So much going on…

8 11 2008

I woke this morning to a gray, rainy day. And I’m fine with it. I have BIG plans today. Sewing! My super secret gift for someone. Sure to lead to a post about how annoying sewing is. Guaranteed.

The same person I blamed in my “I’m Sorry” post is still making his mark. He’s totally rad. His involvement in my life has inspired me and given me a new perspective on a number of things. ‘Nuff said.

I have a very busy week & end of month coming up. I’m trying to put off going into full stressed-out mode until at least Wednesday, if not later. But my event on Friday is creeping up and there is so much to do! So what am I doing to start off the week? Not working on the event! I’m giving myself a well deserved night off to go have dinner with an old, dear friend. She comes to town every few months and usually she just stops by My Living Room. But this time, we’re going to dinner and Monday can’t get here soon enough.

As soon as Friday and that event are over I have to start planning The Organization’s annual meeting. Changes are coming and it’s going to be an interesting meeting, followed by an awesome dinner.

Then what, you ask? Then I have two days to prepare & pack for FLORIDA! And FAMILY! And my favorite puppy on the planet! I can’t wait! Oh, and the Madonna concert… I don’t know about anyone else, but seriously, when I see pictures of her at her concerts, she looks like a scary, old hag.

But soon enough I’ll be back and we’ll be headed into December! So soon. Geez. Oh, and I may make an appearance at a flag football game the weekend after Thanksgiving. Where I’m sure to make an ass of myself in public. Love it.