress to get there..

There’s more I want to experience… and I plan to ask a certain person to help me with something he thinks is super “nerdy” but I want to know… And if you don’t agree, go ahead and tell me….

Bring it!

The Job

13 10 2008

So, as I said previously, the “Men” had a job to finish last night. I was originally promised 6 guys. By the time 6pm came along, I had three names. One who promised to be there (Hamstring), with his girlfriend (my teammate, Law School).  And I knew they’d be there. The other two, not so much.

The bar wasn’t too busy around 8pm, so I dragged the one table we had to refinish out back, threw on the safety goggles and sanded the top of it. I stained the top of it and went home for a while. I returned to the bar and the table was still untouched, so that was good. I let one potential worker leave because one of the guys ended up at the bar and I thought he could help. I was wrong. By 1:30 am, I had pizza (yay!), one drunk guy who ended up walking out and the original guy & his girlfriend. THAT IS IT. As people cleared out of the bar, I squatted next to the bar and rough sanded the front that we were to poly. Then Law School, Hamstring and I literally attached the face of the bar with poly. We were done in 30 minutes. 30 dang minutes…

Not the perfect job I would obviously like, but it was good enough since it needs a 2nd coat. I am so grateful to those two for helping. It would have taken me alone 3 hours.

But we have a problem. The men are supposed to get $1,000 for finishing this job. The job which has taken them nearly 9 months to finally complete. But during those 9 months, there was o